Branding 101: The Value of a Great Logo

We can all think of a few well-known, memorable logos. Those symbols made up of text and images that help us identify a brand.

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In golf, we have a variety of brands with discernible logos. Animals are popular with a pony, shark, crocodile, cat, and penguin. Names and initials are used a lot, and of course, symbols like the swoosh and three stripes are very recognizable.

We’ve been impressed and intrigued with the Jones Golf Bags sub-brand logo created for its off-course lifestyle ‘Utility Series’ collection of bags and headwear.

“We wanted something that captured the essence of the Pacific Northwest, but also looked sleek and modern on our newly designed products,” said Matt Lemman, Partner/Sales Director at Jones. “We hope the Utility logo will one day be as iconic as our classic Jones arch logo.”

Creating a logo takes a lot of time, thought, skill and effort. There can be a slew of concepts, several renditions, hours of refinement and then the all-important consensus among decision makers.

Here is where we get to the other reason – in addition to being visually interesting – why the Jones Utility logo makes a good story. It took only one pass by a graphic artist Lemman and crew found on Instagram to get a ‘we all love it’ vote. First draft. Boom! One of those, ‘when the stars are aligned,’ scenarios.

Below is the conceptual breakdown of the elements that make up the Utility logo. The components are highlighted in red so you can see how the letter ‘J’ is included, a pin flag, mountains and trees of the PacNW, and a bunker rake.

Look out swoosh – there’s a new logo in town.

Written by Janice Ferguson, Style Editor

Janice Ferguson has been involved in the golf industry for more than a decade. She helped start and shape the weekly Apparel Wire e-publication originally created by the Golf Press Association that ran for eight years, and wrote the weekly editorial section devoted to golf fashion. She also contributed fashion feature articles for Golfweek magazine’s annual “Definitive Guide to the Golf Life,” and has written special reports covering the merchandise efforts at several U.S. Opens. You can find her ‘fashion fluent/golf-inspired’ posts on Twitter @TheStyleLinks and Instagram @janiceferguson_thestylelinks.

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