Rickie Fowler’s New Puma Golf IGNITE PROADAPT Delta Shoes

Rickie has some new kicks and they are clean and sporty. We spotted Fowler strolling the fairways in the new Puma Golf IGNITE PROADAPT Δ (Delta) earlier this season, and now we have the lowdown on the latest top-shelf model from the brand.

As you would expect from a shoe designed in collaboration with one of the best, and most stylish, players in the world, the IGNITE PROADAPT Δ dots all the i’s and crosses all the t’s. It is loaded with cutting-edge technology and sacrifices nothing in the style department.

Pick up the IGNITE PROADAPT Δ and it won’t take you long to see the new features and tech added from previous IGNITE models that Rickie has rocked. The most noticeable of which is a firm heel counter that is visible in the achilles area and wraps around the lower part of both sides of the back of the foot. This helps to lock the heel in place, even at Tour-level swing speeds.

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From there, the eye is drawn to Puma’s new ADAPT Foam midsole. ADAPT Foam is the perfect cocktail of two materials. It combines the highest-grade EVA with Styrene, an impact-resistant foam that provides dimensional stability and stable cushioning. Together, the two deliver high-energy return and exceptional ground feel.

Another unique design feature on the IGNITE PROADAPT Δ is the ADAPT-WRAP tongue, which adds to the stability of the shoe. It has a one-piece construction that is connected to the upper of the shoe on the medial side. From there, it wraps around the instep of the foot to increase medial support.

Tour players’ connection to the ground has become increasingly important over the past few years. As the modern swing uses the ground as a source of power and speed, players rely on that connection to provide traction and stability. One small slip at a high swing speed could send a ball veering off line, or even worse, cause an injury.

Puma is creating that connection between the player, shoe, and ground through the combination of the PWRADAPT Outsole and nine Tornado Cleats. The full-length TPU outsole use molded traction elements for grip and flex grooves in key areas to improve the natural movement of the foot. The dual-durometer nature of the Tornado Cleats allows them to react and adapt to various lies and conditions on the course. This outsole not only performs for the top players in the game but also makes for a comfortable stroll over 18 or 36 holes.

From a style standpoint, the IGNITE PROADAPT Δ will work with just about everything in your golf wardrobe. You can easily pair it with tech trousers, chinos, joggers, or shorts. While it possesses sleek lines and an athletic aesthetic, I wouldn’t classify it as a sneaker-style shoe. At the same time, the modern design separates it from the traditional saddles and wingtips you’ll find in the market. Plus, the clean looks provide the perfect blank canvas for future limited-edition colorways in addition to the core White, Black/Quiet Shade, White/Gray Violet, and White/Navy Blazer options. Fingers crossed for some dope LE drops in the coming months.

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  1. That Gold/Navy colorway is really sharp. I wish Rickie would play better so we could see his gear and him more often.

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