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Rhone: Made for Men, Fit for Kings

I didn’t know too much about Rhone when I was contacted to review the gear. The only thing I knew was the brand is a high-end men’s activewear brand, the “Lululemon” for men if you will. I certainly did not think of Rhone as a player in golf apparel. Well, I was wrong.

Rhone’s premium activewear for golf is some of the highest quality apparel I have ever encountered. Like all of its clothing and gear, the pieces in the golf collection are designed to perform. And do they ever!

Delta Pique Polo

The Gold Standard

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My initial impression of the Delta Pique Polo was how much I loved the simplicity of this shirt. No overbearing logos, or flashy prints, yet the detailing and quality of the polo made it unassumingly stylish. As a brand, I feel like Rhone is almost bashful about how impressively awesome it is. As a result, it tones down the design of the pieces in its collection. It works!

We all appreciate modesty, especially when it is coupled with substance. The Delta Pique Polo is all that and a bag of chips (do kids still say that?). Anyhow, the Polartec Delta raised knit fabric is second to none in regards to its moisture wicking and cooling properties.

The best part? Despite working overtime to keep you dry and cool, it avoids that funky smell that many polyester shirts get after a round of golf. How is that possible? Rhone uses “GoldFusion”, which is a revolutionary and eco-friendly fabric treatment made with real gold particles (yes, you read that correctly, REAL GOLD!) that enables fabrics to dry up to 3X faster while adding UV protection and permanent odor control. Like I said, style and substance!

Commuter Pant

All Aboard!

If I seemed giddy about the Delta Pique Polo, wait until you read about the Commuter Pant. Holy cow! The Commuter Pant might be my favorite product of 2018. I have not been this excited since I discovered the Johnnie-O Prep-Formance button-down shirts with the tweener button!

The Commuter Pant is a game changer. Here’s how Rhone describes these versatile slacks.

“A product two years in the making, the Commuter Pant is like the superhero version of your everyday work pants. Amazing comfort and stretch combine with unparalleled style and sophistication to create the perfect pants for travel, work, and life.”

Indeed! I would add that these are perfect for a round of golf, too! Lightweight, soft, plenty of movement and very handsome trousers. I’ve been outspoken in my love for versatility from my golf wardrobe and the Commuter Pant fits that to a tee. I can easily wear these to work, on the golf course, or as I am doing right now; rocking the Commuter Pant with my favorite t-shirt (Outerknown’s The Only Gun You Need Tee) and flip-flops (OluKai, of course). These are hands down the most comfortable pants I own. With a modern style that doesn’t deviate too far from a classic look, you will want a pair of Commuter Pants in every color, for every occasion.

rhone delta pique long

My only note on the Commuter Pant is that I had to size down from a 34- to a 33-inch waist and they fit me perfectly. Rhone also offers complimentary hemming which gives you a custom tailored look. You know how we feel at GolfThreads about having your slacks properly tailored!

So what are you waiting for? Take off your mortal pair of pants (one leg at a time, please) and go all aboard the superhero of pants.

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