Jordan Spieth’s Under Armour Shoes Have Arrived: In-Hand Pics

Jordan Spieth’s highly anticipated shoe, the UA Drive One, from Under Armour has finally arrived. After being available for just a day, it appears that two of the three colorways are already sold out. The white/grey and white/black colorways are no longer available on the Under Armour site at the time of this post, and the black/white colorway is only available in a few sizes.

Feeling lucky? Here’s a link to the UA Drive One on the Under Armour site if you’d like to try to grab a pair.

Jordan Spieth Shoe: Under Armour Drive One

Many thanks to the folks at Under Armour for sending GolfThreads a pair. I have already played one round in them, and I’ll have a review for you after I get a few more rounds in the book.

In the meantime, here’s an up-close look at Spieth’s new kicks and a few of the key features.

ArmourVent™ & Waterproof OutDry® Technologies

Jordan Spieth Shoe: UA Drive One ArmourVent
One of the striking features of Jordan Spieth’s Drive UA One shoe is the ArmourVent perforations on the upper that are designed to keep the foot cool. A breathable OutDry membrane is laminated inside the upper to keep water on the outer surface of the shoe. This helps to keep the foot dry, while also allowing sweat to escape.

Carbon Heel Counter

Jordan Spieth Shoe: Under Armour Drive One Heel Counter
Another visually striking feature of the UA Drive One is the carbon heel counter that helps to lock in the foot and stabilize it during the swing.

CHAMP Zarma Tour® Spikes with SLIM-Lok System®

Jordan Spieth Shoe: Under Armour Drive One Champ Spikes
The UA Drive One features an aggressive traction system. The CHAMP Zarma Tour spikes with the SLIM-Lok fastening system has allowed shoe designers at Under Armour to create a lighter, stronger and lower-profile design.

SLIM-Lok is a new ultra-thin, ultra-light, ultra-strong retention system that reduces the amount of physical material needed to lock in a golf spike. This technology results in thinner outsoles, lighter shoes and fewer raw materials all in the name of comfort, stability and performance.

‘Skeleton-like’ Design on the Flexible Outsole

Jordan Spieth Shoe: Under Armour Drive One Traction
The anatomically engineered outsole is designed to provide dynamic flexibility and power. This anatomical design is carried over to the aesthetics, as well. The spooky-looking sole plate resembles the metatarsals in the foot.

What Up, Micro G

Jordan Spieth Shoe: 4D Foam Under Armour Drive One
The Micro G® foam is engineered to be super-responsive and cushiony.

Precision Fit
The molded, dual-density sock liner is designed to mold to the shape of the foot.





  1. I received my pair of the UA Golf shoes a few weeks ago and have played 6 rounds in them and love how they feel and how comfortable they are to play in.
    The only issue I don’t like is the tongue always seems to move to the right and doesn’t stay in place.
    Aside from that, I am very pleased and would buy another pair when available.

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