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Video Tour: Linksoul Lab at Corica Park with John Ashworth

John Ashworth gives us a personal tour of the
new Linksoul Lab at Corica Park in Alameda, CA 

I’ve always felt very fortunate to be involved in the golf industry. Not just because I get to write about all the latest and greatest golf apparel, accessories and footwear, but because it’s an environment made up of some really cool people who have a passion and a conscious that goes way beyond hitting a golf ball.

John Ashworth is one of those individuals. He truly cares about the sport of golf and everything that goes into it—social, educational, environmental, historical. These things are given a platform and a voice via his Linksoul apparel label.

Linksoul Lab at Corica Park

I recently visited John at his latest venture—re-creating the pro shop at Corica Park in Alameda, California. It’s not your average looking pro shop, and we wouldn’t expect it to be if John is putting his stamp on it.

Listen to John explain how the idea evolved, how he sees potential in a pro shop being much more than a place for checking in before a round and grabbing a new golf glove. There’s meaning to what John does. And when there’s meaning and thought put into something, then that something has more meaning. It has a soul, and the soul gets linked to other souls, and so it goes … Linksoul.

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Janice Ferguson has been involved in the golf industry for more than a decade. She helped start and shape the weekly Apparel Wire e-publication originally created by the Golf Press Association that ran for eight years, and wrote the weekly editorial section devoted to golf fashion. She also contributed fashion feature articles for Golfweek magazine’s annual “Definitive Guide to the Golf Life,” and has written special reports covering the merchandise efforts at several U.S. Opens. You can find her ‘fashion fluent/golf-inspired’ posts on Twitter @TheStyleLinks and Instagram @janiceferguson_thestylelinks.

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