ecco biom hybrid 3 foil print

ECCO BIOM Hybrid 3: In The Zones

ECCO BIOM Hybrid 3 with revolutionary Tri-Fi-Grip outsole,
Gore-Tex protection, and stylish foil print

Despite the latest nor’easter to wallop the east coast, spring is on the way. That’s right, golf season is just around the corner. If you are like me, this is the time to get your shoe game in order by upgrading to the latest technology and styles.

ecco biom hybrid 3
ECCO BIOM Hybrid 3

These days, golf shoes fall into one of two categories—spikeless or cleated. If you prefer the former, then ECCO’s new BIOM Hybrid 3 should be on your short list in 2018. In a few short years, the BIOM Hybrid has reached icon status in the spikeless category thanks to its casual good looks, comfort, luxurious materials, and superb gripping power. With the third generation of the shoe, ECCO kept some of my favorite features (a supple yak leather upper and an aesthetic that is as cool as Fred Couples’ swing) and took others to an entirely new level with cutting-edge technology.

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Tri-Fi-Grip Outsole

The biggest improvement comes with the spikeless outsole. Previous generations of the BIOM Hybrid came equipped with ECCO’s renowned E-DTS® traction system. Those familiar geometric lugs we came to love have been replaced with the Danish brand’s new Tri-Fi-Grip outsole. This new design features three multipurpose zones to enhance stability, durability, comfort, and rotation. Here’s a breakdown of the three zones.

ecco boom hybrid 3 zones
Zones on the Tri-Fi-Grip Outsole

Zone 1: Stability

A perfectly still head is one of the biggest differences I see between Tour players’ swings and those possessed by us amateurs. Frankly, there is no hope of a steady head if you are flopping around on the first tee like James Harden trying to draw his thirtieth foul of a game. In golf, power and consistency start with a stable base and this is what the first zone on the Tri-Fi-Grip outsole is all about. Located on the lateral side of the shoe, this zone features a heavy lug or spike, which allows players to sit flatter on the grass when making a weight shift during the swing.

Zone 2: Durability

Like the stability zone, this second zone is also comprised of a heavier lug. In this zone, it is used for durability, which is especially important in allowing the BIOM Hybrid 3 to easily transition to the streets without getting chewed up like a balata ball hit with a bladed wedge. Sitting in the middle of the shoe, this zone not only extends the life of the shoe, but is also designed for walking comfort over the course of 18, 36, or 54 holes. (Hey, the days are getting longer. Take advantage of it.)

ecco biom hybrid 3 sole
Tri-Fi-Grip Outsole

Zone 3: Rotation

Slimmer, more rounded lugs sit in the third zone, which is designed to keep the body effortlessly rotating through the swing. Sure, stability and traction are important to stay grounded while executing a swing, but having the ability to clear the hips is a key to golf. I’m not saying you’ll lace up the BIOM Hybrid 3 and suddenly have Freddie’s syrupy smooth move, but a little extra rotation can go a long way towards blasting a drive beyond your buddies’ tee shots.

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Gore-Tex Waterproof Protection

There aren’t many feelings on the course worse than having to walk 7,000 yards with wet feet and socks. Thankfully, the team at ECCO feels the same way, which is why they have incorporated Gore-Tex technology into the BIOM Hybrid 3 for the first time. Not only that, but they have guaranteed it for three years. This Gore-Tex construction provides protection against early morning dew and spring showers, and it is also totally breathable. In other words, outside moisture is locked out and natural moisture can move away from the foot. A win/win for feet everywhere.

BIOM Natural Comfort

ecco biom hybrid 3 pedestal
Putting the ECCO BIOM Hybrid 3 on a Pedestal

The commitment and attention to detail ECCO puts into creating comfortable shoes is no joke. An example of this is its BIOM Natural Comfort technology which encourages a more natural walking motion. It also brings players closer to the ground by using an anatomical last. The results being added power, efficiency, feel, and stability.

As is the case with all of the shoes in ECCO GOLF’s Spring/Summer 2018 Collection, ECCO BIOM Hybrid 3 is crafted at company-owned factories that utilize FLUIDFORM™ technology to bond the upper and outsole unit. This creates a one-piece shoe without the use of glue or stitching. The lightweight construction further enhances flexibility and durability.

ecco biom hybrid 3 tongue
Padded Neoprene Collar and Tongue with Leather Pull Tab

Not to be overlooked are more subtle comfort features. The textile used on the padded neoprene collar is super comfortable and adds a more casual element to the shoe. Also, ECCO is once again using a removable inlay sole that can be slipped in the shoe for a narrower fit or removed for additional width. The brand has been using this system for a few years and I’m surprised other footwear brands haven’t jumped on the bandwagon. It makes sense on many levels. One, it gives consumers the ability to customize the fit, especially with orthotics. For retailers and green grass shops, it eliminates the challenges of returns and finding the right mix of sizes and widths.


In addition to the new performance and comfort features, the BIOM Hybrid 3 brings an elevated style to the course. With a leather pull tab on the tongue, ECCO has tapped into one of the big trends we are seeing in golf footwear. These hits of leather are functional and also bring a more sophisticated look to athletic and casual styles.

ecco biom hybrid 3 foil print
All-Over Foil Print

Available in a half dozen colorways, the BIOM Hybrid 3 feeds into another one of the major trends in golf fashion this season—all-over prints. We’ve been talking up prints for the last few years, and they have exploded on the fairways in 2018. Until now, we’ve seen a healthy dose of eye-catching prints on polos and pants, but the BIOM Hybrid 3 is the first shoe we’ve seen with an all-over print. This is no ordinary print, either. ECCO uses a unique foil print to give the shoe an added pop and a cool metallic effect. Putting a modern twist on traditional colorways, the foil print is available in both a white and a black version. Other colorways of the laced versions include concrete/scarlet, white/kiwi, white/grey, and black/blue.

A BOA model is also available in white/blue and grey/kiwi colorways. The advantage of the BOA closure system is that it can be fine-tuned with one-millimeter adjustments. If you haven’t tried BOA, now is the time. It truly is an amazing way to ‘lace up’ a pair of golf shoes. My suggestion is to grab a BOA model in the color of your choice and a laced version with the foil print. You’ll be set for spring and summer.

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