Masters Fashion Dimes and Crimes: Day 4

JT goes Great Gatsby, Si Woo and Rory nail their fits, Rickie feels the fashion force, and more. Tour Editor Michael Ruuska puts a wrap on our 2018 Masters coverage with this final edition of Dimes and Crimes.

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Fashion Dimes

Si Woo Kim (Peter Millar)

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Si Woo Kim looks sharp in his Peter Millar apparel. Kim has caught my eye as a contender for our season’s end “best dressed” list. I could not find a picture that really showcased his belt (because it was obstructed by his awesome vest). However, do yourself a favor and check out the Peter Millar Kaleidoscope Web Belt. You won’t be disappointed.

Zach Johnson (Kjus)

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This is the second time in the past month that a Kjus sweater has caught my eye. The Kulm Engineered Half-Zip Pullover is a winner. Wearing this sweater with black trousers and a pair of DryJoy Tour shoes was a smart move by the crafty, Zach Johnson. It gave a sporty and modern edge to his Sunday look.

Ryan Moore (Bonobos)

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Greg mentioned this in his Day 1 recap. Ryan Moore and Bonobos are a great player/brand fit! No one on Tour wears a pair of khakis and navy sweater better than this guy. There is something to be said for knowing your fashion limits.

Rickie Fowler (Puma Golf)

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Speaking of fashion limits, I have decided Rickie has none. Seriously. None whatsoever. I’m convinced that no matter what he wears I would think it is brilliant (Rickie is like a golf-fashion Jedi Knight). Vibrant orange is nothing new for Rickie, especially on Sunday, and I CONTINUE to love it. It makes me happy. I scrutinize his apparel more than my own! What appeared to be a simple white pullover on Sunday had a blade-like collar that was new for Puma and I thought it complemented the rest of the outfit perfectly.

Rory McIlroy (Nike Golf)

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It is a great time of the year to grab yourself a white, lightweight pullover. Much like Rickie, Rory looked awesome in his. Ian gave some love to Henrik Stenson’s tailor in his Day 3 recap and rightfully so, however, methinks Rory’s tailor may be gaining some ground. The Nike Flex Slim Fit Golf Pants looked great with the Magnolia Print Lunar Control Vapor 2 shoes.

Justin Thomas (Polo Ralph Lauren)

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If you find yourself invited to a Great Gatsby Party and are unsure what to wear; copy this kit from Justin Thomas. You will look dapper, old sport. Dapper, indeed!

Shop Justin’s Ralph Lauren 1/2-Zip Sweater and Stretch Chino Pants (Shorts).

Fashion Crimes

Mellow on the YELLOW, please.

Hideki Matsuyama

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I am confused. Did Hideki have the sweater vest under the actual sweater? Maybe those are tear-away sleeves like my old basketball warm-up pants. Regardless, too much yellow (yet again). Although it is debatably better than the pinstripes he wore earlier in the tournament.

Rafael Cabrera-Bello

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I was just singing his praises during the Masters Par 3 Contest and now this?! That hat is awful. And yellow.

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  1. MIke, I am very impressed. That Si Woo Kim belt find was incredible. I took at look and that belt would work with almost anything. How does RyMo and Rickie look good in everything? Rafa’s pullover is very clean, I am purchasing that. Rory’s kit was just classic, modern and sharp all at the same time. Best kit so far this year. The four days of review was awesome, please keep up the great work!

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