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This Week in Golf Fashion: WGC-Mexico Championship Recap

DJ and Stenson play it cool, Abraham Ancer goes Psycho, Erik van Rooyen visits the Magic Emporium, Adrian Otaegui walks the plank, and more as Tour Editor Michael Ruuska recaps the fashion scene at the WGC-Mexico Championship.

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¡Viva México!

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Spaniard, Rafa Cabrera Bello may be the only golfer who can pull off wearing the colors of the Mexican flag without looking like a Christmas tree. He wore it well. It is all about the details when it comes to RCB; the temples of his Oakley shades are color coordinated with his hat; the eyelets on the recently released FootJoy Fury match his red trousers. Señor Cabrera Bello does not miss a thing!

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However, Friday’s kit was my fave. His FootJoy Island Pink/Navy Lisle Color Block shirt (and matching pink Titleist Rope Hat) looked fantastic with the Navy trousers and belt. The fit, as always, was on point.

El Pirata

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Fellow Spaniard, Adrian Otaegui, aka “El Pirata,” is also keen on details.
He not only wore his signature pirate logo on his hat but he paired it with the G/FORE Embossed Skull & T’s Gallivanter shoes. Otaegui is known as “El Pirata” on the European Tour for his popularity with the ladies. Word on the street is that Adrian earned his nickname as a result of him always getting the girl (and not because he steals birdies)! He is a real swashbuckler, indeed.

Magic Emporium

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“Magic Emporium” may sound like a tavern where pirates would gather to drink their rum, but it is also a beautiful polo by Greyson Clothiers. This shirt was inspired by the uniqueness of each creature in the wild, fueling the survival of the fittest. Erik van Rooyen of South Africa certainly looked unique in the Magic Emporium Polo during Thursday’s round.


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I could go on and on about how irrationally angry I get as a result of Descente golf shirts being incredibly difficult to find in the United States. However, I will just take a deep breath (I learned this in yoga class last week–in fact, watch out for an upcoming post about my yoga experience) and appreciate how awesome this polo is. The angular color block designs of Descente shirts always look exceptionally sharp. I am also a big fan of the zipper in place of the button placket. Namaste.

Ice, Ice Baby

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“Yo VIP, let’s kick it.”–Robert Van Winkle (aka Vanilla Ice)

Homeboy, Abraham Ancer of Mexico was certainly looking like a VIP while kickin’ it in the Ice Cube Polo by Psycho Bunny.

Turn It Up

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Not to be outdone, Henrik Stenson showed us all who is Boss by turning it up; his collar that is. That’s right! Henrik popped his collar and looked badass in his signature monochromatic look. Something tells me that despite not having a moniker like, “El Pirata,” Henrik Stenson could steal your girl if he really wanted to. You’ve all been warned…..

…Except For You, DJ

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Dustin Johnson doesn’t have to worry about anyone stealing his girl. He’s the alpha male on tour and eventual number one player in the world. DJ makes the game look easy. Dustin also is the only man alive to do monochromatic as well, if not better than Henrik Stenson.

DJ and I have nothing in common golf-wise except that we both call the new Adidas TOUR360 XT our “go-to” shoe. Recently I had the opportunity to wear the Boost technology and it is legit. Adidas introduced a new shoe this week that has me equally excited; Forgefiber BOA. Cannot wait to check them out.


  1. That belt on El Pirata was superb as it had hints of his shirt in the colorweave. I couldn’t agree more on the Descente shirts, that light blue and navy blue was fantastic. Such an excellent writeup, thanks for continuing to do these!

    1. Jim, Thank you for being such a loyal reader. I look forward to your comments as much as you look forward to the writeups! Great eye for El Pirata’s belt. It is superb, indeed.

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