Masters Fashion Dimes and Crimes: Day 1

Stenson’s sweater game, Finau’s rope-a-dope, rare fashion dimes for Tiger and Hideki, and more. GolfThreads breaks down the best and worst of style from the first round of the 2018 Masters.

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Fashion Dimes

Henrik Stenson (Hugo Boss)

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This is the time of the year when you’ll want to grab an extra layer when heading to the course and no one layered up better the Henrik Stenson. As is usually the case for the stylish Swede, the fit of this quarter-zip was the key to his success. This is how you want your golf sweaters and pullovers to fit.

Tony Finau (Nike Golf)

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Let’s sum up Tony Finau’s 24 hours. Make hole-in-one in Par 3 Contest. Celebrate. Dislocate ankle. Casually pop ankle back in. Finish round. Get x-rays. Fire 4-under 68 in your Masters debut.

Is it possible Tony is giving the field the ol’ rope-a-dope? Or, was that just a dope rope hat? Hoping to see more of these retro lids from him and his Nike teammates the rest of the week.

Tiger Woods (Nike Golf)

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We’ve seen a new Tiger during this comeback. Sure, he smiles more and has ridiculous ball speeds, but it’s his newfound sense of style that has caught my eye. Well-tailored pants, classic, yet sporty shoes, a nice-fitting crewneck with the collar tucked in, and no white belt. Hallelujah! Whether he was wearing a sweater or the wide-striped polo, this was one of his best looks in a Major…ever.

Hideki Matsuyama

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Surely, I’ve lost my mind. I’m dropping dimes on Tiger and Hideki on the same day??? Hey, when Hideki steps out in a bomber style jacket I have to throw some props his way. If you don’t have one of these full-zip jackets in your wardrobe this spring, now is the time to grab one.

Gary Player

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Not only can Gary Player hold his own in a sit-up contest with the young guns on Tour (just ask him), but he can teach them a thing or two about fashion. Now, those are some serious golf shoes, kids. Also, forget those whack base layers. Instead, be like the Black Knight and grab a long sleeve polo for those chilly spring days.

Paul Casey (Nike Golf & Stitch Golf)

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It isn’t often that a guy’s clubs are dressed better than he is, but such was the case with Paul Casey. Not that Paul’s threads looked bad, but that Stitch staff bag stole the show. Am I allowed to say I have an (orange) crush on it? Too bad it wasn’t ‘Augusta-themed’ but I’m still diggin’ it.

Yuta Ikeda

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From the ‘Don’t Try This at Home’ category, I present Yuta Ikeda. Who knew a seafoam green shirt with a white and red floral print paired with red wingtips would actually work? I love the creativity here, Yuta. It looks like something your countryman Ryo Ishikawa would rock. The floral print and extended four-button placket really give this shirt an old-school ‘70s vibe, too.

Adam Hadwin (Levelwear)

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Microprints are totally ‘in’ but I was surprised we didn’t see more of them on Day 1. If you are cautiously dipping your toes into the whole print trend, take a page out of Adam Hadwin’s book. The monochromatic kit and small dots are chic yet understated.

Ryan Moore (Bonobos)

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Ryan Moore has been sporting Bonobos pants and polos throughout the year, but the two sides just made the official announcement earlier this week. This is a great player/brand fit. Bonobos’ clean looks and modern fits are perfect for RyMo. This cream-colored sweater/navy trouser combo was stylish and sophisticated.

Haotong Li (Adidas Golf)

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In another recent signing, Adidas inked a deal with Haotong Li. Not only is Li one of the best clothes hangers in the game, but he gives the 3-stripes brand a foot in the door and immediate cred with an emerging golf market. With all the Adidas players wearing bright green polos today, Li rose above the crowd by pairing his with navy pants and a great-fitting sweater.

Fashion Crimes

Marc Leishman

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I like Marc Leishman as a player, but these wide colorful stripes aren’t doing him any favors. Then again, I don’t think anybody could make this shirt look good. If your shirt looks like a stick of Juicy Fruit gum, it is time to reassess things. We’ll give you a mulligan, Marc, but you better come strong tomorrow.

Wesley Bryan

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Scott Van Pelt has a segment in his SportsCenter shows called ‘Bad Beats.’ I think we need a section of Dimes & Crimes called ‘Bad Belts.’ For the record, I like everything about Bryan’s kit, except for that obnoxious taco belt. First of all, it’s National Burrito Day. (Get it right, Wesley). Second, it’s the FRIGGIN’ MASTERS! Get a proper belt.

Mike Weir

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There is only one way to wear a collar under a crewneck. Tuck it in, Mike.

Francesco Molinari

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I’ve never understood the Molinari/Nike partnership. He doesn’t seem to fit the Nike look. I talk a lot about keeping your proportions in check and this is an example of when things go haywire. A baggy shirt and pants that look too tight make for an awkward look.

Brendan Steele

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I don’t get it. Dunning makes a ton of great pullovers and sweaters. Trust me, I have a drawer full of them. For some reason, Brendan Steele keeps going with these base layers rather than just grabbing a mid-layer.

Jose Maria Olazabal

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Most. Boring. Outfit. Ever.

News & Notes

Rickie Ditches the High-Tops

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Is Rickie done with the high-tops? Say it isn’t so, Rickie. He was scripted to wear a Special Edition of Puma’s new IGNITE PWRADAPT High-Top (or is it Hi-Top) but opted for a pair of the IGNITE low-tops. Other than those Arnold Palmer tribute high-tops he laced up a few weeks ago, he has worn low-tops in 2018.

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Sharma Dons the Swoosh

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The last time we saw Shubhankar Sharma he was wearing Thailand-based brand Fenix XCell at the WGC-Mexico Championship. Apparently, someone in Beaverton took notice of Sharma’s game and the fact that he is the face of the next generation of players in an emerging market. As a result, he is the latest guy to join Team Swoosh.


  1. I always wondered if Rickie liked the spikeless pwr adapt shoes and i bet they dont provide enough support. Loved the tipping on stensons sweater. Li and weir wore the same sweater. Only One looked good. Have you seen the JT belts? Very sharp.

  2. Never have understood why guys wear the base layer. Besides looking lousy, it is hard to take off if it starts to warm up. On the other hand, a sweater or jacket is easy to ditch.

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