U.S. Ryder Cup Uniforms: Day-By-Day

Is this the year for the Americans?

For years, the U.S. Ryder Cup Team has been outclassed on the greens, and quite often in the fashion department, by their European counterparts. The folks at Ralph Lauren, however, are doing their part to turn the tide from the style point of view by outfitting the U.S. side in a range of patriotic and modern looks for Hazeltine.

Creating team uniforms in golf is no easy feat. Dressing twelve players with different body types, styles, and personal preferences is a challenge, to say the least. Add in a nation of golf fans with Twitter accounts, keyboards, and their own personal styles, and the likelihood of making everyone happy is slim to none. The Americans’ script, though, is sure to appeal to a wide range of fashion tastes. There really is something for everyone – from classic styles and preppy stripes to modern color blocking and chic tonal prints.

There is no shortage of patriotic symbols and subtle details, either. The red, white, and blue color palette makes a powerful statement, and the flags and stars provide tasteful accents. Less visible are the inspirational messages. “United We Stand” is printed on the interior waistbands of the players’ trousers and the United States flag is etched onto the reverse side of the team belt buckle.

So, what will the U.S. team be wearing every day? Here’s a day-by-day breakdown of the U.S. kits.

Practice Round Uniforms

Practice Day 1:
Shirt: Pure White, French Navy and RL Red Yarn Dyed Airflow Short Sleeve Knit Collar Shirt
Pants: French Navy Matte Tech Gab Pant

GolfThreads’ Take: This is a solid sartorial start to the week for the Americans. The red chest stripe completes the red, white and blue theme and elevates the entire look of the polo. Think how pedestrian this kit would be without that hit of red. That’s the power of good design.

Practice Day 2
Shirt: French Navy Engineered Micro Poly Jacquard Knit Collar Shirt
Pant: French Navy Matte Tech Gab Pant

GolfThreads’ Take: This is one of my favorite kits for the week for the simple fact that Ralph Lauren has created a very technical look, but has also kept it clean and understated. By moving the Ryder Cup patch to the sleeve, it allows the eye to fall on the tonal ‘USA’ on the chest and the vertical treatment of the text adds a futuristic vibe.

Practice Day 3
Shirt: French Navy, Pure White, Sapphire Star and RL Red Yarn Dyed Performance Pique Knit Collar Shirt
Pant: French Navy Matte Tech Gab Pant

GolfThreads’ Take: This is a powerful and well-balanced look for the U.S. side. The mix of blues and the pop of red bring interest and intrigue to the look, while the tipped collar adds a classic detail.

Match Day 1

Match Day 1 Uniform

Shirt: Red Pieced Dyed Light Weight with Airflow Knit Collar Shirt
Pant: French Navy Pinstripe Tollegno Light Weight Stretch Tropical Wool Pant
Layering Piece: French Navy with RL Red Jersey Stitch and Merino Wool Sleeve Stripe Crew Neck Sweater

GolfThreads’ Take: Is there anything more American than pinstripes? These trousers set a very business-like tone for the opening round. This isn’t the first time the U.S. has stepped to the first tee in pinstripes, though. In 2014, the team sported a similar pair of gray trousers. (Hmmm…based on that result, maybe the pinstripes should have been left at Gleneagles.)

What really has me excited are those outerwear pieces, though. The jacket feeds into the whole puffer jacket trend that has been dominating the fairways for the past few years. I could see guys like Rickie Fowler and Brooks Koepka rockin’ this jacket. While v-necks and ¼ zips have been popular choices over the years, crew neck sweaters have been making a push into golf fashion recently. The red stripe and navy stars on the sleeve of this crewneck add a patriotic touch without being over the top.

Match Day 2 Uniform

Match Day 2

Shirt: French Navy and RL Red Yarn Dyed Light Weight Tech Pique Knit Collar Shirt
Pant: Pure White Matte Tech Gab Pant
Layering Piece: French Navy Jersey Stitch Combed Cotton Thermocool Half-Zip Sweater

GolfThreads’ Take: I can already hear the social media backlash about the white pants after Labor Day, but these are the same people who have flip phones, fax machines, and cassette players. Besides, this is a great All-American look. Nothing says American fashion like preppy red and blue stripes. That being said, I can’t help but hope for a little chill in the air. That half-zip sweater is one of my favorite pieces in the U.S. script. The high neck with chunky buttons looks like it just stepped off a runway at New York Fashion Week.

Match Day 3 Uniform

Match Day 3

Shirt: French Navy and Pure White Pieced Light Weight Airflow Jersey Knit Collar Shirt
Pant: French Navy Matte Tech Gab Pant
Layering Piece: Pure White and French Navy Jersey Stitch Combed Cotton Thermocool Crew Neck Sweater

GolfThreads’ Take: After years of misery, will the U.S. be poppin’ bottles and waving flags in this outfit? This modern and sporty color blocked design is certainly worthy of being part of an epic celebration. Again, a small detail like the thin red stripe on the right sleeve takes this shirt to another level. The pairing of the navy pants with the navy and white shirt brings a nice balance to this strong and powerful kit.

Other Key Pieces

The range of outerwear that Ralph Lauren has created for the U.S. team is nothing short of brilliant. The eye-catching piece of the collection is the Stars and Stripes Tonal Camo Pullover. The trendy print with red accents will likely be a popular choice with the players. For those preferring a vest, the Micropiqué Full-Zip Vest offers a very technical feel. If the skies open up, look for the Americans to slip on an innovative three-layer rain jacket and pant with an athletic paneled design.

This is the first year that replica U.S. Ryder Cup Team uniforms will be available for purchase. You can pick up your favorite pieces at RalphLauren.com, shop.pga.com and in select golf clubs, resorts, and retail stores.

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