Bermuda Sands: Reinventing the Classics

The great thing about timeless looks is that they never go out of style. Instead, they receive modern tweaks and updates along the way to keep them relevant with current fashion movements. Maybe it’s a nip and a tuck in the body, a different shape to the collar, a longer or narrower placket, or new fabric technologies. The point is, even classic styles evolve, but unlike many of the trendy pieces, they don’t require a full reboot of your wardrobe every season.

Tioga Polo with Wick Away Fabric
Tioga Polo with Wick Away Fabric

While I’ll never tell you not to have a few fashion-forward pieces in your on course repertoire (this is a golf fashion blog, after all), the foundation of every well-dressed golfer’s wardrobe consists of simple and stylish clothing that can stand the test of time.

Such is the case with Bermuda Sands’ range of classic polos and pullovers. And speaking of standing the test of time, did you know that the brand has a history of shirt making that spans three generations? That’s even before the internetz were around, kids.

Bermuda Sands is also one of the few golf apparel labels to manufacture its own products. This means that the brand has complete control of the process from the selection of the yarn to the finished goods – without any middlemen. The result is top-shelf craftsmanship at a price point that will still allow you to afford your green fees.

Inspired by Caribbean islands like St. Barts, Aruba, and Martinique, Bermuda Sands’ latest collection features smart and simple looks in a wide array of vibrant colors that are guaranteed to inject some life into dreary autumn days. The magenta, aqua, orange, azalea, coral, and scarlet hues are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. These colors weave their way into iconic stripes and solids, and fresh interpretations of houndstooth patterns, checks, and graphic prints for the season.

Elite Polo
First came moisture-wicking fabrics. Then, breathability was added. This was followed by sun protection and eventually mechanical stretch. The next frontier in the world of golf apparel is replicating the soft feel of cotton in a high tech polyester fabric.

Elite Polo

Bermuda Sands has a head start in blazing this trail with its Wick Away fabric, which is found on shirts like the Elite Polo. This is the type of fabric that will make you do a double-take. Slip on the Elite Polo and you’ll be left scratching your head as it has a cotton-like texture and a soft natural hand feel.

100% polyester? It can’t be, but it is. Hang tags don’t lie. And best of all, you still get that moisture-wicking performance to keep you cool under the collar while staring down those 4-foot putts.

The Elite Polo will also help you to bring an effortless vibe to the course without looking like a techie superhero. Pair it with some tapered chinos and you can easily transition your game day outfit to the 19th hole, the café, or dinner on the town.

Highland Pullover
This is the time of the year when there is a chill in the air, and Bermuda Sands’ Highland Pullover is the perfect layering piece to complement the Elite Polo. Like the Elite, the Highland offers a blend of classic and modern design through a combination of simple good looks, a contemporary fit, and a heathered texture. When you think about the biggest trends in golf apparel over the last few years, heathered fabrics are at the top of the list. The flecks of white running through the fabric on the Highland give it a sporty feel, allowing it to find a home in your on course rotation as well as the athleisure section of your closet.

Highland Pullover

There are a few things that make the Highland stand out from the plethora of pullovers in pro shops. First, the lightweight Wick Away fabric is thinner than the material that you will find on most pullovers, making it a smart option for those warm fall days. Second, the silky polyester fabric on the inner collar and back yoke, allow it to glide easily over your skin to eliminate chaffing around the neck. Third is the quality. I always look at the stitching when checking out a garment, and the stitching on the Highland is meticulously done. This is a pullover that will stand the test of time in more ways than one.

XP Range of Polos
You can’t talk about top-shelf performance fabrics without talking about Bermuda Sands’ XP range of polos. These lightweight shirts have all the bells and whistles – moisture wicking, UV protection, four-way stretch, and breathability. What really separates Bermuda Sands’ XP polos from other technical shirts is the feel. The brand uses a new fine gauge jersey, called G2Tech that is created with finer yarns and smaller needles. The result is a luxurious polyester that drapes exceptionally well while also being soft and silky smooth.

In typical Bermuda Sands fashion, the brand is bringing this innovative fabric technology to classic designs. The Reward, Tucker, Griffin, and Score polos all feature classic striped designs. If you are looking for more fashion-forward looks, be sure to check out the checked prints on the Scott and Action polos.

Storm Dri
Soft fabrics are comfortable. No one is going to debate this fact, but soft fabrics also tend to absorb, rather than repel water. As a consequence, golfers had to live with warm, rigid and uncomfortable rain gear over the years. Sure, maybe you can get away with a Merino or cashmere sweater for a few holes, but then it will become as water logged as a golf ball at the 17th at TPC Sawgrass.

The good folks at Bermuda Sands challenged this way of thinking and the result is the revolutionary Storm Dri line of outerwear. Storm Dri brings all the comfort and flexibility of a soft cotton blend and combines it with the latest water repellent technology.

Slip on the brand’s fleece ¼-zip Metro, sweater-like Haze, or fleece full-zip Delta and you’ll be effortlessly swinging in the rain while staying warm and dry. Keep in mind; the seams on the Metro, Haze, and Delta are not sealed. Heavy rain or a long exposure to the elements may require a fully waterproof option, but the Storm Dri fabric is a viable option during those light rain showers.

From a style standpoint, the understated looks of the Storm Dri pieces fit into Bermuda Sands’ DNA. The Metro and Delta feature that trendy and sporty mélange texture, while the mix of dusty pastels and traditional blues, grays, and blacks are showcased on the Haze.

A color palette inspired by St. Barts, Aruba, and Martinique

The fit of Bermuda Sands’ tops falls in line with its classic designs. The sleeves are a bit longer and wider and the body offers a more generous cut than many of the European labels that I wear. That being said, the shirts from Bermuda Sands run true to size, so order your normal size and hit the course in style and comfort.

Look for Bermuda Sands’ latest collection in local pro shops and the brand’s new modern website.

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