PGA Championship Fashion Dimes & Crimes: Day 2

JT gets rich, straight Cash(mere) for Keith, the new blue hue for summer, zen patterns, and more. GolfThreads breaks down the best and worst fits from Friday at Oak Hill.

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Fashion Dimes

Justin Thomas (Greyson Clothiers & FootJoy)

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While it has been a disappointing title defense for JT so far, he hasn’t disappointed in the fashion department. The sophisticated, modern microprints in his script are on point, but for me, it’s all about the color palette. Spring is typically all about pastels, but Thomas is proving that rich blues, reds, and greens work in the warmer months, too.

Luke Donald (Greyson Clothiers & Jordan)

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Of course, you can also exchange those sophisticated prints for timeless feeder stripes and pair those colors with a neutral grey like Captain Donald.

Keith Mitchell (Sid Mashburn & FootJoy)

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When you go by ‘Cashmere Keith,’ you embrace sweater weather, but there is a lot more to like here than just the Cashmere. The highlights for me are the cuffed, windowpane trousers and the skinny belt. The peach collar on the Oxford Pique Polo poking through the sweater brings a touch of spring to this classic fit.

Billy Horschel (Ralph Lauren & FootJoy)

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Speaking of classic menswear designs, BillyHo teed it up in this foulard print polo. Foulard patterns were popular on silk ties at a time when men actually wore ties. Those days are few and far between now, but the RLX team is bringing the pattern back on its iconic Airflow Polo. Ironically, Ralph Lauren got his start in 1967 by designing ties in the Empire State Building.

Eric Cole (Primo & FootJoy)

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This is Eric Cole. He wears joggers, but this isn’t about debating joggers. This is all about the color–a dark grey crewneck paired with light, steely blue bottoms. This blue is looking like the trendy color of the tournament. If you’re not down with joggers, opt for pants or shorts, but just make sure you add this blue hue to your summer wardrobe.

Hayden Buckley (Puma Golf & FootJoy)

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Same idea. Slightly different hue. Extra points for matching the belt to the pants. Btw, crewnecks and hoodies are dominating the fairways this week.

Justin Rose (Bonobos & Puma Golf)

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Have I convinced you yet?

Dean Burmester (Swag & Nike)

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A more powdery hue, but I’m starting to feel redundant at this point.

Justin Suh & Gary Woodland (Puma Golf)

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I’ve mentioned before, I’m having some fatigue around prints these days and I’ve been leaning heavily into solids and stripes. That being said, I’m feeling this zen-like mandala print that Puma has going on this week. The creation of a mandala print signifies the transformation of a universe of suffering into one of joy. There’s been a lot more suffering than joy this week at Oak Hill, though.

Dustin Johnson (Extracurricular & FootJoy)

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Nice call out by Michael yesterday on DJ’s ability to rock monochromatic looks. I’ll also add, that he wears a tech vest better than anyone. Also, this print polo with a contrasting placket and collar combines a classic, old-school look with a modern vibe.

Lee Hodges (Levelwear & FootJoy)

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When matching a dark vest to dark pants, wear a vibrant polo for some pop and contrast.

Xander Schauffele (Adidas Golf)

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A belt can make or break an outfit (see below). Xander’s pink belt elevates a fairly pedestrian fit to a Dime.

Kevin Kisner (Peter Millar & FootJoy)

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Nothing spectacular. Just simple and stylish. And speaking of belts, why don’t we see more brown belts on the fairways? Btw, did you catch our review of the FootJoy HyperFlex Carbon shoes? They are our go-to this summer.

Fashion Crimes

Adam Scott

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We feel the same way, Adam. That’s the look of a man with the dreaded fashion yips.

Viktor Hovland

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Another ‘love it or hate it’ look from Viktor, and unfortunately I have to make a citizens arrest on this one. For the record, I actually like the direction JL is going by bringing back some of the iconic color-blocked designs from the early 2000s. I had a JL shirt like this back in the day, but it was white and black. This just feels a bit like Rickie Fowler circa 2012 to me. The gradient blocking and multicolored belt are too busy.

Chez Reavie

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What is up with Chez’s hat?

Brooks Koepka

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The expression on Brooks’ caddie’s face says it all. I’ve often said that yellow doesn’t look good on anyone. I also know this is a bit of hyperbole, but this is supporting my claim. I can only imagine this color is called Land O’ Lakes.

Thriston Lawrence

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Some say I have a thing against white belts, but it really has to do with contrast. Our eyes are drawn to contrast and too much of it cuts an outfit in half. This is a great example of how a brightly-colored belt creates too much contrast. Ironically, a white belt would have been a better choice here.

Steve Holmes

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Steve Holmes has perfected the ‘third-period chemistry teacher’ look at this point. I hate to pick on club pros. I spent my summers working in the bag rooms and pro shops of country clubs. I know the effort club pros, and their assistants, put in every day (and I mean every day) from sun up to sun down to make sure we enjoy the game and get better at it. It is cool to see a guy like Michael Block get his 15 minutes (or more like 30 minutes) of fame this week. I’ll just leave this here; I’m offering my styling/scripting services to any club pros who qualify for the 2024 PGA Championship. Heck, I’ll even do this for the PGA Club Professional Championship. Hit me up, and let’s get you dialed in!


  1. Those guys in yellow look like Tweety Bird or maybe Big Bird. Whatever, it is not a good look.

  2. The guys in Nike yellow have the Big Bird look going on. Or is it Tweety Bird? My husband showed up in a yellow sweatshirt the other day. I told him under no circumstances is he allowed to go out of the house in that thing. It was a RL Polo sweatshirt, what were they thinking.

  3. Ordered two of the Puma Cloud Spun crew neck sweatshirts, material feels amazing but the necks on those things are so tight I ended up donating both, as did a friend of mine. Love the Puma look, simple, great material, but figure out the necks!

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