Fall Favorite: Galvin Green EDGE Collection

One of the perks of roaming the PGA Merchandise Show for three days every January is getting a sneak peek at the latest and greatest from the golf fashion world. One of the not so great things is seeing an absolute show-stopper of a collection and then having to wait half a year for it to be released. Such was the case this year with the Galvin Green EDGE Collection.

In an era of instant gratification, some things are still worth the wait and the EDGE Collection certainly falls into that category. I’m happy to say, the wait is over. The 16-piece capsule is now on retail shelves, but expect the jackets, polos, sweatshirts, belts, caps, and bandanas to sell out quickly. We also live in the era of FOMO, so I suggest grabbing a few pieces from the collection or your fear of missing out will soon become a reality.

Challenging Conventions

The Galvin Green EDGE Collection won a GolfThreads Style Award at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show.

The EDGE is unlike any golf collection we’ve seen, which is why we awarded it one of our GolfThreads Style Awards at the show. It combines the best of both worlds—golf and fashion—and that’s a concept we can certainly get behind. The fusion of a trendy streetwear attitude with athletic functionality, allows you to seamlessly move from the course to the street without missing a beat.

“The EDGE collection is more than just a brand statement – it reflects the feedback we’ve had from younger golfers who are very keen to be seen wearing Galvin Green branded gear, both on and increasingly off the golf course. EDGE is all about cool-looking gear you can wear anytime that will also perform while you’re on the course,” says Nicholai Stein, Brand Manager of Galvin Green.

galvin green edge e-triangle iron jacket
E-Triangle Iron Jacket with GORE-TEX Paclite Technology Fabric

The aesthetics of the EDGE Collection can best be described as stealthy. One look and you won’t be surprised to learn that designer Batur Raza Muhammad pulled inspiration from the military and airbases. The predominately black and grey color palette is infused with hits of fiery reds and vibrant greens. Tonal camo patterns subtly work their way through the collection for a contemporary look, while geometric patterns create intriguing optical illusions.

Shell Layers

If one piece epitomizes what the EDGE concept is all about, it is the aptly-named E-llusion Jacket. This full-zip GORE-TEX® jacket will have your mind playing tricks on you with a striking 3D geometric print. While you are being drawn into the hypnotizing print, don’t forget this is one hardcore rain jacket with all the bells and whistles. We’re talking a mesh lining for comfort, extended sleeves for extra protection, and cuffs that form a gutter for water.

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There is no doubt the golf fashion world is highly influenced by streetwear styles right now. Bomber-style jackets are all the rage on the streets. Galvin’s Green E-Golf Base Jacket with a baseball-style collar and a ribbed hem and cuffs plays into this trend. This jacket is also part of Galvin Green’s Interface-1 range, a versatile shell concept that offers a high-performance link between the mid-layer and outer layer. The GORE WINDSTOPPER fabric blocks the wind while providing protection against light showers. A two-way front-opening features a full-zip option for on the course and a button-down option for a more fashionable look off the course.


As temperatures begin to drop this fall, Galvin Green’s INSULA technology becomes a smart layering option. INSULA pieces are the perfect mid-layers as they can easily be worn over a polo or under a shell layer.

Three distinct INSULA tops have been worked into the EDGE Collection. The E-INSULA Wave half-zip brings a sporty, athleisure feel to the mix. The contrasting white stripes and swoopy design across the shoulders is one of the more daring pieces in the collection. A crewneck sweatshirt with a large camo logo on the front finds itself on trend. A patchwork-style jacket offers a sleek and futuristic look with tape details and tonal camo stripes down the sleeves.

Polos, Trousers & Accessories

No golf collection would be complete without polo shirts and the EDGE capsule includes a range of polos with tonal camo patterns. The jacquard knits do all the wicking, breathing, and stretching you’d expect from Galvin Green’s high-performance Ventil8 fabric. Zippered plackets and tipped collars blend new school and old school ideas.

Below the waist, the E-Black Trousers are the perfect complement to any of the tops in the collection. These pants look like they just walked off a high-fashion runway show as Galvin Green once again taps into two of the biggest streetwear trends. The carrot fit is roomy in the hips but tapered through the lower leg for a streamlined fit. Plus, two racing stripes running the length of the legs feed into the current wind pant craze.

Rounding out the collection are hats, bandanas, and belts. The hats, available in a black and iron grey, feature a raised tonal logo on the front for a sleek and modern look. A camo bandana with INSULA fabric provides an extra layer of warmth around the neck for exceptionally cold and windy days.

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