Outfit of the Week: Straight Outta Quarantine

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” – Aristotle

This might be the first article to start with a title inspired by an N.W.A. song and a quote from Aristotle. Any other year this may seem a bit messed up, but this is 2020! Everything is backwards, sideways, and counterclockwise, anyway. Just roll with it.

I’m stoked to say that the Great Golf Quarantine of 2020 ended this past week in Northern California. After (not so patiently) waiting two months to tee it up, we were finally able to taste the sweet fruit golf has to offer. We returned to dew swept greens, irons chattering in a carry bag, and of course, the sound of a well-struck putt clanging against a social distancing device rather than going into the hole. Pure classics!

Nonetheless, golf is back, and I finally got to slip on some of my favorites for spring. For two months, these pieces were taunting me for the corner of the closet like Michael Jordan taunting a Bulls teammate. (Shots fired!)

Much like the first day of school, the fit for the first post-quarantine round is a big deal. I mean, you’ve had two months to think about this, right? For me, it had to possess a cautious optimism, a subdued rebirth, if you will. Also, at a time when the new normal is anything but normal, why not go outside the box?

My Straight Outta Quarantine fit pulls inspiration from what would have been Erik van Rooyen’s script for the opening round of the Masters right down to the ECCOs. Okay, it is actually more than an inspiration. It is the exact Greyson polo and joggers from EVR’s round one look. Van Rooyen was one of our best-dressed players of 2019, so I can’t go wrong copying any of his looks.

The Fit

Polo: Greyson Thorn & Thistle // Pants: Greyson Montauk Jogger // Shoes: ECCO Golf S-THREE // Belt: Bonobos Clubhouse Stretch // Glove: Asher Golf Premium Collection // Hat: GolfThreads Prototype Fitted

Greyson Thorn & Thistle Polo (Arctic)

Greyson’s Magic Emporium Polo was one of my favorites from 2019 and the label’s Thorn & Thistle Polo brings a similar look and feel to the course in 2020. The intricate print featuring a bird amongst branches and flowers is more reminiscent of something you’d find on your grandmother’s fine china than a golf polo. It’s truly a work of art.

In nature, thorns and thistles are protectors. They keep fruit and flowers safe from grazing animals, which brings us back to Aristotle’s quote. After months of patience, we can all use the protection provided by metaphoric thorns and thistles as we get back to tasting golf’s fruit. Also, the muted blue and yellow flowers on the print fit my subdued rebirth theme for this look.

Greyson Montauk Jogger (Shadow)

This COVID-19 era is all about creativity and going outside the box to define the new normal. The unconventional is now conventional. Enter Greyson’s Montauk Jogger.

A couple of months ago, we took a definitive stand on the Great Jogger Debate. This debate doesn’t have a grey area. Either you are in or you or out…and we are pushing our elastic cuffs to the center of the table.

It is only fitting for these Montauk joggers to be part of my first post-quarantine round. They have been my go-to ‘shelter in style’ pants over the past two months. I usually shy away from superlatives, but the Montauk Joggers are the most comfortable pants I’ve worn. Plus, a mild spring day is a perfect time to let the ankles breathe.

ECCO S-THREE Shoes (White)

I always appreciate when a brand can use a design element to highlight a key feature without negatively impacting the aesthetic. Such is the case with the ECCO S-THREE shoes.

Check out the midsole of the S-THREE and you’ll see three distinct color variations running from the heel to the toe. Each variation aligns with a different zone of the midsole.

Zone 1 in the heel is engineered with a medium softness for cushioning and comfort. In the midfoot, Zone 2 features higher levels of rigidity to deliver lateral stability throughout the swing. The forefront of the midsole in Zone 3 offers the highest level of softness for comfort and flexibility while walking.

Asher Golf Spring Collection Glove (Canary)

Asher gloves have been my gloves of choice for the last few years. Luxurious Cabretta leather, tour-quality performance, and the range of stylish colors add a touch of swagger to anyone’s game.

I was quite bummed when the brand’s Spring Collection dropped right when the quarantine began. I had this Canary colorway set aside for a Masters weekend round…and then we all know what happened.

A little patience and two months later, the Canary brings a gentle pop of color to the fit while syncing nicely with the yellow flowers in Greyson’s Thorn & Thistle Polo.

Stance No-Show Socks

The secret to making joggers work is to keep your sock game on the down-low. No-shows are really the only option with joggers. The problem with most no-show socks, though, is that they have a habit of sliding off your heel, especially when walking 18 holes. I’ve had good experiences with Stance’s no-shows staying in place on the course. This probably has something to do with the gel strips built into the heel.

If no-shows aren’t your thing, very short ankle socks that match your shoes will pair nicely with joggers.

Bonobos Clubhouse Stretch Belt (Navy)

This continues to be my belt of choice on the course. It’s lightweight and stretchy and the navy blue matches the blue in the polo shirt. A few years ago, exotic skins and leathers were all the rage. Now, these poly woven straps find themselves on-trend and they are a better option for everyone’s wallets, too. I really need to add the blue/grey colorway to my rotation.

GolfThreads Fitted Cap

The limited run of GolfThreads Rope Hats is coming soon. I promise!

Surgical Mask

What would a Straight Outta Quarantine fit be without a mask? COVID-19 has turned the face mask into the must-have accessory of the year. Seriously, who had that in their Spring 2020 trend report?

The surgical mask in this week’s fit is a shoutout to all the healthcare workers on the frontlines. They have been working tirelessly in less than ideal conditions to keep us healthy while putting themselves in harm’s way. Props and thank you!


  1. The blues and the whites go so well together. very crisp,sharp kit. Those shoes are really solid. Love the entire article. Very well done and glad to see you back.

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