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Adidas TOUR360 XT Twin Boa: Dialed In…to the Max

Adidas continues to drop new and interesting versions of its iconic TOUR360 shoe. The latest model, the TOUR360 XT Twin Boa, arrives on today and is unlike any golf shoe we have seen. It features not one but two Boa Fit Systems, making it Adidas’ first golf shoe with a dual dial configuration.

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The idea behind the design of the TOUR360 XT Twin Boa is that the Boa system enhances the 360Wrap and creates a greater connection between the foot and shoe for increased stability and control. The dial on the lower zone connects the midfoot and forefoot by pulling a strong, yet flexible piece of microfiber across the foot from the medial side to the lateral side. The dial on the higher zone features a lace that loops around the back of the heel and across the tongue, which locks the instep and heel in place.

Make no mistake, the TOUR360 XT Twin Boa is a high-performance golf shoe. In addition to the dual dials, it includes all the bells and whistles you expect from the TOUR360 franchise—Boost midsole, 360Wrap in the mid-foot area, 8-cleat TPU outsole with X-Traxion lugs, Torsion Tunnel for flexibility and support, and a moldable insole that provides cushioning and arch support. How good is the support and stability in the TOUR360 XT? As someone who has battled plantar fasciitis, this is one of the few shoes I can wear without needing custom orthotics.

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tour360 twin boa dials

Admittedly, the first time I saw the Boa system on a pair of golf shoes I was skeptical and thought it was a bit gimmicky. I’m an adult; I know how to tie my shoes, thank you.

It wasn’t until I tried a previous model of the Adidas TOUR360 with the Boa system that I understood the benefits. Boa is about dialing in a custom fit to give you an optimized level of performance. Each counterclockwise turn is a micro-adjustment that locks the foot in place. This creates a connection with the foot and shoe, and in turn, the foot and ground. I don’t claim to generate the swing speeds and torque of Dustin Johnson or Jon Rahm, but there is something to be said for having a strong connection to the ground on full shots and a heightened sense of slopes and breaks on the green.

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The Boa system is much stronger than traditional shoelaces. Boa’s CS1 laces are constructed of 49 strands of stainless steel wrapped in a nylon coating that withstands abrasions and sheds dirt, debris, and water. Boa estimates that you would need 600 pounds of force to break one of its laces or you would need to bend it about 500,000 times before having an issue. In other words, you’ll be wearing Adidas’ next generation of the TOUR360 before the Boa system even thinks about breaking.

tour360 twin boa heel

To engage the system, simply push Boa’s L6 dials and give them a turn to tighten. You are now locked in for the entire round and ready to begin ripping drivers down the fairways. Any small adjustments can be made on the fly with a simple turn or you can start again by lifting the dial to release it.

Sure, there will be players who just can’t get past the aesthetics of two dials on the lateral side of the shoe. I get it. That being said, Adidas and Boa have done a nice job of integrating them into the design of the shoe. By using white dials and laces, they blend with the upper for a smooth look.

The TOUR360 XT Twin Boa has been available in Europe and Japan, but it lands in North America for the first time today. Also, you won’t find this shoe at retail. If you are looking to cop a pair, head over to

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