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GolfThreads’ Fall Favorites series looks at my go-to pieces this fall in the hopes of giving you a glimpse at what I’m wearing on the course this season. I would love to hear what you think about my picks in this series. Drop a note in the comments area below. Also, let me know some of your favorites that I should check out.

The belt. At its very core, it is a functional piece that is designed to keep your pants on your hips. But as golfers, we know that it is much more than that. Sure, the belt is classified as an accessory, but it can make or break your outfit on the course. Choose the wrong one and it can ruin even the best shirt and pants combo. Strap on the right one and it can take the most pedestrian of looks to another level.

It is difficult to believe that 15 years ago the belt was an afterthought. By simply not wearing a brown belt with black shoes (or vice versa), it meant that you had mad belt game. Over the last decade, though, the belt has become the most important fashion accessory in the game of golf. Just take a look at our Fashion Dimes & Crimes posts. More times than not, it is a poor belt choice that lands players on the wrong side of those lists.

White Ball Leather Belts with Pride Buckle (top) and Zen Buckle (bottom)

Whether your belt game is on point or it needs a bit of a tune up, a strap and buckle from White Ball should be on your must-try list this fall. The brand’s line of handmade Italian leather belts is luxurious, sophisticated, and modern.

One thing that I’ve learned over the years is that Italians know leather. Their knowledge of pizza, pasta, wine, and soccer isn’t bad, either. Usually, placing the word “Italian” in front of “leather” translates to quality and that is certainly the case with White Ball’s collection of belts. In fact, the level of quality came through loud and clear as soon as I took the belt out of the package. Cheap leather belts often feel light and flimsy, but a premium leather belt from White Ball is soft, supple, and strong. Simply by feeling the leather and the weight of the strap, you know it is a top-shelf product.

The richness of White Ball’s belts begins with a premium leather and is enhanced through a detailed treatment process. Through this process, the leather is tanned by using tannins and other natural sources and compounds. Then, a mix of chemicals is applied to each strap to maintain durability, lock in natural oils, and prevent leather rust from forming. Finally, the hide is smoothed out and a finish coat is added for a sleek look. The end result is a strap that is nothing short of amazing.

From a style standpoint, White Ball’s range of leather belts offers something for everyone. You can keep your look classic with traditional black, tan, and white straps or dial it up with a spectrum of nine other color options (navy blue, blue, lime green, purple, orange, hot pink, yellow, gray, and red).

White Ball also smartly uses a cut-to-fit system, so one size fits all up to 42”. This makes it easy for green grass shops to stock the belts without needing to worry about carrying exact sizes. It also allows you to trim inches off the strap as you drop inches from your waist thanks to those extra sets of crunches. The straps are available in two different widths, 35mm and 40mm. Personally, I’m subscribing to the ‘thin to win’ mentality when it comes to belts these days. The slimmer straps create a cleaner, more minimalistic look, but we’re literally talking about millimeters here.

White Ball Embossed Croc Belts
White Ball Embossed Croc Belts

One of the biggest trends to hit the fairways in recent years is exotic skin belts. Many of the best dressed players in the world have turned to exotics to add a touch of texture and a luxurious vibe to their looks. White Ball finds itself on trend with collections of Italian Embossed Crocodile Leather and upscale Caiman Crocodile straps.

White Ball’s Embossed Croc straps combine that air of opulence you get from genuine exotics with a price tag that doesn’t require you to take out a loan. The 10 color options allow you to pump up the volume or keep it conservative. The Caiman Croc straps are the real deal and they look fantastic. Available in traditional black or navy blue colors, these straps can become the centerpieces of your golf wardrobe. With so many apparel designers playing off navy these days, the navy blue Caiman Croc is a no-brainer add to your wardrobe.

The quality of White Ball’s straps can only be matched by the quality of its handcrafted buckles. You may be surprised the first time you pick one up, as they are a bit heavier than many of the interchangeable buckles on the market today. This heft comes from a heavy brass core that is plated in a pure white gold. Every buckle is precision-milled, welded, fully inspected, and arrives with a lifetime warranty. White Ball’s buckles have so much shine that your playing partners will be running to the pro shop to pick up a pair of Oakleys.

White Ball Sports Collection Belts with Zen R Buckle (top) and Zen Q Buckle (bottom)
Sports Collection Belts with Zen R Buckle (top) and Zen Q Buckle (bottom)

Joining White Ball’s collections of genuine leather and exotic skins is the new Sports Collection, which features faux leather straps, sleek and sporty buckles, and a more manageable price point. Available in an array of 10 colors and a choice of two styles of buckles, the Sports Collection provides an affordable way to build your rotation of belts with fashion forward hues. Not only that, but the straps possess a subtle texture that will give a solid colored pair of trousers some added pop, and a unique adjustable fit system ensures that you get a custom fit.

In addition to finding a home in my closet, White Ball belts have established an impressive following on the professional tours. PGA Tour players like Andres Gonzales, Ted Potter Jr., Daniel Chopra, and Mathew Goggin have sported White Ball belts, and LPGA Tour players such as Maria Hjorth, Na Yeon Choi, Vicky Hurst, and Juli Inkster have been on board, too.

White Ball Sports Collection in a spectrum of colors
The Sports Collection in a spectrum of colors

If you are looking to up your belt game this fall by adding a White Ball belt to your wardrobe, look for them at your local pro shop or visit the company’s website.
White Ball on the web: thewhiteball.com
White Ball on Facebook: @thewhiteball
White Ball on Instagram: @thewhiteball

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