Encyclopedia Brown: The Case of the Curious Shoelace

The Case of the Curious Shoelace

Here at GolfThreads HQ, we like to investigate fashion trends tied to the PGA Tour. Recently I have noticed an out-of-the-ordinary swing in footwear accessories; shoelaces! At the RSM Classic this past weekend I counted over a dozen players sporting unfamiliar laces. With the odd exception (no disrespect Harry Higgs) everyone seemed to be dressing up their FootJoy Premiere Series and Traditions. I really admired the pop of color it added. However, I have not been able to find out if there is a story behind these mysterious laces. This seems like a job for my boyhood literary idol, Encyclopedia Brown. He always tracks them down! The Case of the Curious Shoelace!

Seamus Power (TravisMathew & FootJoy)

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Seamus Power sounds like the name of someone who can help Encyclopedia Brown crack this case. Wait. Do I spy the TravisMathew Mountain Down Polo hidden under his V-neck sweater? Maybe there is a clue in this life-of-the-party, all-over floral print….

Cole Hammer (Peter Millar & FootJoy)

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Youngster, Cole Hammer also has a moniker that seems worthy of solving this strange shoelace situation. More importantly, fresh out of college he is exactly the type of learned man who can probably tie things up for us.

Wyndham Clark (MUNICIPAL & FootJoy)

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Wyndham Clark wears Mark Wahlberg-owned apparel brand, MUNICIPAL. Mark Wahlberg plays Spenser, a no-nonsense ex-Boston police detective in the movie, Spenser Confidential. Maybe he can add some muscle to the investigative team….

Kevin Streelman (johnnie-O & FootJoy)

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The johnnie-O logo is one of my all-time favorites. But a barefoot surfer won’t help solve a case that involves shoelaces. I suddenly have the desire to re-watch Point Break. “Utah! Get me two!”

Augusto Nunez (Original Penguin Golf & FootJoy)

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Hmmmm….Augusto Nunez’s playful wink gives the impression that he knows what’s going on here, but Augusto is a card-carrying member of Team BOA, so clearly, this case is knot for him. He must be winking because he knows that we know his Original Penguin Insulated 70’s Golf Vest is dooope!

Jason Day (Nike Golf)

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Is there a clue here? Frayed knot. But when did Jason Day start dialing up BOA?!

Andrew Putnam (Oakley & FootJoy)

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I am typically knot a fan of black shoes but the mint green laces have me rethinking things.

Erik Barnes (Holderness & Bourne & FootJoy)

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Holderness & Bourne is one of the few golf apparel brands I have never worn. After reading Greg wax poetic about them in the GT Holiday Gift Guide, I may have to do something about that in 2023.

Tyler Duncan (FootJoy)

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I am digging the FootJoy Heather Coral Lightweight Hoodie. Much like his laces the white hoodie drawstring on Tyler Duncan’s pullover offers a nice contrast.

Brian Stuard (FootJoy)

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If anyone in this lineup looks guilty of a coverup, it would be Brian Stuard. It looks like he is trying to go incognito and hide those lovely laces with his extra-long trousers. Someone refer this man to a tailor. Pronto.

Hayden Buckley (Puma & FootJoy)

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Now, this is a much better pant length. Let those laces breathe, brother.

David Lingmerth (Swannies & FootJoy)

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The Swannies Golf Ivy Hoodie has classed up the modern wardrobe staple and I am a fan.

Paul Haley II (Turtleson & FootJoy)

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As much as I love me a hoodie, nothing beats a classic crewneck sweater. This Turtleson Italian Merino Crewneck is proof that sporty and luxurious can reside comfortably together.

Richy Werenski (Oakley & FootJoy)

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Stop the presses. I think we may be on to something here. Richy Werenski appears to be giving us a sneak peek at a new FootJoy HyperFlex release AND they have similar-looking laces…..

Stewart Cink (Greg Norman Collection & FootJoy)

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…but then again, Stewart Cink is also wearing new FootJoy’s and they DO NOT have these fancy laces….

Harry Higgs (Greyson Clothiers & TRUE Linkswear)

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…and to complicate things, now I spy Harry Higgs adorning the new TRUE Linkswear FS-01 with these unfamiliar laces. So this has NOTHING to do with FootJoy. What in the name of Tiger Woods is going on here?! Frank-ly, I have no idea anymore….

Wait a minute. That’s it. The Big Cat helped me solve the case. WHISKERS. These are Whiskers Golf Laces. They are gaining traction on the PGA Tour and have a foothold on taking your golf shoe game to a new level.

What did the shoelace get for Christmas?

Coal. He was on the knotty list.


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