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Golf Streetwear: Hats to Rock on the Course and the Street

Hollywood can move the golf fashion needle. When paparazzi photograph celebrities wearing “golf” branded items, demand skyrockets. Famous golf enthusiasts such as Justin Timberlake, Mark Wahlberg, Adam Levine, and Josh Duhamel have given instant street cred (beyond the fairways) to brands like Linksoul, TravisMathew, G/FORE, and Jones. Specifically their hats! There is nothing cooler than topping your dome with just the right lid. Especially if that ballcap can subtly express your passion for golf AND golf-fashion in a stylish manner.

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GolfThreads has identified five hot, up-and-coming brands that will get you ahead of the curve (or flat-brim if you prefer). These hats will make you stand out on the course and look dope off it. (Heck, if you sit front row at a Lakers game in one of these lids, you may even be mistaken as, “that guy from that show….”).

Golf Streetwear: Headwear edition! Something for everyone…

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Asher Golf

“Dedicated to taking the mundane out of your golf style.”

Oak&Anchor Golf Mfg

“Built for Life; on or off the golf course. Go Low and Stay Fly!”

Surf & Turf Golf

“From course to coast and beyond.”

Thirty6ix Golf Co

“For those who want to golf as much as possible, wherever possible, because life is short. Welcome to the new age of golf.”

Status Brand Co

“Inspired by the game of golf with a nod to streetwear. Realizing you’re wearing the same four brands as everyone else on the tee box means it’s time for a change. The Status Brand is based on confidence and style and designed to endorse distinction from default brands.”

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