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Jim Nantz Collection by Vineyard Vines

“Hello, friends”

Jim Nantz is the most recognizable and welcoming voice in sports, let alone golf. He is the familiar friend we welcome into our homes and he accepts our invitations with dignity and gratitude.

During the 2002 PGA Championship at Hazeltine, Jim Nantz greeted viewers to the broadcast with two words, “Hello, friends.” This would become his signature opening line for future broadcasts. In a 2017 interview on the Dan Patrick Show, Nantz recounted the origin of his simple, yet warmhearted salute.

“I said it on Saturday’s third round. My father was deep in the throes of his battle that he would lose in ’08 to Alzheimer’s, and he had faint recognition of his son. The last thing I said to him earlier in the week in Houston was, ‘I’m going to say a little cryptic message to you on the air this weekend, and it’s ‘Hello, friends.’ Because my dad had nothing but friends in his life.”

“Once you fall in love with the game, it resides in your soul forever”

Simply Stated

Prior to becoming the ubiquitous voice of sports, Jim Nantz was a collegiate golfer at the University of Houston. During his time as a Houston Cougar, Jim’s friend and roommate was future World Golf Hall of Famer, Fred Couples. Jim Nantz understands a thing or two about the beautiful game of golf and always shares his knowledge and insight in the most graceful ways.

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…and I am here to tell you that he also knows a thing or two about creating golf apparel. In collaboration with his friends Ian and Shep from Vineyard Vines, Jim Nantz helped develop an authentic lifestyle collection that is designed for the gentleman golfer; a man who values the tradition, humility, and integrity of the game.

The Jim Nantz Collection by Vineyard Vines is simply styled; classically dapper; polished and elegant, much like Mr. Nantz himself. The collection will appeal to the man who prefers versatile golf apparel of the highest quality, without all the fanfare. Smart and sophisticated are the adjectives I would use to describe the pieces from this wardrobe. My favorite item from the collection is the Palmer Cardigan, which is a tribute to Jim’s dear friend, Arnold Palmer, who was also golf’s greatest friend.

“Hello, friends,” indeed…

jim nantz vineyard vines

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