How to Maximize Your Golf Wardrobe

Here at GolfThreads, we want to give you some tips on how to create a golf wardrobe that can transcend the course. By purchasing some key on-course pieces, following our “Do’s” and “Don’t’s” and pairing items properly, your golf clothing can transition nicely off the course (ie. drinks with that special someone, casual Friday at work, and the neighborhood barbecue).

Certain clothing brands and materials are fantastic to wear while playing golf but not all transition well off the course. Show up to the bar in a golf uniform and you will lose any fashion edge to the guys rocking TravisMathew, Linksoul, Ted Baker, Polo Ralph Lauren, Dunning, Lacoste, and J.Lindeberg! Here’s advice on how to create a functional, stylish and multipurpose golf wardrobe.

Polos & Layers

Ted Baker Golfed Polo

Golf shirts are at the heart of our wardrobes, right? Don’t go cheap here (remember if done properly, you can look like a boss on AND off the course, so let’s get it right). Too many guys size up with their shirts. Make sure your polo fits properly. Sleeves should hit mid-bicep and lightly hug your arms. There should never be more than a couple of inches of fabric on either side of your stomach regardless of your body shape. Fabric matters; cotton blends tend to be better “all-around” choices. When the weather starts to get cooler, consider a sweater, pullover or cardigan¬†instead of a base-layer with said polo.


Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos (image via Bonobos)

Remember you are not being sponsored. You don’t have to create an entire outfit with one brand. Mix and match. Also, it is okay to go beyond golf specific brands. Bonobos and J.Crew, for example, offer some great cotton chinos with added flex that is very versatile. J.Crew’s Stretch Chinos are my pants of choice given price, function and style. Finally, make sure your pants fit properly. Baggy is sloppy. Slimmer is better. Tapered with a short break looks best!


Hybrid golf shoes are great, but they look a bit awkward off the course. Instead, consider slipping into something like the ECCO Jeremy, which is adaptable enough to be worn with any look, or the ECCO Jack Slip-On for something more hip and casual (SeaVees and Vans slip-ons also work here).

Belts & Socks

Vineyard Vines Skull & X-Bones Canvas Belt

It is a new age, gents, so get with it. There are some killer belts that you can add to your closet that will complement your outfit (no need to match it anymore) or add some flair. My current favorite, on and off the course is the Vineyard Vines Skull & X-Bones Canvas Belt. Talk about intimidating your playing partner and giving off an edgy vibe with the ladies. Win-win. If crossbones isn’t your style, take a more conservative approach with a braided belt.

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Final thoughts on belts (I could write an entire article on belts alone); unless you are on the PGA Tour, never ever wear a white belt. Actually, even if you are on the PGA Tour, never wear a white belt. And save the oversized logo buckles for the golf course. They do not transition well. Socks are another way to accessorize. I stay traditional with my socks. But by all means, be like Bubba Watson and have fun with them.


Embed from Getty Images

Justin Timberlake has brought ‘sexy back’ to golf hats. (In fact look to him for any style tips. He gets it.) Linksoul’s California Trucker Hat has been photographed on JT hundreds of times, whether he is teeing it up or walking the streets with Jessica Biel. Mark Wahlberg is a loyal TravisMathew guy and can usually be found wearing one of the brand’s signature lids. You too will get ‘good vibrations’ when you top your dome with one of their stylish and fun hats.

Embed from Getty Images

Looking good and being stylish on the course can be expensive. Hopefully, this article gave you some ideas on how to create a multi-purpose wardrobe that makes you the best-dressed in your foursome, as well as the most superfly guy after the round.


  1. I absolutely love this article. It is more about transitioning from course to street but still very enjoyable. Please, Mike do a piece just on belts. I would love that. Maybe how you can pair them with pants, a shirt, hat/shoes, etc or go rogue with a more funky design. I think the only time you can now wear a white belt is with a white pant for a seamless look.

  2. Michael, what a great piece! Some real takeaways to up my game on and off the course. I’d love to get your thoughts on layering as I play in New England and as you know the weather can change faster than an intern’s dignity at a cigar club meeting! The issue I have is that of body type; athletic build with a hint of a tummy. I find a pullover somewhat restrictive on my swing therefore prefer the base layer but can’t seem to find the right mix of base and polo. Additionally, one omission in this great read is the critique of visor vs full lid upstairs. I’m partial to the visor as I feel it provides a somewhat refined look as compared to the trucker. Also, on a chilly day, it can portray a “tough as nails” look and psych out your playing partner. Keep up the great work Mike, I find your assessments spot on and only hope you can dedicate upcoming pieces on belts (duly noted Jim) and delve into the shaky world of layering out there on the course. Take good care.

  3. Jim, you can count on an entire article on belts. You (and David ) may be the only two who read it, but it is coming!!! David, in regards to visor vs. hat, I got nothing. I am kinda bald. Can’t do a visor. Unless you have some good lettuce, fuggedabouit! Not sure it would make you look “tough as nails” on a chilly day either. Maybe you should follow the lead of Bryson Dechambeau and go with the driver cap. That is certainly more refined than a trucker lid! If you are still doing a base layer under the polo you need to stop dressing like a high school golfer and graduate to a cardigan (again refined) or check out the PUMA Evoknit V Neck Golf Sweater (I just reviewed it and should be posted on GT soon). Peace.

  4. Well done sir.

    I am a big fan of wearing only stuff that transitions well. Clearly cotton is the best choice but some brands do poly well (QED Style for example). One thing I try to avoid is partial patterns like what Marky Mark is wearing (or most of the Adidas line).

    In terms of brands, Linksoul boardwalker shorts and pants are amazing. I wear them for golf, dinner and work. They just look great all of the time.

    As for belt buckles, I love my large G Belt. I know it is huge but it puts some boom when worn with a pair of jeans. The other belt I have fallen in love with despite never thinking I would is the NexBelt. Who would have thought a perfect fit would make such a difference.

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