U.S. Open Fashion Dimes & Crimes: Day 4

U.S. Open Day 4 fashion recap

Koepka steals DJ’s trophy and his monochromatic look, Stenson gives a style lesson, Dylan Meyer goes Captain America, and Hideki strikes out…again. Tour Editor Michael Ruuska breaks down the best and worst looks from the final day of the U.S. Open.

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Fashion Dimes

Brooks Koepka (Nike)

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Is back-to-back U.S. Open champion, Brooks Koepka the new alpha male on Tour? He certainly looks it. He may even be the new Master of Monochromatic.

Henrik Stenson (Hugo Boss)

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“I am a bad man…”–Muhammad Ali

Henrik Stenson might have something to say about who is the Master of Monochromatic. He is one intimidating looking dude in his all-black getup. (Stylist note: compare the sleeve length on Stenson and Rose; mid-bicep and snug fit=a better look regardless of build).

Russell Knox (Vineyard Vines)

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I really like this Vineyard Vines Engineer Three Color Stripe Sankaty Polo. However, it is the Flag/Whale needlepoint belt, which is a collaboration between Vineyard Vines and Smathers & Branson, that really caught my eye. I’ve said it before, these needlepoint belts are a work of art!

Dylan Meyer (TravisMathew)

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I called foul on Scott Piercy for wearing a polo with the American flag on it on Saturday. This TravisMathew Gibli Polo is a much better alternative if you want to look like Captain America on his day off.

Fashion Crimes

Hideki Matsuyama (Descente)

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I am a fan of Hideki’s Descente polo. I just wish he would have worn it with a pair of better fitting navy blue slacks. These white trousers are too long (strike one), too baggy (strike two), and I can see the pocket liners (strike three!). There might have been a joke in there about the count being two balls and two strikes before we got to the visible pocket liners but I decided to leave that one on the bench.

News & Notes

Bryson DeChambeau (Puma)

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Bryson DeChambeau sported the CK6 Polo from Puma’s Volition America Golf Collection. With this collection, Puma Golf, in conjunction with Volition America, honors those who have sacrificed for our country. Volition supports the families of our military heroes through the Folds of Honor Foundation. Hopefully, you’ll check it out. I love Puma and I love America. I also have the utmost respect for those who serve this glorious country. That being said, this isn’t my favorite shirt from the collection. Instead, check out the Road Map or Clubhouse Polos, or grab a t-shirt or a camo pullover from the collection.


  1. Mike, Did you like Justin Rose’s belt? You were right on point with the other Puma Volition polos. Incredibly sharp. The lime green tipping on Stenson’s shirt made his monochromatic look that much better.

    1. Jim, I did like Justin’s belt. I own the Nike version and like his better because the white is in the middle.

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