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Vineyard Vines: On-The-Go Collection

The Vineyard Vines On-The-Go Collection is ready for any journey

Iconic Prep

Vineyard Vines is THE iconic East Coast preppy clothing brand. Over the past twenty years, Vineyard Vines has expanded across the country, become the Official Style of the Kentucky Derby, and recently its brand ambassadors have received a great deal of love from the gang at GolfThreads!

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Vineyard Vines’ latest line has really caught my eye. Their “On-The-Go Collection” is exactly what I want from my wardrobe; technical enough to wear on the golf course and stylish enough to wear everywhere else!

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“On-The-Go means flexibility. Go anywhere, anytime and you’ll be ready. Ready for life’s obstacles, or at least for whatever last-minute ‘function’ you’re invited to. All items have built-in stretch and are moisture wicking, wrinkle resistant and quick drying.”

Call Me Ishmael

For obvious reasons, Vineyard Vines makes me think of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick. Ishmael is one of my favorite literary characters. Why is such a nondescript character my favorite? The opening line of Moby Dick, “Call me Ishmael” suggests “If you must give me a name, an identity, then call me Ishmael, for it is not important, nor does it matter who I am. I am not the focus of what I narrate. What I narrate is bigger, and more important than me”. Ishmael was telling us that the journey is the gift and I promise that the On-The-Go Collection is ready for any journey.

I like to imagine that if Ishmael and the crew were hunting a cute pink whale (you know how we feel at GolfThreads about a great logo) instead of Moby Dick they would be decked out head-to-toe in Vineyard Vines. In fact, I guarantee the On-The-Go Collection can handle any excursion, even one as arduous as Ishmael’s. And look good doing so! With all due respect to Herman Melville, indulge me as I highlight some of my favorite items from the On-The-Go Collection that would be every bit as suitable for Ishmael and Captain Ahab to wear in search of the incredibly rare and elusive preppy-pink whale, as they would be for your next round of golf.

Engineer Color Block Sankaty Performance Polo

Three-Color Trad-Stripe Sankaty Performance Polo


9 Inch Fairway Shorts

Fairway Tech Pants

Performance Mesh Back Shep Shirt


Whale Dot Performance Trucker Hat

Flag Whale Canvas Belt

vineyard vines flag whale canvas belt


  1. Mike, i just got the performance mesh quarter zip pullover. its very well made and the fit is superb. VV is doing a great job with their line and i expect them to grow more into the golf scene. that whale is becoming iconic.

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