Masters Fashion Dimes & Crimes: Day 2

After an uninspiring Day 1, the golf fashion world bounced back on Day 2. We break down the best and worst fits from Friday at Augusta as JT sleeps with the wolves, BillyHo mixes pastels, DJ goes Rat Pack, and more. We even spotlight a well-dressed rules official.

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Fashion Dimes

Billy Horschel (Ralph Lauren & FootJoy)

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Look of the Day goes to Billy Horschel. Mixing and matching pastels is more difficult than it looks. If you get it wrong, you look like an Easter egg. Nail it, and well, you’re BillyHo. We need a GolfThreads Hall of Fame and Billy needs to be the first inductee. I’m trying to recreate this look for my round tomorrow.

Justin Thomas (Greyson Clothiers & FootJoy)

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A true sartorialist (is that even a word?) can assess a situation and pivot when needed. Props to JT to checking the weather forecast and making sure his best fit of the week wasn’t going to be covered up by rain gear. The Den of Thieves is one of my favorite Greyson prints. At a distance it looks like a paisley. Up close? Check out the hidden wolves. JT, all I can say is…


Dustin Johnson (Extracurricular & FootJoy)

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DJ’s best looks have always been monochromatic outfits. He always frames them well with white hats and white shoes. I love the Hollywood Rat Pack vibe of this fit with the contrasting white collar.

Cameron Young (Peter Millar & FootJoy)

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I get it. The pastel FJ Wilcoxs are a love them or hate them vibe. I wasn’t sure about them when I saw them in social media earlier in the week, but they have grown on me. Plus, Cam did the right thing by keeping the rest of his fit understated and letting the focus fall on the kicks.

On another note, we’ve had a lot of questions about Young’s pants over the last couple of years. It’s a custom trouser that Peter Millar made for him with an aggressive taper below the knee. Think of a jogger without the elastic cuffs. The good news is Peter Millar just released those for the rest of us who don’t have 190 mph ball speeds. It’s called the Blade Performance Ankle Sport Trouser and is available in three different lengths. I suggest opting for an inseam that is shorter than your typical length to have more of a cropped look.

Abraham Ancer (Black Quail Apparel & FootJoy)

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Yesterday I mentioned that I missed Joaquin Niemann’s style on the PGA Tour. You can add Araham Ancer to that list, too. I love the use of the Evil Eye, which is meant to ward off the true evil eye, as the all-over print on this polo. We could all use a little less evil on the course. The pastel blue FootJoys were a perfect complement and subtly picked up the light blue in the evil eye print.

Charl Schwartzel (Redvanly & Jordan Brand)

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Yo, Charl! Why so down. The fit isn’t that bad. The tipping on the sweater has an old-school preppy feel and the kicks are fire. Yeah, the logo on the left chest is distracting. Is that Team Slitherin?

Taylor Moore (BDraddy & FootJoy)

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After dropping a Crime on Patrick Cantlay yesterday, a few people reached out to tell me that the Tool Man is now with BDraddy. Wait, what? Clearly that fashion misdemeanor is on Patty Ice as BDraddy is one of the most fashion-concious brands on the fairways. Proving my point, Taylor Moore stepped up in a very similar BDraddy fit today and was completely on point.

Kurt Kitayama (Chervo & Boxto)

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A few years ago, patterned trousers were all the rage. It is good to see them returning in a more elevated way. The simple white polo allows the focus to fall on the pants and the dark belt blends nicely for a smooth transition from top to bottom.

Keith Mitchell (Sid Mashburn & FootJoy)

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Your daily dose of Cashmere Keith.

Xander Schauffele (Adidas Golf)

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Yesterday I mentioned I was having some fatigue around prints and patterns. The tonal nature of this microprint caught my eye, though, because at a distance it wears like a solid.

Rory McIlroy (Nike)

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Some may call this a Sympathy Dime, and maybe they are right, but I like the clean look and the patterned belt adds a touch of texture and depth to an otherwise pedestrian fit. Can we all observe a moment of silence for Rory’s 2023 Masters hopes? Sigh.

Gordon Sargent (FootJoy)

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Best Dressed Amateur of the Day goes to Gordon Sargent. Nothing flashy here, but I’m all-in on the tailoring of his polo and trousers. I’m always a sucker for a good purple and this violet hue that Fj has going on is…WOW! Btw, Vanderbilt Golf has to have one of the best logos in the NCAA with that anchor. The LIV teams need to hire that graphic designer.

Pierre Bechmann (Masters Rules Official)

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One of my favorite Prince lyrics is from the song ‘1999,’ where the purple-clad pop star sings, “I was dreaming when I wrote this / Forgive me when I go astray.” Between a (more than) full-time day job and Masters week, I’m a bit sleep deprived, so forgive me for going a bit astray, but I need to drop a Fashion Dime on Mr. Bechmann. Green jacket, vintage ribboned Masters floppy lid, and an azalea pink tie. Well played, sir.

Fashion Crimes

Viktor Hovland

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I know when my wife and daughter text me with, “What’s up with Hovland’s shirt,” then something has gone horribly wrong. Apparently, Young HOV (sorry, stole borrowed that from No Laying Up), thought twice about another colorway of the Augusta Poinsettia Polo (not the official name). Instead, he went rogue and opted for a color that can best be described as ‘organic matter’ (also not the official name). I’m often asked, which Tour player would I like to style. The answer is Viktor Hovland. Please, Viktor! Let me style you! There are soooo many options in the JL lineup.

Bubba Watson

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How many colors can we work into a single outfit? Sheesh! Primary green on the visor. Mint green and black on the shoes. A Clay Red polo, and khaki trousers. Not to mention, that shirt screams for dark colored pants (black or navy). It’s like a 64-pack of Crayola crayons.

Sungjae Im

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White Belt Victim of the Day goes to Sungjae Im. I swear this guy has an unlimited supply of white belts.

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