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The Masters Green Jacket: 13 Things to Know

The Masters Tournament – A tradition unlike any other is chock full of its own traditions. The green jacket for instance. You may know some of the history behind the iconic cloak bestowed on the winner, but here’s a list we’ve compiled that will make you sound like a resident expert while holding your azalea cocktail and watching with friends.

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1. The green jacket has been awarded to the champion since 1949, although Augusta National members began wearing them in 1937, so they were easily identifiable.

2. The first Masters Tournament champion green jacket was worn by Sam Snead.

3. Although it remains the winner’s personal property, the jacket is stored in a specially designated cloakroom. His name is stitched on a label inside.

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4. The green jacket is only available to Masters winners and Augusta National members.

5. Taking the jackets off premises is forbidden. The exception is for the winner who can take it home and return it to the club the following year.

6. A golfer who wins multiple times uses the same green jacket unless he’s hit the weight room and needs to be re-fitted.

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7. The jackets are made in Ohio, but the fabric is from Georgia – a tropical weight wool.

8. The estimated cost to make is $250, although not confirmed publicly. Each jacket needs approximately 2 1/2 yards to make and it takes about a month.

9. The last time fabric was purchased was in 1990. That’s because it was a 500-yard roll which is enough to make 200 green jackets.

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10. Here’s something we can’t see on TV without zooming in – the three-button, single-breasted blazer has custom brass buttons inscribed with the Augusta National logo.

11. “Masters Green” is Pantone 342 to match the rye grass of Augusta National’s fairways.

12. What happens if someone wins back to back? Who helps the winner put on the jacket? It’s only happened three times so far – Jack Nicklaus was the first and put on his own jacket. Nick Faldo and Tiger Woods were helped into their jackets by the chairman of Augusta National. No one has won three in a row.

13. How do they know the size of the winner? Tournament officials watch as leaders emerge in the final round and pluck appropriate sample sizes that are on hand. The winner doesn’t keep this jacket – the one worn following the win on the Jimmy Fallon show. A custom-fitted version is made later.

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  1. These are really cool tidbits about the jacket. I am very excited for this masters with so many players in good form.

  2. I really like the analytics around who can actually legitimately win at Augusta because you can rule out a lot of players quite easily. As Sergio showed last year, you have to putt just well enough. I also think the slopes on the greens hurt the mediocre putters like Rory, Rose, Hideki DJ putts well on more flatish surfaces not the buried elephants in the greens of augusta. If i had to pick 5 guys and rank them, I would say Day, JT, Rahm, Fleetwood and Noren. Since Spieth is playing poorly right now, he would be my dark horse that isn’t really a dark horse.

    1. Thanks, Marty. That one slipped through the cracks. We try to be better than that. Plenty of openings for proofreaders, but we don’t pay very well. 🙂


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