Don’t Waste the Waist – Grab an Ace of Clubs Belt

Ah, the waistline. It is a strange and fickle creature. It doesn’t like pizza and beer, but thrives on kale and crunches. Go figure.

The waistline is also the centerpiece of any outfit. It is the transition point between the top half of your look and the bottom half. The easiest way to ruin a sweet shirt and pants combo is to choose the wrong belt, while the best way to take an already dope kit to the next level is to select the right one.

Ace of Clubs full-grain leather belt with storage pouch.

Originally created as a functional piece to keep your pants attached to your hips, the belt has become the most important fashion accessory in the game of golf over the last decade. Heck, there have even been Twitter battles and words exchanged on this site about the color of players’ belts. Okay, most of those have to do with one particular color of belts (white), but you get the idea.

Unfortunately, as the popularity of belts has risen, so have the price tags. It is nearly impossible to have a spectrum of colors to complement the variety of shirts and pants in your golf wardrobe these days. That is unless you’re a card-carrying member of the PGA Tour and you are being handed the freshest straps like they are tees.

Frame-and-prong buckle, grainy texture, and contrast stitching.

Thankfully, Ace of Clubs Golf Co. is bringing stylish belts in an array of colors and textures to those of us with modest handicaps and equally modest bank accounts.

Last year, we took a look at an Augusta green alligator print belt from Ace of Clubs (awesome for Masters weekend, btw), and for 2016, the company has stepped up its game with fashionable styles in a range of colorful options.

New to the Ace of Clubs lineup is a full grain leather belt, which finds itself on trend for a couple of reasons. The first is the traditional frame-and-prong buckle. While those blinged-out belt buckles that were the size of appetizer plates had a run a few years ago, most Tour players (at least the well dressed ones) are favoring this simple buckle style. Plus, this frame-and-prong buckle allows the belt to effortlessly transition to off course settings.

Furthermore, the Ace of Clubs full grain leather straps possess an understated grainy texture. We’ve been talking about subtle textures being in vogue this year, and while most of the discussion has been around tonal camo prints and jacquard patterns, the trend applies to belts, too.

Ace’s full grain leather belts are available in no less than seven colors, ranging from your classic black and brown to more inspiring options, like orange and Carolina blue. (As a Duke basketball fan, though, this guy won’t be adding that evil hue to my wardrobe, but the other six are welcome anytime.) They also check in at just $80, a bargain when you consider the designer leather belts in your pro shop are few sleeves of balls north of $100.

If you are looking to give your waistline a more luxurious look, simply grab one of the exotic styles from Ace of Clubs. From alligators to pythons, and elephants to ostriches, Ace of Club’s collection of exotic patterns offers an upscale vibe without the sticker shock. In fact, you’ll be saving so much cash that you can pick up a matching cash cover or scorecard holder.

All are available in traditional colors or you can amp them up with pinks, purples, blues and greens. Keep in mind, the exotic styles from Ace are full grain leather, so no exotic or endangered animals were harmed for your sartorial benefit. This also aligns with one of my fashion rules – don’t wear the skin of any animal that would gladly eat you. Yes, I’m talking to you, reptiles.

Cash covers in a variety of prints and colors.

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