Pop the Cork with Ace of Clubs Golf

Who doesn’t love to receive a gift? Especially if it is thoughtful and maybe even personalized? The tough part of coming up with gift ideas is finding something that is awesome AND affordable. If the person you are buying for is a golfer, Ace of Clubs Golf Company has you covered! They offer unique gift ideas for dad, your boss, groomsmen and even golf tournaments.

Their line of customizable products includes exotic print belts (those of you who have read me before can picture me smiling), grips, club covers, scorecard holders (I just recommended these to the golf coach at the high school where I work), wallets and pouches.

Barking Up the Right Tree

ace of clubs cork collection
Ace of Clubs Golf Cork Collections

GolfThreads has reviewed Ace of Clubs belts on a few occasions and they will undoubtedly make a return appearance in my upcoming, highly anticipated feature on belts (an Ace of Clubs exotic print belt can make us regular guys look like a PGA Tour pro). For now, I want to focus on their wallets and scorecard holders. Specifically, the very affordable cork versions. I am a huge fan of anything that reduces my carbon footprint (and you should be, too). Cork is a 100 percent natural, biodegradable and renewable resource. According to ReCork.org, cork trees are an environmentally sustainable resource.

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Layers of the tree bark are stripped off (without harming the tree) and turned into various products, such as wine corks, scorecard holders and wallets. Cork trees have a life of 300 years and are NOT cut down during cork extraction. Instead, the bark is harvested by hand every nine to 12 years. So cool!

Cork Wallet & Scorecard Holder

Cork Wallet and Scorecard Holder

You know what else is cool? An Ace of Clubs Cork Wallet. I have used my cash cover wallet daily for a few weeks now and it has held up nicely. The lightweight and slim design has been appreciated by my posterior and also slides nicely into my front pocket without being too visible.

My public service reminder; no man should keep a wallet in his back pocket while sitting, even one as slim as the Ace of Clubs version. Even if your wallet isn’t Costanza-sized enough to set your spine off center, the slimmest of wallets can aggravate your sciatic nerve. This can lead to lower-back pain and have a long-term negative impact on your golf game.

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When I have taken out my Ace of Clubs wallet it has received rave reviews from my playing partners (and not just because I am buying a round). Of particular interest to them has been the cork material and super cool GolfThreads personalized logo.

ace of clubs cork scorecard holder
Cork Scorecard Holder

The Grade “A” Cork Scorecard Holder (also emblazoned with the GT logo) gave me a good reason to walk my latest round. It fits nicely in the back pocket of my TravisMathew Hough Flex Pants and certainly made keeping tabs of my bogeys and double bogeys that much easier.

If you are looking for high-quality, affordable, unique items that can be personalized, check out Ace of Clubs Golf Company. They are Aces in my book.

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