This Week In Golf Fashion: The Memorial Milkshake

Memorial Milkshake: The Tradition. The Legend. A Milky Cup of Heaven.

The first printed usage of “milkshake” was in 1885, however, the term was used to describe an alcoholic whiskey drink. By the turn of the century, milkshakes were no longer alcoholic and were made with flavored syrups, such as chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. In 1922, two separate events led to milkshakes taking their modern form; Steve Poplawski invented the electric blender, and in Chicago, a Walgreens Soda Jerk, Ivan “Pop” Coulson added vanilla ice cream to the very popular malted milk drink, inventing the first malted milkshake. By the 1950s, milkshakes were prevalent in diners, lunch counters, soda foundations, and burger joints across America. 

Before Jack Nicklaus was an icon of golf and a superstar on the PGA Tour he was a kid in Columbus Ohio whose dad owned a couple of pharmacies. Jack’s first job was working as a Soda Jerk for his father during the 1950’s; making….you guessed it, milkshakes!

A few years after Mr. Nicklaus opened the Muirfield Village Golf Club in 1974 he channeled his inner teenager and made a good old fashioned all-American milkshake in the grill room. This would soon become the signature item at Muirfield. (The signature flavor? That would be the Buckeye–peanut butter, vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, and milk). Indulging in the frosty treat post-round is one of the most popular and talked about activities for the PGA Tour players who participate in Jack’s tournament every year.

So in honor of The Golden Bear and the beautiful game of golf, grab yourself a milkshake, sit back, and enjoy the fashion recap from the Memorial Tournament.

Adam Scott (Uniqlo & FootJoy)

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Adam Scott stole the show at Muirfield. His looks were on point each and every day of the tournament. I loved his Uniqlo shirts and was pleased to see him get away from the baggy, pleated slacks. And the FJ 1857 are always a hit! I am quite certain I’ve read somewhere that Adam Scott is an avid surfer. The blue polo he wore on Friday made me think of the waves he must ride back home in Australia.

Anirban Lahiri (Greg Norman Collection)

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New research shows shark bite incidents are increasing, but don’t worry Adam Scott, the overall threat of being bitten is still almost non-existent. I’ve been bitten and now I am smitten with the Greg Norman Shark Jacquard Polo that Anirban Lahiri wore on Saturday.

Justin Rose (Bonobos)

Embed from Getty Images

Although I am not a fan of Justin’s recent choice in headwear, I am a fan of him loosening up and undoing the top button on his shirt. The Parrot Party M-Flex Polo makes me happy. Makes me happy.

Troy Merritt (Galvin Green)

Embed from Getty Images

This Galvin Green Myles polo has an almost iridescent look to it. So cool….

Rickie Fowler (Puma)

Embed from Getty Images

Last week I was busting on Rickie Fowler for dressing like he worked at a fast food restaurant. As I expected, he came back strong this week. This look on Thursday was simple, classic, and elegant. The lighter colors really work for him.

Henrik Stenson & Martin Kaymer (Hugo Boss)

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

My goal this summer is to get into a Hugo Boss polo and see if I look like as much of a boss as these two guys.

Danny Willett (Descente)

Embed from Getty Images

Speaking of golf polos I really want to try on; add Descente to the top of the list along with Hugo Boss. I typically shy away from the color yellow. Danny and Descente have me thinking otherwise.

Brian Gay (G/FORE)

Finally, thank you Kimberly Gay for sharing this picture of Brian in the G/FORE Olive Green Tuxedo Trousers. These are righteous. Stay tuned for a feature on Brian Gay and G/FORE this summer….



  1. Usually you’re spot on but that shirt that Troy Merritt wore was easily the most hideous thing I’ve seen on tour this year.

  2. I knew you would write about Adam Scott. Magically, he went back to fitted flat front pants and nothing was baggy but perfectly fitted. He looked so much better. What is going on with Justin Rose’s hat? its either too big for his head but something looks off? he looks completely different like he lost eyebrows?

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