This Week In Golf Fashion: Surf’s Up

Thanks to my friend Chris at Good Walk Coffee Company for keeping me properly caffeinated this morning. I won’t blame him or the Medium Roast Colombia coffee for my ramblings. Please, join me while I navigate through Hamlet, football, surfing, and of course, Van Halen references, on my quest for the perfect golf hoodie.

Surf’s Up!

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We created Outerknown to smash the formula. To lift the lid on the traditional supply chain and prove you can actually produce great looking menswear in a sustainable way.

Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater epitomizes cool. He is the kind of guy who has an effortless style and makes the ordinary look extraordinary. Most importantly, his apparel brand, Outerknown, has been focusing on sustainability long before it became a fashion buzzword. Now that’s cool!

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On Sunday Kelly wore an Outerknown ribbed henley, knit hat, and a quilted vest. The contrasting textures made for an unusual juxtaposition that really worked.

We also saw Patrick Cantlay officially unveil his Hugo Boss partnership. He kept it simple. If Cantlay’s history with TravisMathew is any indication, I anticipate he will be wearing only solid polos, unfortunately.

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Speaking of TravisMathew; Kelly Slater wore The Moneymaker shoes by Cuater. A great choice that really fits with his style. Finally, it was no surprise that when things got wet, Kelly opted for the Galvin Green Andres Paclite GORE-TEX jacket to keep him dry. Something tells me that Mr. Slater knows a thing or two about preparing for the elements.

They’re Gr-r-reat!

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As always, DJ looked fantastic in adidas Golf. He is the perfect canvas to display golf apparel. Someone tell me where Wayne Gretzky got that hat, please! It is fantastic.

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It was #99’s G/FORE vest that really got my attention. I am familiar with the Killer Quilted Jacket but have never seen the vest version before. I guess when you are the Great One you have access to stuff that the rest of us mere mortals can only dream about.

What About My QB?

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I am pretty sure that it was Prince Hamlet who first uttered the phrase, “QB, or not QB” in regards to what the hell Tom Brady is going to do with his free agency. I cannot imagine the GOAT wearing anything other than a Patriots jersey (I mean, this is a fashion blog). However, if he decided to go to the Raiders, Titans or some other second rate organization, I wouldn’t be disappointed with New England swinging a trade for former Boston College standout, Matt Ryan! Matty Ice went old school at Pebble Beach and wore The 805 pullover from the TravisMathew Fall 2018 collection. He kept it fresh, however, by topping it with the Leezy hat.

Jordan & Jake

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Did you know that Under Armour will only be releasing the Spieth 4’s in white, because it is the only color Jordan will wear in shoes? I thought it was interesting…

Jake Owen gave us another fine example of how hot green is right now. Those G/FORE Cap Toe Gallivanters are smoking. I have no idea which brand created the pants and hoodie he is wearing but I know that I REALLY want a golf hoodie for the upcoming season. Any suggestions?

Smylie Kaufman (Ralph Lauren)

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This RLX Washable Cashmere Hoodie will do! In fact, paired with those pinstripe trousers, Smylie Kaufman gets my pick for outfit of the week.

Might As Well Jump

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Minnesota Viking, Kyle Rudolph looks like the type of guy who appreciates some vintage Van Halen. 1984 was such a classic album and “Jump” was its signature song. Anyhow, I would be jumping too, if I showed up to the course in the Greyson Clothiers Skoll Hoodie. Not to be outdone, Josh Duhamel strolled up in the elusive G/FORE Tuxedo Knit Gallivanters paired with a great pair of socks. In fact, don’t underestimate the subtle impact a cool pair of socks can have on an outfit, too.

Feature image: Photo by Gavi Virabyan on Unsplash

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  1. I really like the vest look and picked up a Patagonia gray vest because it goes with everything. I still don’t like Spieth in black, its not his color palette.

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