Masters Fashion Dimes and Crimes: Day 3

Horschel’s stylish slip and slide, moody florals, Poulter’s Easter Egg plaid, and more Fitzmagic. Greg breaks down the best and worst fits from the third round of the 2021 Masters.

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Fashion Dimes

Billy Horschel (Ralph Lauren & FootJoy)

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Shoutout to our guy Billy Horschel for the unintended comic relief as he turned the bank of Rae’s Creek into an impromptu slip and slide. Billy’s first reaction? Check the damage done to those white Ralph Lauren trousers. We’d expect nothing less from one of the best dress players in the game. Of course, he gets added style points for then stepping into the creek and splashing his ball onto the green. Well played!

Sebastian Munoz (Boston Scott & FootJoy)

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This moody floral print was perfect for a dark and stormy day at Augusta. I like this pic because it doesn’t show that awful Flex Seal sponsor logo on the front of the polo. This shirt is definitely dime-worthy, but that logo? Yikes!

Cameron Champ (Nike)

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Michael dropped a dime on Cameron Champ for his sharp and professional fit on Thursday. Champ apparently liked the outfit, too, because he put it on repeat for Saturday’s round. While other Nike players’ kits have been overthought, Champ has kept it simple and on-point throughout the tourney. He even made the highlighter yellow polo look decent on Friday.

Justin Thomas (Greyson Clothiers & FootJoy)

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Our favorite soap opera this season has been, “As JT’s Wardrobe Turns.” After mixing in a pair of Kjus trousers on Friday, Thomas was back in a full Greyson kit on Saturday. Nothing flashy; just a classic and stylish look and those Montauk Trousers in Sage Green were a subtle tribute to Augusta. I like to pair a black shirt with mine, but the white worked just as well for JT.

Collin Morikawa (Adidas Golf)

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Are you catching a theme here? Simple and stylish looks came out on top on Saturday. Pink has certainly been the trendy color of the tournament. It pairs with navy blue as well as a cold brew pairs with a Masters bar-b-que sandwich. Morikawa put a different spin on this popular combo by choosing dusty hues of both colors for a fresh and lively look.

Ian Poulter (Custom Apparel & FootJoy)

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As I mentioned yesterday, Ian Poulter’s sartorial selections aren’t for everyone, especially this Easter Egg plaid. On a fairly pedestrian day for Masters fashion, Poults at least went outside the box and gave us something to talk about.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

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Our favorite NFL QB/Masters spectator was back! Once again he opted for a colorful, tropical button-down and Maui Jims but switched out the trucker hat for a clean white dad cap.

Fashion Crimes

Adam Scott

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Scottie continues to be lost. Yesterday, I called it the fashion yips. Today, I’ll equate it to a world-class soccer (errr…football) goalkeeper who loses confidence and has howlers match after match. Scott was one of the best dressed clothes hangers in the game of golf. Brands and stylists were lining up to dress this guy. Now, he rolls out in various shades of beige. The question I’ve received most often over the last few days is, “What’s going on with Adam Scott’s style?” 🤷‍♂️

Justin Rose

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We hyped J-Ro on Thursday and Friday due to his is cool marine hues. It would have been good to get one more day of those. Bonobos has an awesome Sage Leaf Green pant in its Justin Rose Collection. This outfit would have been money for Saturday. On the other hand, this yellow/beige/brown color and print is tough for anyone to pull off.

Brian Harman

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Brian Harman is a repeat offender. Yesterday, I flagged the whack tailoring of his trousers. Today, it’s the black shoes with the brown belt and light-colored pants.

Tommy Fleetwood

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I can’t help but thinking about Bryson DeChambeau’s logo every time I see this shirt.

Jim Herman

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Those sleeves are huge!


  1. JT’s matching belt was awesome and that Boston Scott shirt is nearly as good as Ryan Fitzpatricks . I really liked the poults tartan this week. Would be great to see scotty in ANY kind of colour. As an Englishman I can say that Roses golf matched his outfit Saturday.

  2. I hate to be “that guy” but where is day 4 d’s and c’s???? Must. Have. Keep up the great work guys! 👍🏻

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