We’ve been a little obsessed lately with all the great looking golf head covers available – beautiful leathers, fabulous knits, traditional styles with a twist and a whole barrage of colors give us endless possibilities.

But we’re a golf fashion blog so head covers might be a bit of stretch to include in the mix. Unless we do something we’ve always wanted to do – match our golf outfits to our club covers and bag. It’s one more way we can personalize our golf course style.

Here are a few we tossed together.

Easy Patriotic

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Black and Blue

Camo Whamo

Written by Janice Ferguson, Style Editor

Janice Ferguson has been involved in the golf industry for more than a decade. She helped start and shape the weekly Apparel Wire e-publication originally created by the Golf Press Association that ran for eight years, and wrote the weekly editorial section devoted to golf fashion. She also contributed fashion feature articles for Golfweek magazine’s annual “Definitive Guide to the Golf Life,” and has written special reports covering the merchandise efforts at several U.S. Opens. You can find her ‘fashion fluent/golf-inspired’ posts on Twitter @TheStyleLinks and Instagram @janiceferguson_thestylelinks.


  1. This was awesome. I wanted more than 3 to look at. Maybe another article could be how to best pair shoes will colorways best with the apparel. We all can do pure white or pure black shoes but it can be trickier with shoes that have a couple colors on them.

    1. Hi Jim. I SO tried to get shoes & hats in the mix but ran into formatting challenges so had to drop. Agree though … shoes can get tricky.
      🤔 I will try & include next time. 🙌🏼 Thanks!

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