Original Penguin Golf Collection: Par-Tee On

Original Penguin by Munsingwear is an American clothing brand with deep roots in the golf industry as the originator of the classic golf shirt. Pillars of the game (and golf fashion) such as Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, and Jack Nicklaus wore Original Penguin and we have seen their combined influence in many of today’s most popular golf lifestyle brands. Original Penguin was one of the most stylish and popular golf brands from 1955-1985 and in 2018 has brought a retro-hipster vibe to the course with the relaunch of Original Penguin Golf. Straying from the classic, oversized and muted golf uniform, Original Penguin Golf offers tailored, slim-cut, functional styles while maintaining an athletic and technical edge that will have players looking their best on and off the course.

original penguin plaid party short
Plaid Party Short in Flame Scarlet

Writing for GolfThreads has its perks. Most notably, having access to many different brands of golf apparel. Over the past year, the number of golf polos in my closet has begun to rival Imelda Marcos’ shoe collection. It took me almost a full year on the job, but I think I found the perfect fitting polo for my body type. I am long and lean and at 6″1, 195 I would describe myself as athletic (not quite Dustin Johnson athletic but athletic nonetheless). If you like a slim fitting shirt without having to size down, Original Penguin’s “Heritage Slim Fit” (slimmer through the chest and waist) should shoot up to the top of your “wish list”.

Positive reinforcement goes a long way! Given the number of compliments I have received while wearing Original Penguin, it is no surprise that The Cool Jack and Birdseye View Golf Polo’s have a regular turn in my polo rotation. The styling and material coupled with the fit of the shirt definitely pay homage to the golf icons of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and gives off the aforementioned “retro-hipster” golf vibe.

This season I have become a big fan of the Original Penguin brand ambassador, Cameron Smith, as much for his game as his style. Two of my favorite pieces he’s worn recently are: the Pete on the Beach Golf Polo (featuring palm trees, flamingos, umbrellas, chairs, and sunglasses printed in an all-over pattern), and the Plaid Party Golf Pant (the multicolored plaid pattern pops like a party, alternating colors, and thickness of horizontal and vertical lines). Each of these items will undoubtedly end up in my wardrobe in the near future.

original penguin group
Alpha Harrington Jacket on Cameron Smith

If you are a fashion-forward golfer who appreciates a tastefully bold “throwback” style and exceptional fit, it is time to rediscover Original Penguin Golf. You will look like an original, and that is something to be proud of…


  1. I picked up a couple polos from this season’s offering, fabrics very shirt to shirt, the synthetic shirt is nice, the more cotton blends soak with sweat and aren’t as good for the climate I am in. Fit is great for my build. I put the synthetic offerings up in my top five true golf polos.

  2. Not only has Cam Smith been playing well but he looks great. he has made original penguin relevant again. its a unique preppy look that is sharp.

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