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Masters Fashion Dimes & Crimes: Day 1

The calendar may say 2019, but Day 1 at The Masters looked straight out of another decade. Tiger sported a mock from the aughts while others turned back the clock to the ‘90s.

We’ve been talking about the ‘90s-retro trend coming to the fairways for a while and it hit in a big way at Augusta. As you’ll see from these Dimes & Crimes, I’m very conflicted about this movement. I’ve often referred to the ‘90s as the dark ages of golf fashion. At the same time, I can’t deny that the final decade of the 20th Century is having a huge influence on streetwear and high fashion. It is only logical that golf would follow suit.

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Fashion Dimes

Justin Thomas (Ralph Lauren)

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The look of the day goes to JT. I like when players go outside the box. Green and pink? I never would have thought of putting that combo together, but it worked brilliantly and had a really fresh feel for spring. Extra points for the navy blue belt, which brought a third, complementary color to the mix.

Brandt Snedeker (Peter Millar)

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When looking at Peter Millar’s apparel scripts, we knew the brand’s players would be showing up and showing out at Augusta. Sneds was the best dressed of the bunch. The muted pastels were crisp and clean. After months of dark, rich winter hues, Brandt’s soft green and pink kit acted as a springtime palette cleanser. It was like a spoonful of berry sherbet after some Augusta barbeque.

Alvaro Ortiz (Greyson Clothiers)

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Amateur Alvaro Ortiz has joined Greyson’s stylish wolfpack for the week and it is immediately paying dividends. Patriotic ensembles can often look a bit cliché, but Ortiz offered a tip of the cap to his native Mexico in a very clean red, white and green kit and matching FootJoy Shield Tip Icons.

Gary Player

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I know there are varying opinions on the First Tee Ceremony, but I’m a total sucker for it. As long as Mr. Player continues kicking and swinging his way to the tee like a boss in old-school kicks, then I’ll keep dropping some Fashion Dimes on him. Is there a more stylish octogenarian in golf? Besides, he seemed to have his grind on in the Par-3 Contest with Nicklaus and Watson. Gotta love it!

Tony Finau (Nike Golf)

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Nike is ‘all in’ on the ‘90s-retro trend for The Masters. At the heart of their ‘90s reboot is The Nike Polo, which Michael did a great job of detailing in yesterday’s post. One look at this polo and you can see the ‘90s influence. There is more width in the chest, the sleeves are a bit longer, and the armholes are lower and wider. Results were mixed, but Tony Finau looked the best in this soft pink and navy outfit.

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Also, Finau’s snakeskin Air Max 1G shoes were absolutely sick. The print was a different color than the green we saw at the unveiling of Nike’s ‘Snake Pack’ collection of footwear last week. After being widely hyped, Nike pulled the plug on a retail release of the slithery pack, which left many golf-sneakerheads feeling snake bit. I guess you could say the ‘Snake Pack’ didn’t have legs. (Sorry, I’ll be here all week.)

Kevin Na (WAAC)

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Sticking with the ‘90s theme brings us to Kevin Na and his windowpane check trousers. Large windowpane patterns were all the rage 25 years ago and they are poised to make a strong comeback. Take a page out of Na’s book by keeping the cut slim and modern when using the pattern.

Fred Couples

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Fred Couples + Rope Hat = Legendary

Billy Horschel (Ralph Lauren)

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It was a roller coaster ride in the first round for Horschel, but one thing that never wavers is his style. He is the most consistent dresser in the game, and it was another stylish day in the office for BillyHo. The navy belt synced perfectly with his brogues and the stripes in his shirt.

Haotong Li (Adidas Golf)

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I feel a bit weird dropping a dime on a guy wearing a white belt, but the rest of Haotong Li’s outfit was so good, he deserves some recognition. The all-over pine cone print polo was on point and the bright green pants brought some serious springtime feels to the course.

Cameron Smith (Original Penguin)

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When we saw Cameron Smith’s scripting from Original Penguin, we knew he would be one of the best-dressed players. It was also the most talked about script amongst GolfThreads’ readers. Original Penguin has a vast archive of stylish designs from which to pull inspiration. This multi-striped shirt looks like it could find a home in any era.

Fashion Crimes

Tiger Woods

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I’m all for a bit of nostalgia and reaching back in the vault for some positive vibes (which seemed to work for Tiger), but the short-sleeve mock is one that needed to stay in the deep recesses of the archive. It wasn’t a good look in 2005 and it hasn’t aged well over the last 14 years. On a positive note, Big Cat did look jacked!

Adam Scott

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Is it just me or were Adam Scott’s pants huge? They looked like they were from 1996. This is further proof that the ‘90s are upon us, and not in a good way.

Jason Day

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Windowpane checks look better on pants than shirts. This looks like a U.S. Ryder Cup or Presidents Cup uniform from the ‘90s.

J.B. Holmes

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Light tan belt. Roomy grey pants. I can only assume J.B. just doesn’t care.


  1. Why did Adam Scott go dark/dark on a bright spring sunny day. Plus those pants were huge. I am not a fan of skin tight polos but the retro nike polo did look quite big. I like the clean look but the fit is very loose. Sneds and Cam Smith won the day for me.

    1. Yes, and I couldn’t decide whether I liked it or not. I kept flip-flopping on him and Stenson. What did you think? Did you like it? I like Poulter’s look today. First time he has worn plaid in a while.

  2. Poults looked fantastic as did J.T. & billy ho as usual but this 90s vibe has got to go. I look back at what I used to wear then and it was disgusting,😔😂

    1. i cant decide about Poults thurs look but i do know this 90s stuff has to go. adam scott had massive pleated pants on today. looked horrendous.

  3. Does anyone know what brand Poulter is wearing? The plaid he wore today was ok. Not even close to what his line sold back in the day. Awesome 2 days of golf. I watched for 9 hours today. 10-7pm. Great coverage of feature groups

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