Bubba Watson’s 2015 Masters Apparel Script

Bubba Watson has won two of the last three Masters tournaments, but he’ll be feeling, or at least looking, a bit blue when he tees it up at Augusta this year. Bubba’s Masters apparel script from Oakley calls for him to wear a palette of icy blues and steely greys in the form of classic solids and bold stripes.

Overall, I really like what Oakley has put together for Bubba. The color palette is cool and confident, which is exactly the attitude that I’m looking for in a defending champ. The Thursday polo (the Wesley) offers some old school flavor in the form of tipping on the placket and sleeves, while Saturday’s selection (the Newlyn) has the ever so trendy heathered print for a bit of texture. I also like the bold stripes on Sunday’s shirt (the Samford). It should get Bubba in an aggressive mood to fuel a back nine charge.

The only question that remains is, “Can Bubba actually execute the script in a stylish manner?”

I say, “Not a chance.”

I just know the fit will be boxy, he’ll be rockin’ the closed top button on the polos, and he’ll likely kill the seamlessness of the outfits with a white belt on dark trousers. That’s just Bubba being Bubba, though. (sigh)

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