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Bunker Mentality Outerwear: Be Bold in the Cold

Bunker Mentality Outerwear Collection for AW’17

If you are in the United States or Europe, it is safe to say the weather outside is frightful right now. Even those of you in warmer climates are likely packing an extra layer when you head to the course. We feel your pain. Here in California, the mercury is barely breaking the 65-degree barrier (18 Celsius), which means parkas, beanies, gloves, snoods, and hand warmers are required when venturing out to the not-so-frozen tundra. Hey, the struggle is real.

Making matters worse is the soulless palette of color options in the pro shop these days. Let’s see; should I buy this jacket in light black, black or dark black? While it’s okay to dress for the weather, it’s about time we stopped dressing like the weather. Let’s not camouflage ourselves against the dark, dank winter skies anymore.

Thankfully, Bunker Mentality has the cure for the outerwear blues (or greys or blacks). The brand is once again lighting up the fairways like a Clark Griswold rooftop with a collection of mid-layers and jackets that brings a fresh swagger to the course while respecting the time-honored traditions of the game.

The showcase piece in the collection is the Samnite Jacket. Hybrid jackets have gone from a trend to an essential in just a matter of a few years. While many of these jackets make you look like the Michelin Man, Bunker Mentality’s Samnite takes a lighter approach to warmth. The quilted front panel is filled with a thin layer of insulation for wind protection and the interior is fabricated from a brushed polyester for cozy comfort.

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In many ways, the Samnite captures the spirit of Bunker Mentality’s bold, yet tasteful design philosophy. The geometric pattern on the chest panel makes a strong fashion statement, but the tonal nature of the print keeps everything in check. The brilliant Bunker Blue color also syncs up nicely with the contrasting taped pockets and the branding patch on the left chest. An extra pop of personality is delivered through a splash of hot pink surrounding the front zipper. The result is a well-balanced look.

Bunker Mentality has a history of being at the leading edge of golf fashion trends, which brings us to the short, ribbed collar on the Samnite. T-necks with high zip-up collars have dominated golf outerwear for years, but now we are seeing more layering pieces equipped with this short, baseball jacket collar. The shift can be traced to the recent resurgence of bomber jackets on the menswear scene and the popularity of letterman jackets in hip-hop culture. The shorter, more flexible collar has comfort benefits, too. Take a swing in the Samnite and you’ll immediately notice the design of the collar prevents unwanted rubbing in the chin and neck areas.

From one trend to another. Bold color-blocked looks are at the heart of every Bunker Mentality collection. For AW’17, the Elliott Windproof Gilet and Enduro ¼-Zip Pullover take center stage.

In talking about the Elliott, we first need to set the record straight. A gilet isn’t a razor or the stadium where the New England Patriots ball. Instead, it’s a sleeveless jacket or waistcoat. Or, in other words, a boujee name for a vest.

Due to their versatility, tech vests are a must-have for golfers this winter. A vest can easily be layered over a Merino sweater or under a jacket this winter. In the spring, ditch the sweater and layer it over a polo. No matter the route you decide to go, a vest frees up your arms and shoulders during the swing while providing an extra layer of warmth.

If you are looking to add a tech vest to your repertoire, the Elliott is a smart choice for the season. Don’t let the fashion forward looks fool you, though. The Elliott brings a rugged, working-class mentality to the course. Three bonded layers include a tough water and wind resistant outer shell, which is complemented by a soft fleece lining. Throw in breathability, 360-degree stretch, and wide vertical color-blocked panels, and the Elliott checks all the boxes for style and functionality.

When it comes to best sellers, the Enduro ¼-Zip is at the top of the heap for Bunker Mentality, and it is easy to see why. The asymmetrical design and sporty attitude is a signature style for the brand. Again, a fleece interior packs in the heat while a super stretchy polyester means the Enduro provides flexibility with your every move. Well-appointed details like embroidered logos on the front and back and a silicone print on the sleeve, finish this pullover in style. Pair the Enduro with well-tailored chinos or technical pants for a smooth look from head to toe.

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For a more subtle approach to layering, check out Bunker Mentality’s Tri Colour Pullover. This ¼-zip includes all the performance and playability benefits of the Enduro in a solid color. Hits of contrasting colors on the collar and sleeve hems add a bit of panache to energize even the most basic looks.

As we mentioned in October, a new era is on the horizon for Bunker Mentality. The brand from Nottingham, England is coming to America in 2018. This version of the British Invasion is being led by the Duran Group, which will handle sales and marketing in the U.S.

“We have taken our time in coming to the U.S. market. We have decided to go forward now because the time feels right. After extensive research, we have found a great partner in the Duran Group,” stated Robert Hart, Bunker Mentality’s Owner and Creative Director.

Look for Bunker Mentality’s colorful, stylish, and unapologetically bold looks in pro shops and specialty stores across the country in the coming months.

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