Tourney Returns With Timeless Appeal

Tourney is one of the most iconic brands in the game of golf. If you were a player in the 1950s and 60s, there was a good chance you had a set of the brand’s finely crafted forged irons and/or persimmon woods in your bag. Everyone from Jack Nicklaus to my grandfather was gaming Tourney clubs. I still remember wandering into my grandfather’s garage to check out his leather MacGregor bag filled with Tourney sticks. I didn’t know much about golf clubs at the time, but I knew these were special. These were the clubs Jack played. If it weren’t for the fact that they were left handed, I probably would have tried to sneak them into the backyard for a few swings.

Brassie Polo with Redan Shorts

After disappearing from the game, Tourney is back in a different form. Instead of those buttery forged irons and beautiful persimmons, you can now find the brand’s regal crest and vintage script on a new line of apparel. Revived by Tharanco Lifestyles, the owner of Greg Norman Collection, the new line of Tourney apparel was designed for the man with an active lifestyle who aspires to leave an impression on and off the course. Tourney’s vintage-inspired looks blend 1950’s charm with contemporary fits and modern technology. The range of technical chinos, performance polos, and outerwear features clean lines and a timeless palette of colors. Among my favorites are the Dell Polo with a subtle pin dot pattern, the Ace Polo with old school piping on the chest pocket and sleeves, and the Mashie with a small tonal diamond print.

“Tourney is heavily rooted in tradition with some of the world’s greatest golfers competing with the equipment. The apparel respects the heritage of the brand in its classic and timeless styling along with using top line fabrics.”

— Michael J. Setola, CEO Tharanco Lifestyles

Ace Polo

Best of all, the pieces in the Tourney Collection come with price tags that will remind you of the 50s and 60s. Well, okay, they aren’t that low, but they are a far cry from the $100 polos you’ll find in your local pro shop. The pants and shorts retail for $55 and $45 respectively. The polos check in at $40 while the pullovers are priced at $50.

Whins 1/4 Zip Pullover with Redan Chinos


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  1. Interesting. I always appreciate being introduced to new golf apparel brands and reading about their marketing approach. Overall looks nice, albeit a bit too blue blood for my taste. Don’t think I could wear the crest. I do like the piping on the Ace polo. Keep on keepin’ on, Greg.

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