Vessel Golf Bags: Great Bags for a Great Cause

GolfThreads contributor Ian Galbraith takes Vessel’s Lux 2.0 Cart Bag and Players Stand Bag for a spin.

Vessel Golf Bags Review

In the growing world of bespoke golf clothes, gear, and accessories, Vessel Bags has quietly created a niche in the high-end bag segment. Offering multiple stand, carry, and cart bags, Vessel is the bag for the golfers desiring a way to carry their clubs in understated style, but with over the top quality.

Founded in 2012 by Ronnie Shaw and based in Southern California, Vessel has quietly become a dominant force in the world of golf. Every week professionals on the major tours carry Vessel bags. The likes of Jordan Spieth, Michelle Wie, Matt Fitzpatrick and all PXG staffers use custom Vessel bags. While Vessel’s bread and butter might be their custom staff bags, which are carried by more than 70 professionals, the brand also offers a complete line of golf bags and accessories for amateurs dreaming of hoisting trophies like their favorite pros.

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Why have you never heard of a company chosen by the top players in the world? To date, the company’s leadership has taken a low-key and conservative approach to marketing their products. Until recently their website was the only place you could find their products. With a concerted push to selling their products in pro shops and other specialty golf stores, you will start seeing their bags more and more at your local course.

Vessel’s latest offering is the Lux Cart 2.0, a high-quality cart bag perfectly suited for any golfer, who regularly rides or uses a push cart/trolley. We put the bag through the paces and have a complete review below.

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Vessel has a complete line of staff, cart, and carry bags along with golf accessories. Each bag is offered in a handful of stock colors, available for purchase and immediate delivery. If you are desiring a true one of kind look, every bag can be 100% customized. With thousands of color combinations available your imagination is the only limit to what you can design.

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When you purchase a bag from Vessel you are not only getting a great product you are also helping somebody in need. For every bag purchased Vessel donates a backpack “to help children around the globe gain access to an education and a better future.” Over the past five years, they have donated more than 17,500 backpacks. You know your bag is making a difference because each one is personalized with a unique ID number signifying how many backpacks have been donated.

In full disclosure, I purchased the Stand Bag two months before this review and the Cart Bag is a media loaner. The Cart Bag will be returned to Vessel after this review is concluded.

Vessel Players Stand Bag

The Vessel Stand Bag is the company’s workhorse designed to be carried 18 or 36 holes. Made with premium synthetic leather the bag is eye catching and radiates exceptional quality from the first moment. Designed for a golfer desiring an everyday carry bag with a distinct look void of large company logos, the bag is offered in four colors, white/navy, white/black, white, and black and includes complimentary personalization on the belly pocket.

Priced at $290, the bag is at the high-end of the stand bag offerings. Vessel does offer coupons for newsletter subscribers and savings during certain holidays. Even with the savings, you are still going to pay more than similar products from Titleist, Taylor Made, etc. I am here to tell you the extra $40-$50 is well worth the investment. Vessel has done to golf bags what PXG did for golf clubs, bursting onto the scene with a premium product and never looking back.

vessel_golf_inline_player_black-white_01_1Six external pockets provide enough room to carry your range finder, balls, accessories, and gear with room to spare. A unique feature is a fleece lined valuables pocket with a lock strategically placed on the inside of the large side pocket. With a five-way top and weighing in around 6 pounds, the bag is heavier than competitors, however, after multiple rounds the one pound difference is inconspicuous. The straps are comfortable and provide a great fit and comfort for 18 holes. The rain cover is constructed from the same high-quality material as the bag and looks almost too good to be used in the rain.

I have received more comments and compliments about this bag in two months than I ever did with my previous bag. I had one female playing partner tell me the bag was very pretty and then she quickly corrected herself saying it was “very handsome.” Either way, I will take the compliment.

One concern I had with the materials and white color is the possibility for stains or signs of wear and tear. The bag should be wiped down if you get it wet or dirty. I have noticed no signs of wear on the materials so far.

vessel_golf_inline_player_blue-white_01The bag could use a couple of enhancements. First, the bag does not stand upright on its own and constantly leans towards the side causing the legs to open prematurely. This is irritating, especially if you are in an area where there are multiple bags, i.e. the bag drop.

Second, there isn’t an external water bottle sleeve. One of the side pockets is lined with insulating material, which forces you to constantly open and close the pocket to access your water bottle. Adding a sleeve on one side would be a welcomed improvement.

Summary: The Players Stand Bag is a premium bag, great for the discerning golfer desiring one-of-kind style and quality. It is very comfortable, and ample pockets make it a top of the line carry bag. A few minor and easily fixable drawbacks prevent me from giving this a perfect score.

Vessel Lux 2.0 Cart Bag

The Lux 2.0 Cart Bag is Vessel’s newest product and takes the cart bag game to the next level. This bag has the silhouette of a staff bag without the weight or bulk. Priced at $355 and offered in black, white, blue/white, and black/white, the Lux 2.0 has room for all your golf gear and accessories. Two full-length pockets on each side and three front pockets will cause you to add an extra dozen balls and jacket just because you can. An external accessories pocket and an internal velour-lined valuables pocket will swaddle your keys, wallet, change, and phone.

vessel_fullsizeoutput_291bAccording to Vessel, this bag has been in development for the past couple of years and they wanted to make sure they got it right the first time. With a classy, clean, modern look, this bag is perfect for a golfer who rides or uses a push cart. The bag is constructed from premium synthetic leather and looks good enough to be placed in your office or home as a piece of art. This bag should be used solely for riding or pushing a cart. Even carrying the bag short distances is uncomfortable and cumbersome.

My favorite aspect of the bag is the five pockets on the front of the bag. The velour-lined, magnetic pocket is great for balls or your range finder. Below are two pockets, perfect for tees, club tools, or more balls. The belly pocket can be customized with initials or a name, free of charge. Finally, there are two insulated sleeves perfect for water or other beverages.

The feature that will sure to be a hit during your next round is a full-sized insulated pocket. You might be thinking, “Why would I need a full sized insulated pocket?” I’m here to tell you this is a game changer. Large enough to carry twelve cans, this bag will become the go-to cooler for your foursome and will keep your beverages cold for hours.


Until this review, I have never spent much time with a cart bag. Comparing the Vessel Lux 2.0 to other cart bags from the competition is unfair. The Tesla S and Nissan Leaf are both electric cars and have four wheels, but this is where the similarities end. The Lux 2.0 is a bag for the discerning golfer who wants to stand out from the crowd. If you are spending thousands of dollars on your clubs, provide them with a worthy home.

Summary: The Lux Cart 2.0 is a premium cart bag that will make a statement for your next round. If you ride or use a push cart, this should be your next bag.


Vessel is a unique company with a strong pedigree. They design and craft high-quality golf bags that really stand out from the market. Their bags appeal to a distinct customer segment and one that is growing with the introduction of customized clubs, clothes, shoes, and other golf accessories. The distinctive design, clean lines, and customization features should lead any golfer in the market for a new bag to spend time giving Vessel a thorough review.


Vessel differentiates itself from the competition with its premium materials, construction, and mission. I am attracted to any company with a strong mission like Vessel. The ability to buy a bag, and in turn support somebody in need, I believe justifies the higher price. I do not know if this message and focus will resonate with all golfers, but I hope it does for some of you.

I am torn between wanting to see Vessel grow or for it to remain one of the best-kept secrets in golf. You know, like the underground menu at In-and-Out Burger or the Easter Eggs at the end of Marvel movies. If something is as good as the Animal Style Burger and Fries, then it is a secret that should be shared. In the end, I truly hope Vessel continues to grow and becomes a well-known name in the world of golf bags. Hopefully, the brand will stay true to its mission of producing unique bags and helping children in need.

Vessel on the web:
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  1. I love your cart bag and the quality. However it is backwards as it sits in the cart .. in the cart the taller. Luna are supposed to be in back and the shorter in front as uiu stand behind the cart and look at it .. easier to find and pull a club too.. small but important detail for your amazing quality built bags … thanks and keep up the great work


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