8 Questions with STATE APPAREL’s Jason Yip

With high-tech moisture-wicking fabrics and built-in mobility features, ‘equipment for your body’ has become a trendy catch phrase in the golf apparel industry. No doubt this is a stretch…except for STATE APPAREL.

state_apparel_golf_pants--20STATE APPAREL was founded last year by Jason Yip, a veteran of Silicon Valley start-ups. Jason’s goal is to reinvent golf apparel by carefully integrated cleaning elements into water and wind resistant apparel to allow players to clean their clubs, golf balls and hands on their shirts and pants.

I’ll have a review of STATE APPAREL’s gear in the coming weeks, but I recently had a chance to talk with Jason about STATE APPAREL’s unique garments.

GolfThreads: My mother always told me not to wipe my hands on my clothes, but you are encouraging golfers to wipe their hands, clubs and golf balls on State Apparel’s pants and shirts. What inspired you to incorporate wiping elements into the pants and shirts?

Jason Yip: Moms are great like that and we love them for it, but many of us, whether consciously or subconsciously, wipe our hands on our clothes anyways without encouragement from anyone. If you watch the pros closely on TV (we have a good example on our blog), you’ll notice them wiping their putter, wedges, and hands on their clothing. We noticed the same with recreational players. This behavior helped us realize that golf’s persistent problem of water and dirt needed a better solution and inspired us to build STATE APPAREL.

With this inspiration, we set out to reinvent golf wear. By incorporating intuitive and efficient wiping layers, we’ve transformed clothing into equipment. With STATE APPAREL, golfers are fully equipped to perform their best no matter what they encounter on the golf course.

state_apparel_golf_pants--25GT: Talk a little bit about the process you went through in finding the right material for the wiping elements. How many prototypes did you work through?

JY: Clothing like this has never been made before, so sourcing the right fabric was an adventure of trial and error. Finding wiping fabric like a towel is relatively easy, but it was challenging to find a wiping fabric that elegantly integrates with and complements the body of our garments. To help narrow down the options, we started by sourcing the ideal performance fabrics for our shirts and pants. Then we could work with a smaller list of vendors and drill down to identify wiping fabrics that worked in harmony.

After countless fabric samples, prototypes and tests, we found the perfect fabrics for damp and cool playing conditions that you’ll find in golf destinations like San Francisco, Pebble Beach, Bandon Dunes, and Scotland.

Fabrics are critical to STATE APPAREL’s products and we’re constantly experimenting and prototyping to develop for a variety of weather conditions.

state_apparel_golf_shirts--10GT: Aesthetically, the wiping elements have been brilliantly incorporated into the design of the shirts and pants. How important was it to you to include these elements while also maintaining a clean look?

JY: Thanks for appreciating our designs. Good design and the corresponding clean look is very important for us.

We respect and appreciate the traditional styles of the game and knew that our new and unique products needed to operate within the confines of familiarity in order to be received well by golfers. For example, we started the pants with a classic flat front, yet the wiping layers in the cuff, side pockets and back pockets provide a subtle contrast and hint of modernity. It’s just enough to peek the interest without being distracting.

Beyond looks, we strived to create products that are intuitive to golfers. The subtle contrast and texture makes the wiping layers easy to find and use. The cuff can be turned up for use on the course, and turned down after the round to hide the dirt. We’re left with a clean and classic, yet modern look that takes you stylishly from the fairways to the clubhouse. We think it’s perfect for today’s discerning golfer.

state_apparel_golf_shirts--6GT: Aside from the wiping elements, talk a little bit about the performance of the fabric on the shirts and pants. How breathable is it? What can people expect from STATE APPAREL from a performance standpoint?

JY: As I mentioned, it was critical for us to find the ideal fabrics for the body of our clothing. For the shirt, we chose a blend of polyester and spandex, which is an ideal combination of breathability, moisture management, and movement. We went with a thicker fabric compared to the paper-thin performance shirts on the market, which makes for a more substantial and comfortable shirt that won’t show off your chest hair or nipples. Our shirts have a streamlined and structured fit to keep fabric from interfering with your swing.

Our pants are made from a woven blend of polyester and spandex, which lends to a traditional yet modern look with just the right amount of stretch. Designed to hold up to San Francisco’s early spring weather, the pants are water, wind, and stain resistant. The light fleece-wiping layer throughout the interior provides warmth and comfort, and the fabric’s construction ensures breathability. We’ve positioned our signature “Competition Pant” between a summer pant and a heavy-duty rain pant, which makes it perfect for the PGA’s West Coast Swing or a trip across the pond for The Open Championship. With the success of the “Competition Pant” we’re developing warmer weather versions that can take a competitive golfer from the US Open through the PGA Championship. To cater to everyone’s preferences and body shapes, we offer pants in a slim or straight cut.

state_apparel_golf_pants--24GT: Prior to starting STATE APPAREL you spent most of your career in the tech start-up scene. What did you learn during your time with start-ups that you have applied to STATE APPAREL?

JY: When I moved to San Francisco after graduating from UCLA, Internet startups were all the rage. I naturally gravitated towards and learned from the innovative and creative culture, which has been integral to starting STATE APPAREL. I approached the golf industry with Apple Computer’s mantra of “Think Different.” I figured if I could innovate on a static product like golf clothing, I could be disruptive enough to build a niche in the industry. We’re driven by the innovative spirit and work ethic of Silicon Valley and with a bit of luck we hope to improve the way golfers think and perform. We’re ecstatic that our products have been received so well.

state_apparel_golf_pants--5GT: Your website mentions that it is “conceived by and designed for competitive golfers”. Is there a particular handicap range that will benefit the most from State Apparel? How can State Apparel help these golfers to take their games to the next level?

JY: Although we’ve been inspired by the best golfers in the world, the beauty of golf’s handicap system is that we can all compete on a level playing field. No matter the skill level, we believe all golfers are competing on the course, whether they’re playing in a tournament, making the turn with their best round in site, or grinding out a $10 nassau with their weekend foursome. Golf’s persistent problem of water and dirt can get in the way of every golfer’s pursuit of mastery and we think golfers of all skill levels and handicaps can use STATE APPAREL to play their best.

Taking their game to the next level will mean different things to different golfers. Ultimately, score is the best way to measure performance, and higher handicaps that use STATE APPAREL to keep their clubs clean may experience more consistent contact and better scores. For lower handicap players that have a finely tuned game, improvements may not be as measurable. Top players can use STATE APPAREL to quickly clean their clubs on the spot and maintain focus on the shot. Whether it’s a more efficient round or less fatigue, the added mental clarity can boost a golf game on a variety of levels.

Golf is an amazing sport with endless avenues for improvement. STATE APPAREL is here to support the goals of every golfer.

state_apparel_golf_shirts--1GT: Your apparel is manufactured in San Francisco. At a time when most golf apparel is manufactured overseas, why did you decide to keep it close to home?

JY: Our company name is distilled from the Golden State of California. We grew up here and deeply appreciate the vast amount of natural beauty, resources, and diversity, as well as the innovation, individuality, and opportunity it represents. We’ve always wanted to stay true to who we are and where we’re from. As a brand, STATE APPAREL is more than just a name. It’s a STATE of mind. When it came to manufacturing, it made perfect sense to produce locally. We are fortunate to have amazing sewing facilities in San Francisco and at the end of the day it feels great to be a part of and contribute to a thriving local economy.

The apparel world is seemingly ruled by globalization, but we think there’s a consumer trend towards locally made products. For the growing number of savvy consumers, many of which are especially conscious of product origin, purchasing decisions range from authenticity, individuality, eco-impact, or social responsibility. As this trend makes its way to the golf industry, we think it will resonate with golf consumers and that our brand will be uniquely positioned to satisfy their needs.

state_apparel_golf_shirts--9GT: San Francisco has a rich golfing history. For people visiting from out of town, where do you recommend that they tee it up?

JY: San Francisco is an amazing golf destination! Even better, golf in the city is experiencing a reinvention, most notably with the restoration of historic Harding Park, which welcomes the WGC Match Play next year and PGA Championship in 2020. Harding Park is a must for out-of-town golfers and make sure to savor the views of Olympic Club from 14 tee and see if you can drive the green on 16 like Tiger and Daly in the 2005 WGC AmEx playoff.

I worked at Olympic Club the first year I was in San Francisco and the Lake Course is very special to me. Since the early 2000’s the course has seen a lot of changes, which helped bring the US Open back in 2012. Of course Olympic Club is private, but it’s worth trying to find a connection or friend that can get a tee time. On a clear day the view from 3 tee goes all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Follow that view north and you’ll find Lincoln Park Golf Course, which is a local favorite partly because it hasn’t changed much over the years. The other reason is the epic view of the Golden Gate Bridge from the finishing holes. After the round, I recommend grabbing a stool and some old school charm at the clubhouse bar. On your way out, drive by Robin Williams’ house in Sea Cliff and pay your respects.

If you’re in town for golf, definitely get in touch with STATE APPAREL. We’re always up for a round and meeting new golfers.

STATE APPAREL on the web: stateapparel.com
STATE APPAREL on Twitter: @state_golf
STATE APPAREL on Facebook: facebook.com/stateapparelSF
STATE APPAREL on Instagram: @state_apparel


Swiftwick Socks: High Performance Gear for Your Feet

A Review of Swiftwick VIBE, PURSUIT & ASPIRE socks
You can call it love at first sight. My first experience with Swiftwick Socks was about a year ago. I went to the PGA Superstore to buy a pair of shoes. I wasn’t wearing socks and saw a rack of Swiftwick’s VIBE Zero socks. Long story short, after trying on about a dozen pairs of shoes, I left the store without any shoes, but I bought three pairs of the VIBE Zeros.

Swiftwick VIBE

Swiftwick VIBE

I like that all of Swiftwick’s socks have a compression fit. Compression socks are said to improve blood flow and circulation, which in turn leads to greater endurance and performance. I’ve been wearing compression socks on the course over the last year and my feet and legs feel less fatigued after 18 holes. The only negative is that I can no longer tell my wife that I’m too tired to do chores after a round of golf.

I know just hearing the words “compression socks” freaks some people out. They conjure up visions of knee-high socks that squeeze your feet and calves like a boa constrictor at feeding time. Swiftwick’s compression socks, though, are available in a variety of lengths, colors and compression levels to fit your style and comfort. The fit is snug, but not tight. This allows the sock to sit flat and smooth on the foot, thus eliminating excess fabric that can result in blisters.

Swiftwick VIBE

Swiftwick VIBE

Swiftwick VIBE

The VIBE has a unique profile. Most socks are either classified as thin or thick, but the VIBE is essentially two socks in one. The foot bed is plusher than other Swiftwick models. This provides more cushioning and delivers more protection to the toes, heels and achilles. The upper is thin and sleek and is connected to the foot bed with what Swiftwick calls its Linked-Toe technology, which is a seamless way of joining the two parts of the sock. No seams mean less rubbing and irritation, and the end result is a more comfortable sock.

Swiftwick VIBE

Swiftwick VIBE

One reason I was drawn to the VIBE Zero is that I prefer a low-cut sock on the course during warmer months. That being said, I’ve always struggled with low-cut socks that slip down to my heel by the third hole. Few things are more annoying on the course than having to dig your sock out of your shoe every few steps. Thanks to the compression fit and the spandex cuff on the VIBE Zero, I don’t have this issue any longer.

The VIBE sock is also constructed from an olefin blend. Olefin is a high performance fabric that not only has superb wicking abilities, but is also as strong as Phil Mickelson’s short game. It is often used in wallpaper and ropes. It resists staining and mildew. You’ll wear out the spikes on your shoes long before you wear out Swiftwick’s VIBE socks.

Swiftwick PURSUIT

Swiftwick PURSUIT

Swiftwick PURSUIT

Since picking up the VIBE, I’ve added Swiftwick’s PURSUIT and ASPIRE socks to my drawer.

If you prefer a thicker sock fabricated from wool, then the PURSUIT is a must try. It is the first 200-needle compression sock made from all-natural merino wool. I’ve sung the praises of merino wool in the past. The natural breathability and wicking properties help to regulate your body temperature throughout the round. Think of it as nature’s high tech fabric.

Swiftwick PURSUIT Top

Swiftwick PURSUIT

The PURSUIT possesses a thicker foot bed than the VIBE, while employing the same Linked-Toe technology to eliminate bunching in the toe-box. It also offers a tighter compression that supports the three distinct arches in your foot. Who even knew there were three arches in the foot?

The PURSUIT has become my ‘do anything, go anywhere’ sock. Just this past weekend I wore them on the course with my Foot Joy Icons, then washed them and wore them on Monday to my Crossfit workout.

Swiftwick ASPIRE

Swiftwick ASPIRE

Swiftwick ASPIRE

Swiftwick claims that the ASPIRE is “the most technically advanced sock on the market”. While superlatives can always be debated, one thing is for sure — the ASPIRE is built for speed and performance. Checking in at just 22 grams, the ASPIRE’s weight and ultra thin profile makes it a versatile option that can easily transition from the course to the trail or to the bike.

Swiftwick ASPIRE

Swiftwick ASPIRE

The ASPIRE possesses a similar compression strength to the PURSUIT, features the same high performance olefin fabric as the VIBE and incorporates Swiftwick’s Linked-Toe technology. If you prefer a thin, lightweight synthetic sock, then the ASPIRE is for you.

Thanks to the overabundance of logos, it is fairly easy to tell which shirts, pants, shoes, gloves and belts Tour players are wearing. Socks for the most part are hidden. Also, due to contract restrictions, brands like Swiftwick can’t always mention which players are wearing its socks…but I can. Here are a few of the best-dressed players on Tour that are known to slip on Swiftwick socks before walking to the first tee.

Swiftwick on the web: swiftwick.com
Swiftwick on Twitter: @swiftwick
Swiftwick on Facebook: facebook.com/swiftwick
Swiftwick on Instagram: @swiftwicksocks

Happy Birthday, Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer turns 85 years young today. The King transcended the game of golf in so many ways, and fashion was one of them. Palmer energized golf fashion in the late 1950s and throughout the 1960s with brighter colors, slimmer-fitting cotton shirts, cardigan sweaters and lightweight trousers.

“I liked a sharp crease in my slacks, my shoes polished to shine, while my shirts were conservative with a straight collar. It was a style I stuck with for most of my career.”
— Arnold Palmer

Many of the vintage looks that Palmer sported during the Golden Era of golf have been revived over the last few years with contemporary fits and details. When I talk with designers about players who have influenced and inspired them, Palmer’s name is one that is mentioned over and over again.

Happy Birthday, Arnold Palmer. Here is a pictorial tribute to the King’s iconic style.

U.S. Ryder Cup Team’s Stylish Uniforms by Ralph Lauren

After a long drawn out selection show on Tuesday that saw Captain Tom Watson name Keegan Bradley, Hunter Mahan and Webb Simpson to the U.S. Ryder Cup Team, Ralph Lauren delivered some much needed sizzle to the Ryder Cup proceedings by unveiling the U.S. team uniforms on Wednesday.

I’ve been watching the Ryder Cup since 1987 and have become accustomed to seeing the U.S. team outclassed in the style department and on the course by the Europeans. The drab browns of 2006, the lavender sweaters and boot cut pants of 2010 and those horrid shirts on Sunday at Brookline were as tough to watch as the U.S. team’s putting at most Ryder Cups.

However, the 2014 outfits put together by Ralph Lauren are the sharpest that I’ve seen for the American side. The styling is on-point. The detailing is subtle and purposeful. The designs are clean and modern with vintage elements. In addition, the layering pieces are elegant, yet functional.

If you are looking for an overarching theme for the U.S. Team’s uniforms, I see it as “Unity and Patriotism.” Iconic stars and stripes, graphic color-blocking and a classic palette of red, white and blue dominate the on-course looks. The words “United We Stand” are embroidered into each of the polos along with 12 stars to signify the importance of each member of the team.

Here’s a closer look at the U.S. Ryder Cup team uniforms for the three days at Gleneagles.

Day 1

Ryder Cup Day 1 Uniform

Ryder Cup Day 1 Uniform

Shirt: Laser Cut and Glued Seam Short Sleeve Shirt Lightweight Airflow Jersey
Pants: Navy Pinstripe Lightweight Stretch Italian Wool Pant
Layering Piece: Trophy Intarsia Sweater (not shown)

GolfThreads Take: This is my second favorite look and it offers a great blend of styles. The wool pinstripe pants provide an air of sophistication that we typically see from Ralph Lauren’s Polo Golf line, while the laser cut and glued seams on the Airflow polo scream high-tech performance that is usually reserved for the brand’s RLX line. Can’t you see Phil rockin’ these pinstripe pants while giving Keegan a goofy smile and a thumbs up?

Day 2

Ryder Cup Day Uniforms

Ryder Cup Day Uniforms

Shirt: Short Sleeve Knit Collar Performance Pique Shirt
Pants: Black Watch Plaid Lightweight Stretch Italian Wool Pant
Layering Piece: American Flag Intarsia Sweater (not shown)

GolfThreads Take: Consider the Black Watch plaid to be an homage to the famous Scottish tartans of the Ryder Cup host country, while the performance pique fabric, banded sleeves and tipped collar offer vintage American feel. I like both of these pieces independent of each other. I’m just not sure how well they complement each other, but I’ll reserve judgment until I see this look at the matches.

Day 3

Ryder Cup Day 3 Uniform

Ryder Cup Day 3 Uniform

Shirt: Short Sleeve Knit Collar Yarn Dyed Lightweight Airflow
Pants: Red Matte Tech Gab Cypress Pant or Red 10 Wale Stretch Corduroy
Layering Piece: Long Sleeve Hybrid Cardigan Sweater

Golf Threads Take: Tom Watson and the PGA of America have talked about shaking it up for this Ryder Cup. While Watson’s captain picks were anything but outside the box, the outfit for the Day 3 singles matches will certainly bring a wow factor to the course. The all-over-stripe with blocked upper chest is aggressive and on-trend, while the red pants provide the energy needed to mount a final round charge. This is my favorite look of the week for Team USA. It is bold and patriotic without being garish and over the top. This could be a winning look for the U.S. side.

The good news from Ralph Lauren and the PGA of America wasn’t limited to the stylish uniforms. Both sides announced that the brand has been named the official outfitter of every U.S. Ryder Cup Team through 2020. When you think about preeminent American fashion brands, Ralph Lauren has to be at the top of the list (at least the top of my list), and the brand has reinforced this with the U.S. Team’s uniforms. It is great to know we will see the U.S. side sporting the brand for the next three Ryder Cups, too.

This is also the first time that pieces from the U.S. Ryder Cup Team’s uniforms have been available to the public. The shirts and outerwear pieces can be purchased at Trendygolf, Ralph Lauren, and the PGA of America.

KENTWOOL Socks: Your Feet Will Thank You

Socks are like NFL offensive lineman. If you don’t notice them, then they are doing their job. Now, if there was an All-Pro team for socks in the game of golf, KENTWOOL socks would be a perennial Pro Bowler.

I have to admit, though, I chuckled the first time I heard about KENTWOOL socks. Wool socks in the summer? Won’t your feet be a swampy mess?



It turns out the joke was on me and KENTWOOL had the last laugh. Since launching in 2007, countless Tour players including Bubba Watson and Matt Kuchar, have slipped on KENTWOOL socks prior to every round. I would say the brand’s socks have a cult following, but that would actually sell their popularity short.

What makes KENTWOOL socks so awesome is that they are fabricated from merino wool. Merino wool is nature’s high performance fabric. It breathes exceptionally well, helps to regulate body temperature and pulls moisture away from your skin. Basically, it keeps your feet warm for those winter rounds, cool in the summer and helps prevent blisters. Not to mention, it helps to keep your feet from smelling like feet.



The latest edition to the KENTWOOL family is the KW Series. For the KW Series KENTWOOL has blended bamboo fibers with merino wool. The result is a lighter, thinner and stronger sock that performs as well as, or even better than previous series of KENTWOOL socks.

There are two different models of socks in KENTWOOL’s KW Series, the KW Sport and the KW Pro Light. Choosing one over the other is the equivalent of choosing between two Ferraris, but here is a little help.

KENTWOOL KW Sport Low Profile

KENTWOOL KW Sport Low Profile

The KW Sports are thinner than the original Tour socks from KENTWOOL, but thicker than the KW Pro Lights. The KW Pro Lights are the thinnest socks KENTWOOL has produced. If you prefer a slightly thicker sock, then start with the KW Sport. If you are transitioning to KENTWOOL from a lightweight athletic sock, then give the KW Pro Lights a try.

The weight, thickness and performance qualities are why I keep reaching for the KW Series socks as I head out to the course. As a feel player, I have always fancied thinner socks. On full swings I feel a better connection to the ground and when putting I feel more in tune with the contours of the green. Needless to say, the KW Series is right up my alley.

IMG_2937I recently wore the KW Sports for a round at TPC Sawgrass where the mercury topped out at 95 degrees and the humidity had to be in the same neighborhood. I went through three gloves during the round, but like a great NFL lineman, I totally forgot about the socks. There probably isn’t a better test of performance than that.

Sure, you will need to plunk down a few more George Washingtons compared to the generic bag of six pairs of cotton socks from the local big box store, but aren’t your feet worth it? They take a pounding everyday. They bare the force of every step you take, not to mention all those sidehill, downhill and uphill lies on the course. Nothing can ruin a great round of golf like limping through the back nine with blister problems.

KENTWOOL KW Sport (top) and 19th Hole Collection (bottom)

KENTWOOL KW Series (top) and 19th Hole Collection (bottom)

Check out the KENTWOOL KW Series on the brand’s website. You will also likely find them in your local green grass shop. While you are there, look for KENTWOOL’s 19th Hole Collection. They look as good on the course as they do in the cube and in the pub. Socks are the hot accessory in menswear. If you haven’t upped your sock game, now is the time to do it.

Kentwool on the web: kentwool.com
Kentwool on Twitter: @kentwool

J.Lindeberg Golf Launches the Luxe Collection

J.Lindeberg Golf just dropped one of the most anticipated collections of the season — the Luxe Collection.

lux golf 01

I first got a peek at the Luxe at the PGA Merchandise Show back in January and it was one of the things I bookmarked in the ol’ grey matter for fall.

What really grabbed my attention about this collection was how unique and versatile it is. No one, and I mean no one, in the golf apparel industry is doing what J.Lindeberg has done with the Luxe.

QDeDlbBorRu_gIFzB4ZkmyHqhpejmIMlPTK_qbi7IJc,KdPm2VwPOcPhgIZLoUJ7fuIjjxNuygGCpgwkGwf7cggThe brand has always excelled at bridging the gap between fashion and function. It is consistently one of the first brands to take concepts from the fashion runways and apply them to the fairways, while also achieving a high-level of performance and playability along the way. That being said, no J.Lindeberg Collection has been influenced by the high fashion side of the house as much as the Luxe. The pieces fit in directly with what we are seeing in the brand’s menswear lines, pulling inspiration from the well-tailored looks we are seeing on uptown city streets.

See, the idea behind the Luxe Collection is quite simple. Create a golf collection that is so in tune with the latest street trends, that no one knows you are wearing golf clothes. The  Luxe has achieved just that.

Truly great collections have the power to evoke particular emotions or transport you to a specific time and place. The Luxe has this unique ability. Although we are in the dog days of August, one look at the Luxe and it is easy to see yourself walking through Manhattan on a crisp November day with a hint of autumn’s chill nipping at your cheek. Meanwhile, the rich palette of burgundy, navy, grey and black perfectly complements the foliage and cityscape.

golf 03_stockman

The showcase piece for me in the Luxe Collection is the Rake jacket. It features an elegant blazer inspired cut, front buttons, pockets and a high collar. The trim silhouette is perfectly on-trend with what we are seeing from men’s outerwear this fall and it works for nearly every occasion. Mix in a tone-on-tone camo print and you have a trendy, yet understated look.

Joining the Rake jacket in the Luxe is the Trey that offers a modern bomber vibe and the Dell that provides a contemporary take on a gillet. While I see these outerwear pieces more suited for off the course, don’t sell them short on playability. Each has a gusset on the back to enhance range of motion during a golf swing.

Known for its luxurious fabrics, J.Lindeberg even kicked it up a notch in that department for the Luxe. The polos (the Roberto and the Blaine) are fabricated from a light gauge cotton pique that takes softness to a new level.


J.Lindeberg’s fine merino sweaters receive an upgrade in the Luxe, as well, with the infusion of silk for an up-market feel. The Rocca borrows the Rake’s blazer inspired cut in the form of a cardigan. The Michele is a shawl collar sweater that will look as good on the course as off and the Loren offers a modern take on the classic argyle sweater. Meanwhile, the Constantino is a refined roll neck that will make you feel like James Bond, Johnny Miller or Ron Burgundy. Take your pick.

Rounding out the Luxe are mechanical stretch wool slacks (the Collin) with sophisticated detailing at the waist and a spread collar dress shirt.

If you are a J.Lindeberg Golf enthusiast, like me, don’t worry. The brand also released an AW14 golf collection that is hitting stores now. The Luxe is simply a capsule collection for fall and a follow-up to the brand’s Laser capsule from the spring. These capsules give designers a sartorial sandbox to play with new ideas and push the boundaries of golf apparel design without compromising the brand’s core collections.

You can check out the Luxe Collection for yourself at Trendygolf and Trendygolf USA. Also expect to see it in about 20 exclusive golf shops across the country and J.Lindeberg’s New York and Aventura retail shops.

By the way, we need a J.Lindeberg retail shop here is San Francisco. On second thought, it is better for my wallet if there isn’t one.

Heads Up: Dunning Golf Introduces Hoodies

I’m seeing more and more golf apparel brands expanding their product lines by venturing into fitness apparel. The latest being Dunning Golf as the brand recently launched hooded sweatshirts in pullover and full zip models.


I find it ironic that one of the biggest trends in golf apparel isn’t actually golf apparel, but think about it. The game of golf is in the midst of a fitness revolution. Dumbbell curls in the gym have replaced pint curls at the 19th hole. Tour players are fitter than ever and this is one trend that is having a positive trickle down effect on amateurs.

1742Additionally, the lines between golf and fitness apparel have become blurred as high performance, moisture-wicking fabrics have found a home on the fairways. Why wouldn’t a golfer opt for a brand in the gym that they are already comfortable with on the course?


It is not surprising at all to see Dunning Golf stretching (pun intended) into off-course fitness apparel. Remember, cycling and triathlon gear is in the brand’s DNA and its tag line is, ‘Engineered for Athletes. Designed for Players.’ (Notice ‘Athletes’ comes before ‘Players.’)

As you start planning your fall on- and off-course wardrobe, I would put these hoodies from Dunning golf on your must-try list.