Greyson Heats Up the Dunhill Links Championship

The Alfred Dunhill Links Championship kicked off today on the Scottish coast. While temperatures were predictably brisk, Erik van Rooyen, Luke Donald, Justin Timberlake, and Jamie Redknapp were heating up the fairways in fresh looks from Greyson’s Fall 2019 Collection.

By now you know the GolfThreads crew is ‘all in’ on Greyson this fall. The collection captured one of our Style Awards at the PGA Show in January and we are starting to build out our wardrobes with the brand’s stylish prints and sophisticated color palette for the season.

The cooler conditions at the Dunhill Links certainly highlight Greyson’s impressive range of sweaters. Technical pullovers have dominated the layering landscape the past few years as a result of the athleisure trend. But Greyson is almost single-handedly bringing the golf sweater back to the game with a mix of daring and colorful patterns, modern crewnecks, and traditional ¼-zips done in luxurious Cashmere and Merino wool.

Erik van Rooyen

Spoiler alert: EVR is quickly moving up the ranks of our best-dressed list for the year and this script is sure to add a few more points to his style quotient. Thursday’s steel blue, orchid pink, and sage green is a unique combo that creates a smooth muted look for the season. Saturday’s Knightfall Polo with an all-over print of crossed swords is appropriate given the number of castles found in the Scottish countryside. Also, check out the updated quilted Huron Vest with the bomber-style collar. With the ‘90s making a strong comeback van Rooyen’s colorful sweater and deco-print polo on Sunday bring a distinct ‘90s flair to the course. The tuxedo-striped jogger with a tabbed waistband offers that juxtaposition of styles that Greyson is known for. It combines a modern and athletic style with formal details.

Thursday: Tomahawk Sweater (Skate); Omaha Polo (Orchid); Montauk Jogger (Sage)
Friday: Tate Mockneck (Dart); Bluetooth Polo (Arctic); Montauk Trouser (Raven)
Saturday: Huron Vest II (Bonac); Knightfall Polo (Arctic); Montauk Trouser (Raven)
Sunday: Sprintchaser Crewneck Sweater; Decoswan Polo (Hawk); Rumson Jogger (Maltese)

Luke Donald

Luke’s script showcases Greyson’s best sweaters of the season. He starts with a traditional ¼-zip before incrementally amping up his looks over the next three days. Again, the medieval ‘G’ on Friday’s intarsia sweater plays to the old world setting. That same ‘G’ returns on Saturday in Greyson’s popular and aptly-named G.O.A.T. pattern. Donald closes out the week in a dark and moody camo. All of these knitwear pieces look as good off the course as on it.

Thursday: Sebonak 1/4 Zip (Wolf); Ravensfoot Polo (Twilight); Amagansett Trouser (Maltese)
Friday: G Crewneck Sweater (Twilight); Den of Thieves Polo (Dart); Montauk Trouser (Raven)
Saturday: G.O.A.T. Sweater (Hawk); Cayuse Polo (Arctic); Serrano Tropical Weight Wool Trouser
Sunday: Camowolf Crewneck Sweater (Abyss); Alpha Polo (Abyss); Montauk Trouser (Raven)

Jamie Redknapp

As a die-hard Arsenal supporter, I haven’t hurled many compliments in the direction of former Liverpool and Spurs midfielder Jamie Redknapp over the years. Putting football allegiances aside, I have to say Redknapp will look quite dapper as he tees it up. These classic solids, stripes, and subtle prints are easy for any guy to wear. Friday’s Twilight Mountain Sweater and the jewel-toned Tomahawk Sweater on Saturday are the highlights for me.

Thursday: Tomahawk Sweater (Twilight); Apache II Polo; Montauk Trouser (Shepherd)
Friday: Twilight Mountain Sweater (Abyss); Omaha Polo (Arctic); Montauk Trouser (Maltese)
Saturday: Tomahawk Sweater (Lark); Peaks and Valleys Polo (Dart); Montauk Trouser (Raven)
Sunday: Tomahawk Sweater (Abyss); Massasaga Polo (Arctic); Amagansett Trouser (Maltese)

Justin Timberlake

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

No official scripts for JT but expect to see a strong presence of Greyson pieces in his rotation this week, including mid-layers and outerwear. We’ve already seen him sporting the Cokato Hoodie in Maltese and Smoke Heather, which he used for extra protection from the rain today. Another Greyson hoodie to check out for fall is the Gotham. It has been my go-to layering piece over the last few months. Tons of stretch plus a nice balance of warmth and breathability.

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