Three From The Masters Par-3 Contest

Our first edition of Masters Fashion Dimes & Crimes will drop tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s an appetizer to set the stage for the next four days. Tour Editor, Michael Ruuska looks at the three biggest fashion stories from The Masters Par-3 Contest.

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Nike Golf

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Nike grabbed our attention on April 1st by teasing us with the announcement and preview of a specially designed Masters shoe line, the Snake Pack. Unfortunately, after a couple of days of social media hype, Nike notified select media outlets: “Due to unforeseen circumstances the ‘Snake Pack’ will no longer be available for sale, however, Nike Golf athletes will still wear the ‘Snake Pack’ next week.”

Golf-sneakerheads were devastated by the news. Once again, social media was buzzing with rumors about a threatened copyright infringement lawsuit by ANGC as a result of Nike trying to profit off the mention of “Amen Corner” in the shoe description, the praying hand’s logo, and color usage.

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Whatever the reason for the swing and miss on the Snake Pack (I’ve been told by Nike that there will be no follow up statement), Nike aced their unveiling of The Nike Polo. This polo has a classic cotton look but is made of a high-quality cotton-poly blend. It incorporates Dri-Fit technology to give it the fit and feel of a gym shirt while making it street-ready and course-appropriate.

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My favorite feature of The Nike Polo is the “Nike DNA,” an orange label on the placket, orange thread on the top button (in the shape of an “N”), and a facsimile of the original Nike shoe box under the inside-back collar. The open left chest leaves room for Nike to have fun and “celebrate the moment” with different patches. In the case of Tony Finau’s shirt at the Par-3 Contest, the patch is a nod to his accidental ankle dislocation during a hole-in-one celebration at the 2018 Par-3 Contest.

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The Big Three

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The SB2K boys are great for golf. Period. Here is hoping Rickie gets his first Major at Augusta. He is my pick.

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With that being said, Justin Thomas was the best dressed of the three on Wednesday. I will use this opportunity to tease an upcoming post; a Q&A with three-time Threadie award winner, Billy Horschel. According to Billy-Ho, what does Justin Thomas have the best collection of on Tour? (Stay tuned for the answer). Whatever “it” is, JT looked fantastic on Wednesday and his scripts for the remainder of the tournament, believe it or not, are even better!

I love what Under Armour did with the detailing on the Limited Edition Spieth 3 Golf Shoes. These kicks feature subtle design nods to Augusta National and Jordan’s record-tying -18 from the 2015 Masters. It will be great if these three guys are all in contention come Sunday. I am getting so excited just thinking about it…

Par-3 Champion

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The Par-3 Contest champion, Matt Wallace looks good holding a trophy in his J.Lindeberg Tour Tech Slim Fit Camou Print Polo. He is quickly becoming one of the best-dressed guys on Tour, too. Will Matt add to his mantle with a Threadie in 2019? I think so….


  1. I cannot wait for the Q&A with BillyHo. He is a great interview in general, very open and candid. He also has trememdous looks along with JT. Thank you for that nugget and I really looking forward to it.

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