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Golf has changed. Power, speed, and athleticism are as much a part of the game as butter cuts, low stingers, and high flops. Ben Hogan once said that the secret to golf is found in the dirt, but today’s Tour players would probably add boot camps, boxing gyms, and yoga studios to the mix.

While Tiger Woods (you remember him, right?) is often credited with bringing fitness to the game of golf, I would argue that Greg Norman is one of the most naturally athletic players to ever tee it up. Given Norman’s sporty nature, it is fitting that the apparel brand which bears his name has launched a new lifewear line for Fall 2016 called Attack Life.

Attack Life Full-Zip Jacket

Whether you are hitting the weights, trails, or streets this fall, the Attack Life Collection has the style and performance to keep you looking and feeling your best. The range of t-shirts, polos, hoodies, jackets, shorts, and pants possesses the same modern aesthetic that we’ve become accustomed to seeing with Greg Norman Collection’s golf apparel over the last 20+ years. The clean lines, subtle details and minimalistic branding bring a more refined and sophisticated look to athleisure gear compared to the overly teched-out options that make you look like a wanna-be superhero.


With the Attack Life line, Greg Norman Collection continues its tradition of bringing innovative performance fabrics to the market. Not only do the stretchy, moisture-wicking fabrics possess a luxuriously soft hand feel, but they also offer a socially conscious twist. Built with a focus on sustainability, many of the pieces in the Attack Life Collection have been fabricated with a polyester material made from recycled plastic bottles, and even the hang tags were made from recycled paper. This is truly a collection you can look good in while feeling good about wearing.

Over the last month, I’ve put key pieces from the Attack Life Collection through the paces. Here is a breakdown of each.

Attack Life Screen Print Crew Neck Tee Shirt
While most of the pieces in the Attack Life Collection possess minimalistic designs, the Screen Print Crew Neck takes a more aggressive approach. This is clearly the showcase piece in the collection and the one that you will want to grab for your most hardcore workouts.

Again, it is all about the fabric with Greg Norman Collection, and this shirt has a very fine knit fabric that pulls moisture away from the body and increases air circulation for breathability. This material also has a bit of texture to it which eliminates the clingy feeling that most polyester jersey t-shirts have once they get soaked in sweat.

Attack Life Screen Print Crew Neck Tee Shirt

The unique diagonal stripes create an abstract outline of the brand’s distinctive ‘shark’ logo and set the tone for an intense gym session. This shirt runs about a size smaller than the polos in the golf line. The sleeves on this shirt are a couple of inches shorter and the body is trimmer, as well. This frees up the arms and eliminates distracting excess material through the torso. If you prefer a streamlined fit in the gym, then order the same size that you would in the golf polos from Greg Norman Collection. If you would rather have a looser fit, go ahead and size up.

Attack Life Self Collar Polo
The Self Collar Polo is the most versatile top in the collection. Like the Screen Print Crew Neck Tee Shirt above, it has a more tailored fit than the polos in the brand’s golf collection. This polo is the one piece in the Attack Life Collection that can find a home on the course. Away from the links, you can easily pair it with chinos, joggers, or shorts for a casual and sporty weekend look on the street.

All that being said, the things that I like most about this shirt are the subtle details. The heathered print, reflective logo and matte black buttons give the Self Collar Polo a very modern and athletic vibe. Plus, the hit of contrasting thread at the bottom of the placket elevates the entire look of the shirt. Similar to the Screen Print Crew Neck, the textured knit fabric will keep you cool, dry and comfortable when the heat is on.

Attack Life Woven Hybrid Short
While the Self Collar Polo is the most versatile shirt in the collection, the Hybrid Short is easily the most versatile piece in the line. This short can go anywhere and do anything. Just think of it as the Swiss Army Knife of shorts.

During a recent vacation to Lake Tahoe, this became my go-to pair of shorts. Not knowing whether the day would take me to the course, the beach, the pool, the trails, or the gym, the Hybrid Short was the smart choice time and again throughout the trip. The stretch fabric on this short has the feel and performance qualities of a board short. The mesh pocket bags allow water to quickly drain and the water repellent finish helps the fabric to dry in minutes. Plus, the dressy nature of this short allows it to easily transition to a late afternoon happy hour or a casual dinner with friends.

Attack Life Knit Short
Let’s face it. The pockets on most pairs of athletic shorts are virtually useless. If you’re like me, you put your phone in your pocket and head to the gym. Then at some point during your drive, your phone slips out of your pocket and decides to play hide and seek between the driver’s seat and the front console. Inevitably, it makes its way into a small crevice where In-n-Out french fries and goldfish crackers go to die.

Upon arriving at the gym, the first ten minutes is spent conducting a search and rescue mission, which results in the recovery of the most important inanimate object in your life. Of course, the only price you had to pay was a few scraped knuckles.

Attack Life Pullover Hoodie and Knit Short

The good folks at Greg Norman Collection created a way for athletic shorts and phones to coexist. In addition to the front and back pockets, they’ve built in a zippered hip pocket to securely store phones, iPods, IDs, credit cards, or whatever else you may be carrying. The back right pocket also snaps closed to make sure your wallet goes wherever you go. Sure, I know it is a bit cray cray to get this excited about a couple of pockets, but they are absolute game changers in my mind.

There are plenty of other well thought out features on the Knit Short – the most important of which is the reflective material on the sides of the legs. With the days getting shorter, the likelihood of going for a run during daylight hours is diminishing, so wearing reflective clothing is a necessity when hitting the streets. While this idea isn’t a new one for athletic apparel, the designers at Greg Norman Collection have elegantly incorporated the reflective material into the design of the Knit Short and even included the ‘Attack Life’ text for some extra branding.

Attack Life Knit Pant
Joggers are certainly the trending option in and out of the gym these days, but they are not for everyone. This is why it’s refreshing to see a brand create a pant with a modern silhouette that doesn’t have elastic at the hems.

If you can’t get behind the jogger trend, then the Knit Pant from Greg Norman Collection should be on your short list this fall. It is basically a longer version of the Knit Short, right down to that cell phone pocket, rear pocket snap, high performance recycled fabric, reflective material, and elastic waistband and drawstring. The addition of v-notch hems allow the pant legs to lay smoothly over your shoes and the contrasting thread at the hem adds a pop of color.

Attack Life Pullover Hoodie and Knit Short

With winter quickly approaching, now is the time to start making plans for offseason workouts and the Attack Life Collection should be as much a part of your plans as a treadmill, kettlebells, and a BOSU ball. Look for the Attack Life line in green grass shops and at Greg Norman Collection’s new mobile-optimized website at

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