Kjus Gemini: Reverse the Elements

At the PGA Show, where the latest and greatest innovations are unveiled, one piece of bleeding-edge tech stood out from the crowd this year—Kjus’Gemini Series of rain gear. In fact, we were so blown away by it, we gave it a GolfThreads Style Award for Favorite Technology at the show.

Kjus’ Gemini Jackets and Vests are made from an innovative material that was tested in the climate chamber at the University of Innsbruck in Austria. The cool thing about this material is that it is reversible with a dark side and a light side. Not only do you get two jackets or vests in one, but depending on which way you wear it, the temperature will vary by as many as ten degrees.

The Dark Side & the Light Side

When worn with the dark side facing out, the waterproof, breathable and windproof fabric absorbs 99% of all external ambient heat and pushes it inside the jacket to warm the body. At the same time, the light side faces inwards, trapping heat and reflecting it against the body.

Flip it around with the light side facing out and the breathable and windproof fabric rejects 49% of all external ambient heat. The dark side facing in absorbs the excess ambient heat being released from the body and pushes it to the outside of the jacket, helping to regulate body temperature.

For the sake of clarity, keep in mind, the light side is not waterproof. When the skies open up, you’ll want to wear the dark side facing out.

We had a chance to give the Gemini a try at the PGA Show. Within a few seconds of slipping on a jacket, I could feel my body warm up or cool off depending on which side was facing out. An inferred thermometer (sadly, we’ve become too familiar with seeing these over the past few months) confirmed a temperature change of ten degrees.

In addition to the waterproof construction and temperature-regulating technology, the Gemini is equipped with all the flexibility, softness, and quietness that made Kjus’ Pro 3L Series a personal favorite. The flexibility of the Gemini even makes my herky-jerky swing feel smooth.

Two Jackets in One

Here in California, winter is the rainy season. Packing a bag for a wet day on the course in Cali is always a challenge. Will it be a warm rain or a cold rain? If it’s cold, should I wear another layer underneath a jacket? Should I pack another layer to wear when it isn’t raining? The struggle is real.

The Gemini’s versatility and heat differentiation provide clear answers to these questions. Forget packing a heavy, bulky rain jacket or mid-layer. The dark side provides the waterproof protection and warmth needed for cold rains, while the breathability of the fabric allows heat to escape during warm precipitation.

As the sun peeks through and temps begin to rise, the light side of the Gemini is a convenient option for a lightweight, flexible outer shell without needing to find room in your bag for another layer.

Kjus’ Gemini Series was scheduled to drop for the Masters, but hey, we all know what has happened in the world over the past few months. The good news is most of us are venturing out to the course again and the Gemini has arrived just in time for spring’s unpredictable conditions and large temperature swings.

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