Bottoms Up: 4 Stylish and Functional Golf Pants for Women

Cold weather golf means layers of clothing. Fairly simple to do for our top halves – add or remove jackets, vests, and mid-layers as temperatures dictate. But bottoms? Not as cut and dry.

To be clear, we are not talking about rain pants. We want pants that we can wear in dry, brisk 50-something degree conditions. Any colder and there better be a Duraflame log inside the golf cart.

We can add tights underneath but would rather not have the extra bulk. And please cover our ankles without making the pants, well, look like Dad-pants. Sadly, this is where many of the long golf pants for women we viewed got tossed out.

Tough challenge, but we found a few.

We asked Christina Thompson, founder/owner of Golf4Her, an online source for women’s golf and activewear, for her top pick because she sees a lot of golf pants.

One of Thompson’s favorites is Daily Sports’ Irene pant that’s available in four colors and is brushed on the inside to offer warmth sans any bulkiness. The Thermo-Pro stretch provides ample movement, and the side zip pockets add a flattering feminine look.

We talk about the Golfino brand a lot because they have the ‘stay warm golfing and still look stylish’ thing down pat. Its Elegant Thermo golf trouser is wind/water repellent, has tech stretch and cold protection. Special fiber construction of the fabric stores body warmth. A slimming front pleat and invisible front pockets also make this a great all around cold weather pant.

Sometimes we have to look a little outside the mainstream golf apparel market and when we’re talking cold, resident experts like Smartwool come in handy. Its insulating merino wool tights feel so comfortable against the skin and even have a supportive arch brace built in. Wear them with the merino reversible skirt that keeps its shape and makes a country club chic outfit.

Back across the pond for our final entry from Bogner and the Grita golf pant. The elasticized material provides freedom of movement while being completely windproof and the fleeced inside is soft and warm. Diagonal dividing seams on the knees are both functional and stylish. Offered in colors sand, black and navy, these pants can be worn beyond the golf course.

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