Masters Fashion Dimes & Crimes: Day 2

Who striped it? Who swiped it? GolfThreads breaks down the best and the worst of style from the second round of the 2017 Masters. Who did we miss? Drop a comment below.

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Fashion Dimes

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Rickie Fowler (Puma Golf)
Remember the days of Rickie wearing over-caffeinated colors and hyper aggressive patters? Those days are gone, as Fowler’s game and his fashion sense have matured. We saw a multitude of clean looks on Friday and his setup was one of the cleanest. This French Blue color brought an air of sophistication to an otherwise sporty look. The digital design on the hat was ultra modern and added a nice texture.

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Rory McIlroy (Nike Golf)
It was another simple, but effective kit for Rors. The well-tailored trousers and form-fitting pullover took this fairly basic look to another level.

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Brandt Snedeker (Peter Millar)
I love when things work out. When I saw Brandt Snedeker’s script for Friday, I thought it would be one of the best of the day, and it didn’t disappoint. The pink and navy checked pants were on point and the navy pullover perfectly synced up with them. I just wish Brandt would lace up a more classic shoe to match his classic threads.

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Andy Sullivan (Conte of Florence & FootJoy)
Andy Sullivan must have one of the sickest footwear collections on Tour. Round after round he shows up with some spiffy custom kicks to complement his apparel. Can’t wait to see what he is rockin’ tomorrow.

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Henrik Stenson (Hugo Boss Green)
The Iceman. Stenson received his nickname due to his cool, steely exterior, but if you didn’t know better, you’d think it was a result of how he executes cold weather looks. I hate using the word ‘intimidating’ when describing a golfer, but Henrik looked like one tough hombre in this slim fitting sweater, sleek ski hat, and wrap-around shades.

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Curtis Luck
Every year there is an amateur who creates a sartorial splash and Curtis Luck is that guy this year. This all-over print jacket brought a fashion-forward appeal to Augusta’s fairways and the three-toned trucker hat completed the look in style.

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Daniel Berger (Lacoste)
Not everyone agreed with Berger’s inclusion in the Dimes list for Day 1, but I’m still on this guy’s bandwagon and I’m saving a few seats for you. This was another modern take on a classic look executed to perfection.

Fashion Nickels

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Phil Mickelson
It was a mixed bag for Lefty in the style department on Friday. So much so that we created a new category, called “Fashion Nickels,” for guys that are so close to nailing it, but instead, they hit themselves with the hammer. On the plus side, the zip cardigan was brilliant and the new G/FORE shoes have been a stylish alternative to those over-the-top crocodile skins that Phil is known for. On the flip side, he really needs to reign in the width of those pants. Can we please get a tailor to report to Mr. Mickelson’s locker?

Fashion Crimes

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Thomas Pieters
Today’s “Doing to Much Award” goes to Thomas Pieters. Shoes can make or break an outfit, and in this case, they shattered it. The black and high intensity orange colorway creates waaaaaay to much contrast and throws off the balance of the entire look. Why not choose a simple white or black shoe, instead?

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Bernhard Langer
Langer is now classified as a repeat offender in the war against white belts. The only good news is a missed cut from the two-time Masters Champ means we don’t need to see another white belt atrocity from Bernhard again this week.

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Justin Rose
Ugh! Rose is debuting Adidas Golf’s new adiPure line this week. The collection is filled with modern reboots of classic designs fabricated from luxurious materials. Instead of opting for one of the many finely crafted and great looking sweaters or pullovers, Rosie has been going with the dreaded white base layer.

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Ross Fisher
Sure, the high-contrast day-glow shoes are bad, but the v-notch hem and poor tailoring on the pants are worse. The v-notch was fine in 2010 when straight-legged pants needed to drape over the shoe, but today’s tapered pants beg for a short break, which allows the hems to just sweep the tops of the shoes.


  1. Thomas Pieter’s shoes were bad, but what was truly cringe worthy was the red shirt under the rust top. Yuck! Did not like that color on Rory and it did not improve on Pieters.

  2. Only a few weeks ago I was criticizing Rickie on this blog saying, “he just doesnt look ‘right’ in his clothes.” Mea culpa. Guy has looked fantastic during the Masters and is playing equally as well. Kudos to Rickie and Puma.

    I am declaring an all out war on any PGA tour pro who opts for a white base later under his polo! I’ll write about it every blog and scream it from the rooftops. There are just too many great sweaters and technical pullovers to go this route. Come on guys!! Look at Rory and Brandt for inspiration.

    Finally, any idea what brand(s) Curtis Luck was wearing? Digging the hat!

    1. I knew you’d come around on Rickie. That being said, I saw a little bit of that boxy look today that you were talking about a few weeks ago. Maybe it’s the stripes. Still thought it was a good overall look. Fairly sure Luck is wearing Callaway Japan. It has a very Ryo Ishikawa feel to it.

      Can’t wait for the final round!

  3. Style is definitely a subjective thing and I definitely am not the owner, nor writer of this blog/website. That being said, and again this is purely my opinion….you couldn’t pay me enough $ (actually you could) to wear any shoe Andy Sullivan has worn or will wear this week, or has ever worn for that matter.I absolutely despise the style, and given the choice would much prefer to wear one of the Nike offerings from Pieters or Fisher. And base layers….again in my opinion, are way more practical and functional than a pullover. I hate the restricted feeling I get from a pullover. I wear them religiously off course, but on course…not happening. Excuse the rant….I love this website and the writing is fantastic. Thanks to you, I have retired my white belt. Keep up the great work!

    1. Hey Andy,

      Thanks for reading and dropping a comment. I always appreciate a difference of opinion. As you said, most of fashion is subjective. Nike is doing some great things with apparel and shoes. In fact, the Lunar Control 3 shoe from a couple of years ago is still in my rotation.

      I hope you continue reading and sharing your thoughts. Rants are always welcomed! Enjoy the final round. Looks like it will be a good one.


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