Masters Fashion Dimes and Crimes: Day 3

Saturday at the Masters is special. It’s the quiet before the storm. The day when contenders rise to the top and show their true grit. It’s a day when all hopes can be dashed. This Saturday saw Patrick Reed cement his lead above a gaggle of golfers, all searching for a taste of immortality. With weather expected at the beginning of the day, rain suits were donned in preparation for winds and rain. Fortunately, the golf gods prevailed over Mother Nature and Augusta National once again showcased itself in beautiful greens and pinks.

Let’s take a look at some of the best looks of the day with a few duds thrown in.

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Fashion Dimes

Henrik Stenson (Hugo Boss)

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We should all have a tailor as good as Stenson’s on speed dial. His clothes fit perfectly. Of course, it also helps to be jacked and tan from being outside all year round. Hugo Boss once again creates a great template with a pink patterned shirt paired with solid blue trousers. As Greg noted on Thursday, his dark grey quarter-zip fits like a charm. I need to find a way to get some Hugo Boss gear for the summer. The crisp white FootJoy Icons look great on both the 14th ranked player in the world and the 10-handicap amateur.

Rickie Fowler (Puma Golf)

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Rickie continues to impress and on Saturday his game did the talking. From a fashion standpoint, the contrasting blue polo and pants looked great while he impressively shot a 65 to put himself in contention for his first Major. Rickie always dresses like a stud. Will his sharp looks outshine his game on Sunday? Or, will they become the footnote on a historic final round?

Justin Thomas

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Justin Thomas continues to look sharp in these classic preppy looks from Ralph Lauren. On Saturday, he turned to these seersucker trousers and topped them off with a lightweight canvas and leather belt. The wavy, puckered seersucker fabric dates back to British Colonial times and was first worn in the U.S. by preppy undergrads in the 1920s, but Ralph Lauren put a modern spin on it by adding stretch and technical qualities for the course. This was a stylish and easy setup for a warm spring day. Mother Nature didn’t hold up her end of the bargain, though.

Matthew Fitzpatrick (Under Armour)

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I am a big fan of Fitzpatrick. At the beginning of every major, he shows strong play, but he tends to fizzle as the stakes increase. His style has matured and his fits are much more streamlined. I really like the simplicity of the white pants paired with a blue quarter-zip. He is able to stay dry with UA’s Storm technology without wearing a bulky, boring black rain jacket.

Haotong Li (Adidas Golf)

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Li’s outfits have been on point this week. His tailored white pants provide a simple and stylish foundation for a very crisp look. Paired with a trim blue shirt, the top Chinese player in the world creates an easy to mimic template for amateurs everywhere.

Dustin Johnson (Adidas Golf)

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DJ is a regular on GolfThreads for good reason. He is highlighted today not because of his perfectly tailored monotone outfit, but because of the bold rugby-inspired polo. The splash of the season’s hot color (mint green) on the placket is a classy touch and an homage to Augusta. This shirt should be on all golfers’ wish lists for summer.

Fashion Crimes

Rory McIlroy and Patrick Reed

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Our final group for Sunday consists of two of Saturday’s worst dressed golfers. The horizontal half stripe on Reed’s shirt looks like a combination of ribs and abs. McIlroy usually looks great, but not on Saturday. His popped collar over a white skin-tight base layer created unnecessary contrast, rather than pulling the outfit together. Hopefully, his Sunday outfit complements a green sportcoat. Yes, I am saying there is a chance for Rors.

Phil Mickelson

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Phil is yearning for one more major before the sun sets on a fabulous career and he has turned back the clock with a stellar year. Even with a game reminiscent of a player 20 years younger, he shows his age in this all black rain suit and gloves. With so many rain gear options these days, it was surprising to see Phil and so many other players defaulting to the standard issue black-on-black waterproofs. He looks better suited for a hike in the California woods than 18 holes at Augusta.

Hideki Matsuyama

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When the patrons can’t distinguish you from your caddie, you probably chose the wrong outfit.


  1. JT and DJ owned this masters from a style standpoint. Both killed it each day. I think this was my favorite kit from Rickie. He abandoned the shoes entirely and today’s look to me is the best. Bright pants paired with a navy pullover and white hat make this a super sharp look. Rory seems to go through waves of good looks at bad while Pat must ask for the “husky fit” when getting his clothes or he takes them to a tailor to add fabric.

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