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Galvin Green’s Interface-1 Range is the Missing Link

Why you’ll wear the Galvin Green Interface-1 outerwear 95 out of 100 rounds

Summer layers are not a myth, especially if you live here in the San Francisco Bay Area. While things are heating up in the rest of the country, the struggle is real in The Bay. Call it June Gloom or Jun-uary, this is the time of the year when San Francisco’s iconic marine layer rolls in. It manifests itself in the form of a gloomy fog, cool mist, and bone-chilling breeze. Not to mention, the temperature could drop 10 degrees or more in a matter of minutes. Mark Twain was right when he declared the coldest winter he ever experienced was a summer in San Francisco. (Although, there is some controversy as to whether Twain ever said that.)

galvin green interface-1
Galvin Green Lennox in Iron Grey/Fore Green/White

Because of this, San Franciscans know how to layer—year round. In fact, we take some sick level of pride in layering. It’s rare I play a round of golf without a layer or two stashed in my bag. This time of year, I need a jacket that can withstand that cool mist and block the chilling wind, while still providing breathability and playability. For these reasons, Galvin Green’s new Lance Jacket has become my ‘don’t-leave-home-without-it’ layering piece of the season.

The Lance Jacket is not your grandfather’s windbreaker. It is part of Galvin Green’s new high-tech Interface-1 hybrid jacket range—a collection of outerwear made with cutting-edge fabrics offering ultralight protection against just about anything Mother Nature can throw at you. It is completely water-repellent, windproof, and breathable, which makes it perfect for taking on Carl the Fog or those light summer showers. At the same time, it offers maximum flexibility and comfort whether you are on the course or taking a casual evening stroll on the beach.

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Over the years, Galvin Green has perfected a layering system for golf and the Interface-1 range is the latest component to that system. This multilayer concept consists of thin, interchangeable layers that are fabricated from various cutting-edge materials. Each layer works in concert with the others to provide warmth, breathability and moisture management.

galvin green interface-1 layering
Galvin Green Layering System

Starting closest to the body is a skintight Base Layer that transports moisture away from the skin at any temperature. A Cool Layer with the brand’s Ventil8 technology can then be worn on top of, or in place of, the Base Layer. From there, an insulating Warm Layer can be added to regulate body temperature and provide additional breathability. Galvin Green may be best known for its outermost Shell Layer garments that provide extreme protection against wind and rain while allowing excess heat and moisture to escape.

galvin green interface-1 vest
Galvin Green Lenny in White/Black/Orange

This new Interface-1 range is the high-performance link between the mid-layer and the outer layer in this system. Much like that hybrid in your bag, the Interface-1 products possess the versatility to take on a variety of weather conditions. They are perfect for those rounds where a light barrier between you and the elements is needed but the heavy duty protection of a GORE-TEX jacket is overkill. Seriously, how many of us are trying to play 18 holes in sideways downpours, anyway?

galvin green interface-1 larry
Galvin Green Larry in Navy

Available in seven styles and eight color variations, the Interface-1 range is headlined by my go-to, the Lance. This full-zip jacket is stylish in its simplicity. It possesses a clean look with sporty details, like a zippered sleeve pocket. The tonal print consisting of small circles on the top shoulder panels offers an understated flair. Elastic sleeve cuffs and a bungee waist help to keep the wind from sneaking in. The polyurethane membrane has small puncture holes for breathability and easily slides over other layers for unrestricted motion. The soft hand feel and flatlock seams give the Lance an undeniable level of comfort not usually found in the world of golf outerwear.

galvin green interface-1 back
Galvin Green Lennox in Iron Grey/Fore Green/White

In addition to the Lance, the Lars is a short-sleeve full-zip option that features a similar micropattern on the sleeves and across the back. For cooler temps, the Larry jacket and Logan vest provide top-shelf comfort and protection by combining a soft Polyamide fabric with premium PrimaLoft® insulation and a water-repellent finish.

On the women’s side of the range is the Lara full-zip jacket with contrasting upper body inserts and elasticated bottom and cuffs. The Luna vest and Leia full-zip jacket boast stylish clean lines with contrasting collars and cuffs, plus two front pockets and drawstring adjusters at the bottom edge.

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