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ECCO x Malbon Golf High-Top Hybrid

While collaborations have been all the rage in menswear and streetwear over the past few years, the idea is just starting to spread to the world of golf. This year, many of the most progressive brands in the game are partnering with each other. They are crafting everything from uber cool shoes and headcovers to limited edition bags and apparel collections. Collabs are so hot right now that we named them as one of our biggest golf style trends for 2018.

In the middle of many of these synergistic relationships is the emerging SoCal brand Malbon Golf, which has already done collaborations with the likes of Jones Golf Bags, Seamus Golf, Dormie Workshop, Corksicle, and other brands of the moment. Its latest collab is a very limited edition high-top hybrid golf shoe with ECCO.

ECCO x Malbon Golf High-Top Hybrid

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The ECCO x Malbon Golf High-Top combines the Danish brand’s innovative technology with Malbon’s edgy streetwear vibe. The partnership showcases ECCO’s vision of incorporating mainstream fashion elements into premium golf footwear.

“We worked directly with Malbon in the design process to create a unique style that speaks to both their brand ethos and ours.” — Thomas Dixon, product manager of ECCO Sport.

The upper of the shoe is constructed from a familiar Yak leather, which ECCO has used repeatedly in its BIOM Hybrid models over the years. This soft and supple upper sits atop the ECCO E-DTS® hybrid outsole, which possesses approximately 800 traction points. ECCO has historically employed this outsole on other models and it has made the company a leader in the spikeless golf shoe category. The simple, clean, and modern look of the shoe is completed with Malbon’s Classic Buckets logo-a friendly cartoon golf ball character sporting a red rope hat.

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The shoe was crafted at ECCO’s company-owned factories that utilize FLUIDFORM™ technology. This process bonds the upper and outsole unit without the use of glue or stitching. The result is a lightweight shoe that is both flexible and durable. Only 100 pairs of the ECCO x Malbon Golf High-Top Hybrid were made and they are available in black for men and white for women. You can grab a pair at the Malbon Golf boutique in Los Angeles or on the brand’s website.

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If you have been resisting golf high-tops since they burst on the scene a couple of years ago, this collab from ECCO and Malbon Golf is an easy way to dip your toes (pun intended) into the trend. The understated look makes it easy to wear and the spikeless outsole effortlessly transitions to the street. Pair it with slim-fitting technical pants, chinos, or joggers and hit the links or the coffee shop in style.

Malbon Golf

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For those unfamiliar with Malbon Golf, here’s the skinny. The brand was founded by the husband and wife team of Stephen and Erica Malbon. He of Frank151 fame (a street-style magazine and creative agency) and she the co-founder of The Now (a boutique spa and massage parlor). Their mission is to grow the game by appealing to the hip streetwear crowd and inspiring celebrities and other influencers to grab a club.

“Malbon promotes golf as not just a game, but a lifestyle to be experienced through edgy, stylish apparel and accessories. By partnering with premium brands like ECCO, we are able to offer something truly authentic.” — Erica Malbon, Co-Founder of Malbon Golf

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What started as an Instagram account back in 2013 has turned into a cool line of apparel, a chic boutique, and numerous partnerships with top-shelf brands. Malbon’s brick-and-mortar shop is located in L.A.’s Fairfax neighborhood, which is the epicenter of the city’s streetwear scene. It is also just down the street from Supreme, the biggest name in streetwear today. Location, location, location.

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The well-appointed shop is more than a spot to pick up the freshest merch. An indoor simulator gives kids and others who are new to the game, a relaxed and fun setting to take lessons. It also allows those who are crunched for time a way to play 18 holes in a fraction of the time.

Rory McIlroy in the Malbon Golf simulator (image via @malbongolf Instagram)

At a time when brick-and-mortar locations are giving way to the convenience of online shopping, Malbon has created an experience that gives people a reason to put down the laptops and stroll into the shop. Celebs like Justin Bieber, Travis Scott, Troy Garity, and George Lopez are known to pop in. Even PGA Tour players Rory McIlroy and Smylie Kaufman smacked drives in the simulator while in town for the Genesis Open last week.

Now is the time to jump on the Malbon Golf bandwagon. It is set to explode in 2018.

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