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Momentum is defined as the strength or force that allows something to continue to grow stronger or faster as time passes. In the literal sense, momentum can easily be measured by an object’s mass and velocity. You can’t flip on a sporting event these days without hearing about momentum. Granted, quantifying Uncle Mo’s impact is more difficult in this figurative usage, but whether it is a turnover, a key defensive stop, or a long par saving putt, it is unmistakable.

Momentum isn’t a word that is used much in the fashion industry, but if there is one golf apparel brand that has some serious momentum these days, it is Devereux. Season after season and collection after collection, Devereux continues to drop fresh and stylish looks on us. Every collection, since the label’s debut in Spring 2014 has built on and surpassed the previous one, so it comes as no surprise that Devereux’s new Americana Collection for Autumn/Winter 2016 has upped the ante again.

One of the reasons why Devereux has captured our attention has to do with creative director Robert Brunner’s ability to take us around the globe. Talented designers always have the ability to transport us to a specific time and place. Over the years Brunner has taken us to Paris’ high-fashion streets, Miami’s vibrant nights, and even to Santa Barbara’s ultra lux beaches. With Devereux’s Americana Collection, Brunner has once again pulled inspiration from this jet-setting lifestyle through a range of shirts, pants, and layering pieces that effortlessly transition from the course to the resort, or even the office.

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While many other golf apparel brands are still playing with neon hues, Devereux’s Americana Collection is turning heads for all the right reasons with a softer color palette that is perfect for the season. Brunner designed the collection around dusty blues, greens, and browns while weaving in tasteful pops of red, white and blue. The result is a collection of laid-back, modern looks that exude a quiet confidence.

The Beckham Polo in Cafe

The range of motion of a polo shirt has as much to do with the placement of the seams around the arms and shoulders as it does the stretch of the fabric. The new Beckham Polo from Devereux delivers playability on the course through a new 4-way tri-blend knit fabric (Pima cotton, polyester, and Spandex) and raglan sleeves.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term ‘raglan sleeve,’ it refers to a sleeve that is extended in one-piece all the way to the collar. Not only does this cut allow for freedom of movement, but it also provides that flowy, unstructured look that is popular in menswear these days.

Adding to the Beckham’s sophistication are grosgrain details on the placket and the sleeve hems. We first saw this grosgrain detail on the placket of Devereux’s Andrew Polo in Spring 2016. Based on the popularity of that shirt, it is no surprise to see it reinterpreted on the Beckham this season.

These subtle details are nothing new for Devereux, though. Brunner has always had a knack for elevating the look of his polos with smart accents. Take the buttoned cuff and the cut-and-sew chest stripes on the Lucas Polo, for example. At a time when many brands are cutting costs with screen-printed or sublimated stripes and patterns, it is refreshing to see Devereux going the extra mile with a cut-and-sew design – a technique that sees panels of fabric sewn together to create the stripe. Adding to the luxurious vibe is the button cuff detail, which helps the Lucas to stand out from the crowd.

The bold stripes are not limited to the just the Lucas, as the Duke Polo sees an abstract palm leaf print worked into four horizontal stripes across the chest. In typical Devereux fashion, the tonal nature of the print gives the Duke a clean aesthetic at a distance and a rich texture at close range.

The modern look of the Duke is sure to appeal to your sense of style, but it is the versatility of this shirt that will have you reaching for it time and again. The casual vibes allow it to easily be paired with technical trousers, linen shorts, or Devereux’s new 5-pocket Ford Pant.

The Ford Pant in Agave and the Beckham Polo in Cafe

Speaking of the Ford Pant, it is the perfect complement to the tops in the Americana Collection. As casual looks have taken over the game of golf, 5-pocket styles have been a strong trend, and it is no surprise to see Devereux bringing a proper 5-pocket pant to the mix.

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Like the Duke Polo, the Ford Pant is a highly versatile garment that is right at home on the links, in the pub, or in the cube. Other golf apparel brands have opted for technical fabrics on their 5-pocket styles. The Ford, however, features a luxurious blend of Pima cotton and spandex. It is exactly what I want from a pant that transcends the course – a tasteful sheen, a soft natural feel, a touch of stretch, and a graceful taper.

Again, refined details like map print pocket liners, an understated branding tab on the front pocket, and a high-quality YKK zipper take the Ford to the next level. To take your fashion game to the next level, spend the extra few dollars and get your pair of Ford Pants tailored with a short break so that the hems just sweep the tops of your shoes. Look for the Ford in an array of muted, chic colors like Agave (green), Mojave (sand), Steel (gray), and Tidal (blue).

The James Pullover in Graphite

The secret to looking good on the course during the fall months has everything to do with rockin’ stylish layering pieces, and Devereux’s Americana Collection offers a range of pullovers and sweaters to keep you on point. The daring color blocked Collin Crewneck delivers a laid-back look with raw seams and a rolled neckline.

Joining the Collin are two new pullovers – the James and the Preston. The polyester/spandex blend on the James is built for on course performance. It is finished with a camo placket and possesses a soft sueded hand feel. The Preston, on the other hand, is the epitome of modern sophistication. The luxurious mid weight Pima cotton, diamond knit pattern, and chunky Horn buttons make a smart statement.

The Paradise Polo for Spring 2017

As good as the Americana Collection is, I can’t help but keep an eye on Devereux’s future. GolfThreads got a sneak peek at the Spring 2017 fCollection at the PGA Fashion Show in Las Vegas a couple of months ago. The collection features a new, performance-driven focus for the brand with lightweight, quick-drying, and moisture wicking, materials that easily transition from the pool deck to the tee box.

Go ahead and save room in the closet for the new Hybrid Cruiser Short and cropped Gravity Pant. The Hybrid Cruiser has a cool linen print and delivers the top-shelf comfort and performance whether on land or at sea. The Gravity Pant is another one of my favorites, and I wasn’t alone, as it received high marks from buyers at the show.

The Linen Print on the Cruiser Hybrid Short for Spring 2017

Playing to its luxury travel and resort DNA, Devereux also collaborated with a popular Hawaiian artist on new prints that bridge the gaps between fashion, art, and luxury travel destinations. Needless to say, these prints will have you grabbing for a mai tai no matter where you are.

Be sure to keep an eye out for a blue camo sweater called the Naples. It was the talk of the show and it went viral when Devereux brand ambassador Danny Lee wore it at the Open Championship last summer. There is no shortage of style or swagger with this sweater.

The Naples Sweater for Spring 2017

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