Jordan Spieth’s 2016 Masters Apparel Script: Blue & Green

Well, it’s that time of the year again. The Masters is just around the corner, which means nearly every golf apparel company is letting the world know how they will be dressing the grown men that they call brand ambassadors. Apparently, in an effort to beat the oncoming wave of apparel scripts, Under Armour released Jordan Spieth’s clothing selections for Augusta more than two weeks before the tournament. There’s nothing like beating rush hour, huh?

Jordan Spieth's 2016 Masters Apparel Script
Jordan Spieth’s 2016 Masters Apparel Script

Spieth’s apparel script is fitting for a defending Masters Champ. He kicks off the week in the requisite green polo on Thursday and then closes out the tourney in his traditional Sunday Blue in the final round. Friday and Saturday? You guessed it. Blue shirt and green shirt respectively. Yes, this guy is consistent right down to his apparel.

Here are a few things of note about Jordan Spieth’s script:

The script shows Spieth wearing Under Armour’s new UA Tempo Tour shoe, but the brand’s UA Drive One has been his go-to shoe. I doubt he’ll make a footwear change for Augusta.

If you were to buy one polo, make it Sunday’s UA Coldblack® Chip In Stripe Polo. The Coldblack technology blocks IR and heat rays so you can wear this shirt even in the dead of summer.

If you were to buy one pair of pants, make it Saturday’s new UA Match Play Vented pant. This technical pant has a trendy denim-like print on it. It’s like breaking the dress code without actually breaking it.

Here is a complete rundown of the pieces in Spieth’s script (all from Under Armour):

Playoff Polo (Green Malachite/Ultra Blue Stripe) $64.99
Match Play Pants (White) $79.99
Webbed Belt (White)
Jordan Spieth UA Tour Cap (White) $29.99

Coldblack Address Polo (Ultra Blue) $69.99
Match Play Pants (Steel) $79.99
Performance Belt (Academy/White) $44.99
Jordan Spieth UA Tour Cap (Academy) $29.99

Playoff Polo (Green Malachite) $64.99
Match Play Vented Pants (Academy) $84.99
Performance Reversible Belt (Academy) $44.99
Jordan Spieth UA Tour Cap (Academy) $29.99

Coldblack Chip In Stripe Polo (Ultra Blue) $69.99
Match Play Pants (White) $79.99
Webbed Belt (White) $19.99

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