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Bunker Mentality: Break the Monotony

Take a look at the golf section of your closet. Chances are it is a collection of solids and classic stripes in a sea of blues, greys, and black. This is not unusual. Most of us tend to gravitate towards these safe colors and traditional designs. In fact, you probably roll up to the first tee and see three of your buddies all riffing on the same played out look. It’s time to break from the norm and Bunker Mentality has a range of game day outfits to help you stand out from the monotony.

Over the years, if you were looking to amp up your on-course looks, you’ve had few options. You’ve either been forced to look like a human highlighter, or have had to opt for garish designs that made you look like the opening act at the county fair. Either way, everyone from your wife to your playing partners have been left rolling their eyes and shaking their heads.

Unapologetically Bold, Uniquely Different

Game Day Outfits

Bunker Mentality’s approach to bold looks is uniquely different. While the Nottingham, England brand isn’t the first company to bring dynamic colors and daring designs to the fairways, it has done it in a way that appeals to fashion conscious golfers. The well-balanced colors and razor-sharp fits turn heads from the first tee to the 19th hole for all the right reasons.

If you are looking to add a little fun to your golf wardrobe without sacrificing style, here are four Game Day outfits from Bunker Mentality. These are sure to help you separate yourself from the pathetic herd of stripes and boring colors.

Bunker Opening Day Outfit

CMAX Events Polo and Baxter Trouser

For those of you looking to dip your toes into Bunker Mentality’s colorful water, this is an easy way to do it. This CMAX Events Polo is my favorite shirt in the collection for the fact that it is simple and classic. The bright Bunker Blue colorway is easy for even the most conservative dressers to work into their wardrobes, too. This is a polo you will wear for years to come. This timeless design with a three-button placket and tipped collar and sleeves can find a home in any decade. Couldn’t you see some of the stars from the Golden Era making a statement in the Events Polo today?

While this shirt may be a throwback to a simpler time, the details and performance technologies make it distinctly modern. A well-thought-out panel across the top of the back and over the shoulders allows for greater mobility and range of motion. This means you can ditch that annoying sleeve hitch when you address the ball. The raised branding on the sleeve and back yoke along with the logo shield on the chest, elevate the look and give it a tour-quality aesthetic.

Bunker Mentality’s CMAX fabric has always excelled at wicking sweat and providing great stretch. For 2017, the brand has added a new Polygiene technology to the fabric. Perspiration is natural during physical activities. In fact, it is needed to play your best. Unfortunately, when sweat mixes with textiles, bacteria begin to grow as quickly as my score does on a Pete Dye course. Even with proper laundry techniques, the odor will only get worse over time. Polygiene, however, prevents the growth of this odor-causing bacteria. The net/net? If you are wearing Bunker Mentality and something stinks, it is probably your short game.

Now that you are smelling good, the best way to complete this look is by pairing the Events Polo with the Baxter Trousers in navy blue. This cotton blend pant possesses the great looks of a chino and the performance benefits of a technical trouser. The notch waistband and stretchy material reduce the risk of wardrobe malfunctions when reading putts. Just ask Jason Dufner how important this is.

That’s a Fact, Jack Outfit

CMAX Jack Polo

Once you have waded into the shallow end of the Bunker Mentality pool, it is time to stretch your comfort zone. The CMAX Jack Polo in a hot pink flavor is the best way to do it. The Jack is a contemporary take on another classic—the chest pocket polo. Every golfer needs a chest pocket polo in his collection. This one, however, is different than the ones on the boring rack in the corner of the pro shop. The Jack uses an elongated four-button placket to give off a mod vibe that will take you back to Swinging London in the ‘60s. Just when you think this is a completely retro design, Bunker Mentality hits you with modern details. The multi-color tipping on the pocket and raised branding on the sleeve and back yoke, take the Jack from ordinary to unapologetically bold.

Like the Events Polo, the Jack allows you to roam the fairways odor-free while enjoying UV protection and all the performance qualities of the CMAX fabric. To complete the look, sync the Jack Polo with the Baxter Trousers in navy and the Braided Stretch Webbing Belt. The stripes on the belt perfectly match the trim on the shirt.

Retro Side Stripe Outfit

CMAX Retro Side Stripe Polo and Baxter Trouser

Strap on your goggles. We’re diving headfirst into the deep end of Bunker Mentality’s style pool with these next two looks. (I’m not sure how I got on this swimming pool theme, but at this point, I’m just going with it.) The CMAX Side Stripe Polo makes the strongest sartorial statement in Bunker Mentality’s lineup. This shirt pulls inspiration from mod styles and blends it with contemporary high fashion details. The alternating navy blue, hot pink and light blue stripes create a bold retro look, while the rounded penny collar design is straight off the fashion runways of today.

For a more understated kit, wear the Side Stripe Polo with those Baxter Trousers in navy. Another option is to go bright and bold with the Loomtech Trousers in Bunker Blue. These 5-pocket style pants with a cotton/poly blend provide maximum stretch in a not-too-tight, not-too-baggy fit.

Apex Bright Outfit

CMAX Apex Polo and Loomtek Trouser

The most athletic looking polo in Bunker Mentality’s collection is the Apex. The colorful blocked panels make a strong and sporty statement. This is the shirt to grab on Moving Day of the club championship and for those big money matches. While pairing the Apex with navy trousers is perfectly acceptable, I say go big or go home with this outfit. Grab those Loomtek Trousers in Bunker Blue. To really push the envelope, dial up the Golfella’s Trouser in hot pink.

Bunker Mentality T-Shirts

Unfortunately, we can’t spend all of our time on the golf course. The good news is that Bunker Mentality has you covered off the course, as well. Whether you are hitting the pub, the café, or just spending a casual Sunday around your hood, the brand’s range of t-shirts is a stylish way to show off your passion for the game. The same flair that Bunker Mentality’s polos bring to the links, its t-shirts bring to the street. The large fonts, big graphics, and witty phrases that adorn the tees are fun and entertaining. Plus, the premium cotton fabric is soft and luxurious.

Coming to America

Bunker Mentality is coming to the U.S. in 2018

While Bunker Mentality has served the U.S. market through its e-commerce site, it has not had distribution through retail partners in the U.S. until now. In June, the brand announced it selected The Duran Group to lead its sales and marketing efforts in the U.S. This means you will begin seeing Bunker Mentality’s unapologetically bold looks in pro shops and specialty stores across the country in the coming months.

“We have taken our time in coming to the U.S. market. We have decided to go forward now because the time feels right. After extensive research, we have found a great partner in the Duran Group,” stated Robert Hart, Bunker Mentality’s Owner and Creative Director.

“Bunker Mentality’s unique designs and success in Europe is a great foundation for a launch in the USA market”, stated Tony Duran the President and Founder of The Duran Group. “We have worked with the Bunker Mentality team to adapt their product for the USA market. The early stage feedback has been very positive from golf shops seeking differentiation in the apparel category.”

The adaptions to the products refer to a slightly fuller, more American fit for the U.S. market. Until Bunker Mentality arrives on pro shop shelves, shop the brand’s website and order a size up.


  1. Those are some loud outfits. They look incredible and the polos are very strong. Why is it buttoned all the way up? It is funny that the guys wearing the clothes have golf shoes with tassels on them. I haven’t seen a tassel since the 90s.

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