Cody Gribble Q&A: Callaway Tour Authentic Ambassador

PGA Tour winner Cody Gribble talks about his new Callaway Tour Authentic threads, his classic country club style, taming alligators, and more.

The Brand & The Ambassador

During the Spring of 2018, Callaway launched the Tour Authentic Collection, a luxury golf apparel line that perfectly fuses function and fashion. In January 2019, they announced their flagship brand ambassador, Cody Gribble. Cody is a winner on the PGA Tour, a national champion at the University of Texas, and a downright good dude!

I had an opportunity to interview Cody Gribble as he prepared for the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am.

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The (Cheeky) Interview(er)?

Me: “What’re you wearing?
Cody Gribble: “Cashmere 1/4-Zip, full cotton golf shirt, full cotton pants”
Me: “Sounds hot….”
CG: “Well, I am in Monterey and it is kind of cool. This stuff is really keeping me warm, though.”

Unlike my cheeky opening line, the aforementioned 1/4-Zip Cashmere Windstopper is no joke and a fine choice for the Northern California coastline. It is the softest pullover I’ve ever worn and the polyester lining is impenetrable to wind. Not only does it perform in the elements on the course, but it is also elegant enough to wear to a fancy restaurant…

“I love the versatility of the Tour Authentic Collection. In fact, on Monday night I went out to the Monterey Fish House after I played and wore exactly what I was wearing on the course, though I probably should’ve combed my hair after I removed my hat. It looked great. The natural fibers don’t scream ‘golfer’ and it had that country club, classy look that the game of golf was built on.”

“The fit, materials, and fine detailing are amazing; everything down to the buttons (that are made of alloy). Something little, but the collars are the best I have ever worn. They stay stiff, even after multiple washes. The entire collection is also really easy to travel with because of the versatility.”

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Callaway Chooses Cody

Callaway Golf executed an extensive search to identify a player to represent Tour Authentic on the PGA Tour. The collection was designed for the elite player seeking the best in form and function. Cody Gribble is that guy and currently the only player wearing the luxurious Tour Authentic collection on Tour, but that may not be for too long…

“It is an honor to be the first PGA Tour pro wearing this stuff. Other players will want to get on board soon. I’ve only been wearing it for a few weeks and already guys have been coming up to me to touch the material and ask what I am wearing. It feels great and looks classy which is inherent to the game of golf. For me, it brings me back to my country club roots where classic, elegant, and timeless looks were the norm.”

“Off-course my personal style is conservative. Which is why Callaway Tour Authentic is such a great match. I prefer sweaters, golf shirts, loafers, and khakis. Although being from Dallas, I do like my cowboy boots, too.”

The Cyclical Nature of Fashion

It is true. Fashion does tend to repeat itself. Callaway’s Tour Authentic Collection has embraced the golden age of golf. In the 1920s as golf gained in popularity, affluent gentlemen paid particular attention to being well dressed on the course as a way to distinguish themselves from their plebeian counterparts. Callaway is going back in time and offering traditional and authentic golf apparel for the gentleman who does not want to wear the “golf uniform” that has become the new norm. Cody shared his take on the evolution of golf fashion…

“Over the years the trend has been towards tailored and athletic golf-wear and there have been a lot of athletic brands that have pushed the envelope to follow these trends. The reality is that these trends don’t appeal to the audience that golf was built on. Golf is a dignified and classy sport and Tour Authentic is embracing this signature look. In the past when I stepped on the golf course at an event, I would be thinking, ‘am I going to be wearing what everyone else is wearing today?'”

Finish As We Started

I started the interview brazenly, and I figured I might as well finish that way too….

Me: “I have been looking at pictures of you on the Internet…(long pause)…I noticed that you tend to wear your top two buttons undone, which is uncommon. Why?”
CG: “Ha, ha! It ‘s all about staying loose. I actually hate the look of a shirt all the way buttoned up….”
Me: “You mean like Bubba and Champ?”
CG: “That’s just not for me.”
Me: “Any other fashion pet peeves?”
CG: “Yes, pants that are too short! And as a Texas guy who likes his cowboy boots, if I see a guy in boots with jeans that are too short, that is like nails on a chalkboard to me.”

Later, Gator

Finally, I had to ask him about his famous alligator encounter at the 2017 Arnold Palmer Invitational. He confirmed that unlike former Boston Red Sox outfielder, Mike “Gator” Greenwell, he does not moonlight as an alligator wrestler. Though Cody does own an alligator belt, that he claims pairs perfectly with his alligator boots.

“I wasn’t playing well, and really there should’ve been no reason for a camera to be on me. But I was frustrated and just flipped his tail. Little fact for you to finish our interview, alligators are generally timid towards humans. You can share that with your readers.”

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